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Publication Order of Manwhore Books

The Manwhore series is a wonderful series of contemporary romance, new adult, erotica, and adult fiction stories. It is written by a renowned American writer and USA Today and NY Times bestselling author named Katy Evans. Katy started writing this series in 2015 and published the first book in the same year. She went on to write a few more books in this series in the subsequent years. Each of the books primarily takes place in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Some of the important characters depicted in the novels by Katy Evans include Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint, Rachel Livingston, Tahoe Roth, Cullen Carmichael, and a few others. Katy Evans has described Malcolm Saint as a womanizer. He is depicted as a wealthy entrepreneur.

Malcolm has all the luxuries of life and privilege. Rachel Livingston is given the task of investigating the personal life of Malcolm Saint to find out if he really is what he says he is or there are lies floating around his life. However, she goes on to fall in love with the playboy and lose track of her assignment. Each and every novel of this series went on to become widely successful. They succeeded in reaching out to a large audience throughout the world and entertain them from start to finish. Author Katy Evans received lots of praise for her work in each novel and was appreciated for her storytelling abilities, character development, and her writing skills.

The success of each previous book motivated her to work on the next one with great enthusiasm and excitement. As of now, Katy Evans is at work on her next book and is expected to release it soon. She is quite happy to know that her books have been liked by readers all over the world. Also, she takes great pride in knowing that this series’ books have made it to the bestselling charts of various literary journals and magazines. Katy is hopeful of continuing the good work and writing many more interesting novels for as long as she can. She is grateful for all the love and support she has received from her fans and fellow writers. Katy has also expressed her gratitude towards all those critics who have appreciated her work and motivated her to continue with her writing career.

The debut book of the Manwhore series is entitled ‘Manwhore’. It was released in 2015 by the Gallery Books publication. The book opens by showing that Rachel Livingston has waited all her life to work on her current assignment, Malcolm Saint. She says that there is nothing holy about this man and people often get fooled by his last name. Malcolm is known to throw parties very often and his parties are notorious for unleashing hell. He is regarded as the hottest entrepreneur in all of Chicago and considered a man’s man. His net worth is too much and that is why many women often roam around him to get his attention.

Being seen as the privileged, legendary, and mysterious entrepreneur, Malcolm has always been surrounded by media persons as they look for tidbits to find out if the fairytale life that he lives is real or it is filled with lies. Since the day he arrived at the scene, Malcolm has kept his secrets to himself. Nothing much is known about his personal life to the public. This is where Rachel Livingston comes into the picture. She is assigned to investigate the hot entrepreneur and reveal the elusive personality that he likes to keep to himself. Rachel is determined to make Malcolm the story that will change her career. However, she never imagined that her own life would go on to change because of Malcolm’s influence. She wonders if she is the one discovering him or it is he who is uncovering her.

The second installment of this series is entitled ‘Manwhore +1’. It was also published by Gallery Books in 2015. This novel opens by mentioning how Malcolm Saint was Rachel Livingston’s assignment. She was supposed to uncover his personal life and reveal his lifestyle and secrets. Instead, Rachel ended up getting revealed by the billionaire playboy herself. As her heart overtook her head, she could not stop herself from falling for the man. And she fell hard. It is only later that she realizes Malcolm is an absolute Sin and she has turned into a hopeless Sinner. Following the end of the assignment, Malcolm asks for something unexpected from Rachel. But, she only wants the wicked playboy to understand that she is worthy of being his plus one, unlike other women who only want him for his wealth and high profile lifestyle. Rachel wonders how can she prove this to him as he hardly trusts anyone and does whatever pleases him.

Katy Evans is a bestselling American author of romance and young adult stories. She has written several successful novel series in her career, including the Real series and the Manwhore series. She made her debut with the book called Real, which depicts the romantic relationship between an underground boxing champion named Remington Tate and a sports rehab therapist named Brooke Dumas. After this self-published novel found its way to the USA Today and New York Times bestselling list, Katy became a star overnight. The book continued its success by becoming a best seller in four of the top self-publishing marketplaces. Katy’s career received a huge boost when she won the Book Junkies prize for her debut book. In a period of two years, she came up with four sequels and all of them also became bestsellers.

The first five books of Katy’s writing career made it to the NY Times bestseller list and this is an extraordinary achievement in itself. Many reviewers such as RT Book Reviews have labeled Katy’s novels as ‘mind-blowing’. Her books have been translated into as many as 10 foreign languages and have been published in countries including Czech Republic, Spain, Taiwan, Brazil, France, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Italy. Katy Evans is quite proud of her achievements. She is looking forward to writing a lot more exciting novels in the romance and new adult genres in the coming years. Currently, she is working on her latest novel and is expected to publish it soon. Katy is also hopeful of starting a new novel series in the times to come.

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