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Publication Order of Manticore Ascendant Books

By: David Weber, Timothy Zahn, Thomas Pope
A Call to Duty (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Call to Arms (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Call to Vengeance (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Call to Insurrection (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Manticore Ascendant by David Weber

Manticore Ascendant is a series by American fantasy and science fiction authors David Weber and Timothy Zahn. The series is set in outer space following a mystery and fictional path. David books as also seen in this one has military themes under the military science fiction genre. His creations also do fall under fantasy, and young adult fantasy genres.

David Weber has authored more series among them Starfire and Dahak and some standalone novels to his creations which are developed with a high level of creativity.

A Call to Duty

A Call to Duty introduces the series Manticore Ascendant. Travis Uriah hoped for two things in his life, order, and discipline. When he enlists in the Royal Manticoran Navy, he thinks that he has finally gotten the chance to live his dream. However, things will turn out to the opposite of what he has always thought and longed for all his life.

Entry into the royal Manticoran navy proves him wrong, and he is up for a rough ride. Starting from training, he comes face to face with the opposite of what he has always longed for in his life. He goes into the star kingdom during his first assignment which turns out to be overly disorderly and devastated as they are still recovering from a plague. Worse of is that the navy is almost facing extinction which possesses as a discouragement to Travis.

Things in manticore are plenty rough as the being of ships has been halted as the royal Manticoran fleet is on the edge of being entirely dismantled. The king who is headed towards his end has planned everything brilliantly with the hope that his son will bring the navy to its former glory. Travis determination saves the day on several occasions as despite the multiple determination he is determined to see his dream come true.

Travis starts from the harsh days in the training camps to the position of a petty officer through that of a third spacer class. His contribution is one that cannot be ignored as it goes bearing the contribution of other characters in the story.

A call to duty combines an excellent plot, imagery, and characters to give that piece you will not regret reading. The story is entertaining as it creates an atmosphere of war, political instability with light military terms and techniques that are easy to understand.

A Call to Arms

Second, in the Manticore Ascendant trilogy is A Call to Arms. Travis is that individual who loves order and everyone following the laid down rules. However, all his desires are somehow hard to see come true as he lives in a universe that rarely does the same. Travis has stayed in the same world that does not uphold his standards for he thinks outside the box and more so when everything seems to be crumbling.

Lieutenant Travis serves as king’s officer after having survived this world by his standards. However, the same thing that has seen him ascend to power is the same reason that he has created enemies. But within time and experiences, he has learned valuable lessons that have sustained him like keeping a low profile and ignoring mistakes even if they seem so obvious more so with the seniors.

His stand, however, cannot be broken as he has commissioned his life and lived under the rule that specifies the importance of duty in the royal navy and facing the consequences of every action. The star kingdom’s parliament is under attack by powerful forces which also want to put him away for his excellent work. They also want to scrap of the royal navy as they think that it has no work in their small country.

However, war is on the corner, and it is this that will make them realize the importance of the same navy. The presence of Travis will be their solution to the coming war though they have been plotting to bring him down together with the royal navy.

A call to arms is incredibly drawn with a clear plot and characters that make the book worth reading. The story is interesting with lots of action and suspense.

A Call to Vengeance

A Call to Vengeance comes third in the Manticore Ascendant. The royal navy is on the brink of extinction after an attack on Manticoran by unknown forces. They face an enemy with the capacity to haul warships that are aimed at conquering the star kingdom for reasons that they cannot establish. The fate of this land lies in the hands of officers that have remained royal among them Travis and Lisa Donnelly.

The star kingdom is under attack by a powerful force that has dangerous resources. The internal structures are also in a conflict which further weakens their defense. A group of individuals in the kingdom are after their selfish gain and willing to see the royal navy wholly dismantled. Travis long and a few other royal officers have to defend the royal navy at the same time protect their country.

Unknown to them, the threat ahead of them is overly massive like none other that they have dealt with in the past. While the parliament is busy trying to dismantle the navy, the enemy is plotting their comeback and this time prepared to cause total ruin. It is clear that someone has employed this dangerous group of mercenaries in the midst of the continued anti-navy debate in the parliament.

Back at home, the house of Winton is trying to outdo their enemy. Travis and the other royal navy officers are reuniting with their allies to hunt the enemy that is coming after the star kingdom. The conflict continues at home while the galaxy faces the unknown enemy that is part of a huge conspiracy. It is a lesson time for the star kingdom but a bigger one for their enemies under lieutenant Travis long.

A call to vengeance takes the reader into the political world exposing issues such as greed, betrayal and the consequences that follow. The book is great.

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