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Marc Olden was an American published author of fiction novels. His books have also been released under the pen name of Robert Hawke.

Olden was born in 1933 in Baltimore, Maryland. While alive, he often wrote about topics that involved his fascination with the history and culture of Japan. He passed away in 2003.

Marc first started writing when he was in New York working as a publicist. His first book came out in 1973 and is titled Angela Davis. It was a nonfiction novel an a study of the Black Panther group. That same year he also released the book Narc under Robert Hawke. It would be the beginning of a series that involved nine books, the plot lines of which revolved around a narcotics agent for the federal government.

Marc Olden is the creator and the author of the Black Samurai series of fiction. This series of novels started up for the first time in 1974. This series introduced readers to Robert Sand for the first time. He is an expert in the martial arts and becomes the first student to not be Japanese and study under a famous samurai master. The series was largely based on his own martial arts interest which led the author to learn karate as well as aikido. The series has 8 books and was made into a 1976 film, Black Samurai.

Black Samurai is the first book in the series by the same name. In this debut, readers get to meet Robert Sand for the first time. A samurai student is stirred to movement when his sensei is brutally butchered by terrorists. The samurai vows that he will have a vengeance that is written in blood.

Robert Sand is an American GI that happens to be wandering around Tokyo on leave. He did not have a lot of plans for the trip, but the last thing that he expected to happen was to be shot while attempting to do a good deed. A group of American soldiers are drunk and the four of them are bothering an old man.

Sand does not have the ability to take on these four men, however. He faints under the onslaught of them all and does not see that the man is able to spring up and take the tormentors on. You would think that he was not able to do much damage due to his age, but this is not true. He is able to take the men on and pound them into defeat using his fists.

This is no accident as it turns out that the man is Master Konuma. He is the one that guards the old secrets kept by the samurai. By a stroke of good fortune, Sand found that he was able to have the chance to become one of his newer pupils of this martial arts master.

The American spends the next few years learning all that he needs to know. Seven years go by in which he learns swordplay, martial arts, and even stealth. He also sets a new first as he is the only black man to take the samurai oath. He also happens to be one of the most naturally strong fighters that Konuma has ever taken under his wing.

It was a magical experience and the chance of a lifetime for this unique American to be able to find the way of the samurai from this living legend and master. But it is all destined to go south at some point when the dojo is suddenly attacked by twenty four terrorists.

They come out of nowhere and just like that, their work is done. Their goal was to kill Konuma as well as his students. It was a calculated move designed to be an assault on the concept of world peace. Sand cannot intervene in time to be able to do anything to save his teacher. Even though his master dies, his student is able to get out of there with his life.

On top of that, he is in the mood to get revenge. These men must pay for what they did to the students and most of all to his sensei. This man is about to show that the sword is truly just as mighty as the man who wields it. The sword may be the only thing that he has, but it might end up being the only real thing that he needs.

Will Robert be able to pursue his mission and track down the people that did this? Will he find that vengeance is too demanding upon his soul or be all too willing to carry it out? Read this book to find out!

The Golden Kill is the second book in the Black Samurai series. In this action packed fictional series, readers got to meet Robert Sand and go with him as he learned the ways of the samurai from a true master.

Now his master is dead and things have changed. Sand is on his own and is now outgunned. He is running against the clock as he has just two weeks before he must stop history’s largest gold heist ever. When a Chinese diplomat goes into a door just one step before a grenade does, Sand cannot stop the blast.

He is too late to save him, but the smoke is clearing as he chases after the individual that threw the grenade. He is able to catch up to this killer in Central Park and is successfully able to knock them out. It turns out that this man is pretending to be a Soviet spy. Really Ivan Vanich finds his employer in a millionaire that is mad with power.

His boss took out the hit, part of a plan to throw chaos into a trading contract with the Russians and Chinese so he can take the profits. The diplomat was the first to be caught up in this. Now Sand the samurai must try and stop a disaster before it is too late. Can this samurai stop a powerful man with bad intentions? Read this book to the very last page to find out!

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