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Publication Order of Manor Of Murder Mysteries Books

Grace Under Pressure (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grace Interrupted (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grace Among Thieves (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grace Takes Off (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grace Against the Clock (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grace Cries Uncle (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grace Sees Red (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grace to the Finish (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Julie Hyzy is a popular American author who writes mystery fiction books and has many compositions to her name. She writes both book series and stand alone novels and has been authoring books since 2005. Some of her works have also won various awards and are loved by readers across the globe. She studies business in college and worked in a number of business-related job positions before taking up writing as her career. Manor of Murder Mysteries (series by Julie Hyzy) is one of the renowned creations and is the third book series that she has published. The book series contains unique plotting, descriptions and various writing techniques harmonized to provide an entertaining story about mysteries, secrets and investigations.


As aforesaid, Julie has written a number of mystery fiction novels and is also popular for authoring book series that continue with each new release. White House Chef Mysteries is one of her most successful series and became the interest of many readers. She also writes under two different pseudonyms (N. C. Hyzy and S. F. Hyzy). Her debut novel was Deadly Blessings back in 2005 and it is still a five star rated book. Others include Deadly Interest (2006), Dead Ringer (2008) and State of the Onion (2008) among many others. Julie’s books feature intriguing plots and scenes that open up to interesting discoveries and mysteries. Her books are all about uncovering fiction mysteries delivered amidst captivating stories of love, power, care and administration. She manifests her authority of language and story-telling incorporating a couple of techniques that make the book easy to read and difficult to put down before completing the story.

Manor of Murder Mysteries plotting

Manor of Murder Mysteries (series by Julie Hyzy) is the third ongoing series from the author and already has 5 books under the name as well as a 6th coming title. The first book in the series is Grace under Pressure which was released back in 2010. Books that follow include Grace Interrupted (2011), Grace among Thieves (2012), Grace Takes Off (2013) and Grace against the Clock (2014). The sixth book is titled Grace Cries Uncle and has a 2015 release period schedule. Manor of murder mysteries has a characteristic mysterious story and features various characters that the reader can relate to. The series is mainly about a millionaire named Bennett Marshfield who owns the Marshfield Manor. Everyone wants a piece of this millionaire and he changes curators from time to time just to remain safe. The dear old Marshfield has been left under the care of a young woman Grace Wheaton and handsome groundskeeper called Jack Embers. To do this, Grace is caught up in a series of investigations that reveal deep secrets about the Wheaton family. Across the novels, Julie uses various interesting stories and events that bring in suspense and develops the characters. In Grace Interrupted, civil war re-enactors set camp on Marshfield’s firm and quickly gains belief when the war spills over into the millionaire’s compound. However, things begin to go wrong and while Grace is able to settle minor squabbles, she eventually looses as and actor named Zachary Kincade is found stabbed to death. In Grace among Thieves, a former professor calls and warns her about theft events at historical sites and buildings. Grace is already familiar with these reports and wonders if the film crew in Marshfield’s compound has something to do with this especially since he has also been targeted. In the latest book Grace Uncle Cries,the story all begins when Grace estranged sister (Liza) shows up one day to change everything. Her arrival is quickly followed by a DNA test approval of Bennett Marshfield to determine if he is Grace’s uncle. This would immediately put grace and her sister Liza in line as the next inheritors to what is otherwise a large amount of wealth. Nonetheless, Liza is not the only mysterious arrival and another man claiming to be FBI also visits town. There is an antique collection event going on that evening and Mr. Marshfield has intentions to acquire one precious item. However, when the FBI agent shows up dead later own, it prompts Grace into investigating and she wonders if Liza is behind the mysterious events that take place in Emberstowne.All through the novels within Manor of Murder Mysteries series, Julie Hyzy integrates a series of murder mysteries as bodies turn up dead, some stabbed, others shot and burnt. The story revolves around Marshfield Manor and Grace Wheaton although several supporting characters are thrown in to make the story more interesting and complete.

Awards and recognition

Julie Hyzy has authored mystery fiction novels for about a decade and has incredible reputation among readers and critics. She has won various awards and nominations across the years and many of her novels attract commendable reviews. One of her notable achievements was in 2009 when State of the Onion won Anthony Award for the best paperback original. She also won Barry Award for best paperback original and Lovey Award for best traditional mystery the same year. Julie has been nominated for different awards and has many books that can compete for top spots in mystery fiction categories.

TV series and films

Although Julie Hyzy has authored over 20 books, none has been made into a TV series or short film. However, readers and film loves can expect one of her creations to be made into a movie especially since the stores have vivid descriptions and are interesting enough to derive a creative film. Nonetheless, most book series take years to finish and Manor of Marshfield series only has its fifth title. Most film houses prefer working with complete series that have precise starting and finishing books.


Julie Hyzy is one of the popular 21st century female mystery fiction writers and as several productions to her name. She currently has three book series going and also writes stand alone novels. Her creativity, use of relevant stories and rich descriptionshas been the prime sales points of her books. She makes them very easy to read and interesting enough to follow through to the end. She also enjoys remarkable success with most of her books although yet to hit the bestseller spot.

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