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At the Border of Wilshire & Nobody (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Marci Vogel is a published author. She is also a poet and a translator. Her writing has won her awards and critical acclaim.

Marci Vogel first became an officially published novelist with the release of her debut fiction novel. It came out in 2018 and it is titled Death and Other Holidays. She also came into print before that, as her collection of poetry was put out in 2015.

Marci Vogel has won a variety of prizes for her writing, including the Miami Book Fair and the de Groot prize. This is the only literary award in the United States that gives honorary awards for the literary medium of the novella.

She also released a book of her poetry in 2015. Released with the assistance of Howling Bird Press, this is a collection of California based work and poems. The hundred page paperback book was called a striking debut of poetry and a “fine” first collection. Described as having depth and complexity, the poems were also called generous in vision but additionally having an element of being ‘exquisitely elegant’, according to Kirkus Reviews.

Marci Vogel’s debut fictional novel is tilted Death and Other Holidays. It is the first time that readers got to check out a new voice in American literature that is distinct and interesting. If you pick up a copy of the book for yourself, you can read this novel from front to back and find out exactly what people are raving about when it comes to this book for yourself!

This is a totally original novel and a great debut work from this author. It has been described as both tender and funny, and is the novel that takes place over the course of a young lady’s year and how she deals with what happens.

In this debut book, readers the chance to meet the main character of April for the first time. She is pretty much just like any other woman her age but is also having to contend with a lot. She thought that it would be an easy transition from being in her late teenage years to becoming an adult, but she is finding that it is not turning out all that way.

She may be just a regular young woman, but this is about to be one of the most difficult years that she has ever been through. This young lady never thought that she would have to contend with life moving so fast, but the truth is that she’s having to contend with a lot of reality and tough truths of being an adult sooner than she ever expected.

She is having to deal with the passing of her stepfather. That one came out of nowhere and hurt a lot as they were very close. She never saw it coming, so his death was all the more traumatizing and complex in its impact on her. She’s trying to deal with accepting that and working her way through all the stages of grieving a loved one.

At the same time, she’s trying to do everything that she can to live her life. Even though she’s doing everything that she can to build an identity for herself and even to try and find some type of love, she isn’t sure that the city of Los Angeles is going to be accommodating to her when it comes to that area.

California can be a tough place to live in, and living in the city can be even tougher. It’s like New York in that the city never sleeps, but it’s also not that cuddly either. You couldn’t say that the West Coast location was not warm, however. Its weather was fine all of the time, no matter how stormy her personal world seems to get.

The reader gets to meet April and all of the people that make up the colorful tapestry of her life. We meet her family as well as her friends and watch as this young woman does her best to try and get over what’s going on inside and still launch into the bigger world out there and see what it has for her. Instead of becoming more reclusive, she feels like she wants to take on more than ever before.

April’s willing to risk mostly anything when it comes to the pitfalls and the highs of love. Perhaps she’s influenced by the terrible events that have been happening as of late, or maybe she is just wanting to live life to the fullest possible extent that she can.

Love has been the one thing that has stayed consistent in her life. Despite all of the changes that have been happening, she’s doing her best to rely on the people around her to keep herself grounded and sane. All of these bad things are appearing to happen concurrently, and it’s been really challenging her on a number of levels.

She is both damaged by what has happened, reeling from the past, and trying to live in the moment and embrace the now. She doesn’t really have much of a choice except to take what has already happened in stride, knowing that there is nothing that she could do change it even if she wanted to.

April is desperately searching for a way to get over all of this and try to keep herself together in the process. She never thought that she would be tested in this type of way. They say that bad things can happen to good people, but this is a lot to take on.

Love and living can come with all types of risks. The only thing that you can rely on sometimes is to have faith in the people that care about you and try to outlast the storm. Death is certainly a part of life, and April is doing her best to soldier on and take things as they come.

Will she be able to find happiness despite having the worst year of her life? Find out for yourself! Pick up a copy of this humorous, candid, and emotional debut work from author Marci Vogel to see how April’s story ends.

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