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Marcus Hünnebeck
Marcus Hunnebeck was born in the year 1971 in Bochum, Germany, and he studied economics at the University there before he became an author.

After he self-published many successful books in his home country, including a novel called “The Stalker’s Vengeance”, he teamed up with Amazon Publishing for his newest book, “Mark of Cain”.

Since the year 2001, he has been a member of the association for German crime thriller authors, Syndikat.

“Mark of Cain” is a novel in the “Christian Moll” series and was released in the year 2014. Christian Moll, a criminal psychologist, has lost so much sleep working for the police that, despite years of successfully aiding investigators breakdown the twisted minds of killers, he decided to quit. However a disturbing pattern in some recent cases starts emerging, he decides to put off his self-imposed retirement to help in putting out an old flame.

Detective Katharina Rosenberg has got a new case and a new cop killer is now on the run. When a couple of colleagues are killed in quick succession, there is a shocking theory that emerges: Could somebody be killing off the detectives that Christian once worked with to solve homicides? Could Katharina be up next?

Now, Christian and Katharina have to team up once more to catch this murderer before it gets too late. With their own buried passions for each other rises up to the surface, they give in to their desires as they race against the clock to locate the vengeful cop killer before he can find them.

“In Any Case, Moll” is a story collection in the “Christian Moll” series and was released in the year 2016. Four captivating tales centered around Christian Moll, criminal psychologist.

Christian helps the cops solve cases involving serial killers. Each of these brutal murderers are going to continue to kill, until Moll can uncover decisive clues to their identities by analyzing their patterns of behavior.

Arresting them, however, do not go precisely as first planned. Moll has to investigate human suspects along with some pernicious demons: lust, vengeance, and craving, while on a quest to answer questions of the human psyche and fact.

“The Sewer” is a novel that was released in the year 2018. He alone can decide when to redeem you, as you are helpless at his mercy.

Flowers on the doormat, anonymous calls, and late at night comes a knock at the door. Svenja is afraid of some creepy admirer and she hides. Nevertheless, the unimaginable happens when she opens the door one day to a neighbor and is a prisoner in her own apartment and gets tortured brutally.

Her only chance is Irina, her friend, who told her about some scary events. Irina finally realizes why she’s no longer able to reach her buddy, it is her life that also hangs by a thread.

Lukas Sommer and Robert Drosten chase this especially savage serial killer, except he always seems to be a step ahead of them. He’s even able in luring the cops into a lethal trap. However then the tide turns and the killer is forced to act. The police do not have a whole lot of time to keep the worst from happening.

“Bitter Brood” is a novel that was released in the year 2020. Jule relaxes in the tub after a long hard day when she hears this frightening noise.

Someone broke into her apartment, and quietly gets out of the tub and sneaks to the door, however she can no longer block the masked man out as he cruelly executes them.

The team that works with Lukas Sommer and Robert Drosten investigates a strange sequence of killings. Three young women have been murdered by the same perpetrator. The victims have one thing in common: years prior they broke off contact with their parents. Their dads and moms support one another in a self-help group. Could this help in solving the case?

A fourth murder occurs and it changes everything. The cops barely have any time to uncover the secret behind the crime, since the murderer is already planning the next step.

“Deep Pain” is a novel in the “Till Buchinger” series that was released in the year 2021. Investigator Till Buchinger is able to help anybody vanish. Or track them down, even. When the police in Hamburg, Germany, allow a dangerous serial murderer slip right through their grasp, they go to Till for help. He knows the tricks people use to vanish, since he teaches those tricks himself.

Now he has to piece together pieces of evidence in order to track down the killer before she can kill again. But his foe, who is a former correctional psychologist, is intelligent and calculating. She locks Buchinger in a lethal game of cat and mouse, where it is anybody’s guess who is the mouse.

This is a terrific thriller, and one that pays off at the end. Readers found this to be an exciting read until the very last page.

“The Girl Picker” is a novel that was released in the year 2021. When he picks you, your life is about to run out. Ariane, age eighteen, is desperately looking to find her closest friends after they did not contact her like they had agreed. Worried, she gains access to the house where two of them were supposed to be. Here, she stumbles upon the traces of a sadistic serial killer that locks up and tortures young women for weeks on end.

Ariane discovers Polaroids on which he records what he does to his victims. Stunned, she takes pictures of this evidence with her phone. Then she hears some noises. It is the killer, having come back home and he works his way to the basement.

Before he’s able to prevent it, she sends the photos to a journalist named Eva Haller. Robert Drosten and Lukas Sommer’s team hunted down the perp that picks young women like they are ripe fruit off of the street. Time works against the cops, since it is not just Ariane’s life that hangs by a thread.

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