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Lone Survivor (With: Patrick Robinson) (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Service: A Navy SEAL at War (With: James D. Hornfischer) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Marcus Luttrell is an American author of nonfiction books and a retired navy seal. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and attended Houston State University. He and his twin brother Morgan began training for the Seals at 14 with retired USA army soldier Bill Shelton. The two brothers loved to fish, hunt and wrestle alligators. In 1999, Marcus enlisted in the United States Navy. Immediately after completing training from boot camp and Hospital Corpsman A-school, he joined to Basic Underwater Demolition Class 226. Still, he would graduate with Class 228 after he suffered a fractured femur due to falling off a rope during training.

Marcus’s martial arts training played an essential role in his life right from childhood. He was awarded Purple Heart and Navy Cross for his actions against Taliban terrorists during Operations Red Wings, where he emerged as the lone survivor. In 2010 he founded the Lone Survivor Foundation to empower and renew the hopes of wounded war veterans and their families. Currently, Luttrell is a co-host for After Action, a television show that features retired special operations veterans discussing issues in the United States.

Lone Survivor is a nonfiction book that tells a true story written by a man who lived it. It’s a book not for the faint-hearted as it shares the accounts of a lone survivor and the battle in the mountains that resulted in the largest loss of life in Navy SEAL history. It’s also the story of his teammates who fought fiercely beside him until he was the only man left standing after surviving a rocket grenade and getting blown over a cliff. For the next four days, severely wounded and presumed dead, Marcus warded off six al-Qaeda terrorists who were sent to kill him. He would crawl for seven miles through the mountains before he was rescued by the Pashtun tribe, who risked all they had to protect him from the Taliban assassins.

Marcus Luttrell takes the brutal blow-by-blow training of America’s elite soldiers and the rites of passage that every Navy SEAL must undergo. He takes the reader to the monstrous battle battled in the isolated peaks of Afghanistan, where the American elite team plummeted a thousand feet down the mountain as they fought through the flying boulders and dirt. Marcus Luttrell provides one of the most riveting accounts of modern combat ever written in this evocative account of heroism, honor, and bravery. He respects his colleagues who sacrificed a great sacrifice for their nation.

The book’s first half tells the story of breaking the news of Luttrell’s comrades’ deaths to their families. The other half of the book informs the reader of the author’s background, growing up, and how he ended up joining the navy SEALS. It begins with the author taking us to the battle scene in Afghanistan. The story peaks when the four SEALS are overwhelmed by the Taliban forces, but they soldier on for as long as possible, even after sustaining grievous bodily injuries.

The author’s background information on the SEALs’ training, dedication, and commitment to one another became crucial at this juncture. The author eloquently describes the attack he and his fellow soldiers experienced. He then proceeds to narrate in graphic detail the injuries experienced by his companions. This is vital for him to achieve his goal of explaining to the reader the exceptional bravery of his companions. He accomplishes this. While describing his valor, Luttrell is far less strong. In the midst of Taliban threats, he highlights the valor of the Afghans who harbored and cared for him. He thanks his American military comrades rescued him and those who perished attempting to do so.

Yet, Luttrell had horrific injuries, which he minimized. When he is eventually able to return to his family’s horse ranch in Texas, it is evident that the author still considers it an honor and a responsibility to have served his nation and the President, his commanding officer.
Five years later, Marcus Luttrell wrote Service: A Navy SEAL at War as a follow-up to the Lone Survivor, in which he gives a detailed account of the star-crossed mission, the aftermath, and how he was able to cope with sorrow by returning to service with the SEAL in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Ramadi, Iraq. Most of the story is written in a conversational style, quick paced descriptions, packed with military jargon and acronyms, and at times full of harsh language.

After returning from a doomed mission in Afghanistan, Luttrell completely recovered and nurtured his mind and heart back to good health. Throughout this period, he pondered why he and others had been prepared to sacrifice everything, even himself, for family, country, and freedom.

Then, in October 2006, he did what any SEAL would have done. He returned to battle as a member of SEAL Team 5. Luttrell spent six months in the world’s most deadly city, Ramadi, Iraq, in Anbar Province—Al Qaeda’s self-proclaimed Middle Eastern capital. The struggle for Ramadi was arguably the most dangerous U.S. military operation of the Iraq war, as it involved intense urban combat. The epic battle lasted from 2005 to 2007, and the action peaked in 2006 when Luttrell arrived.

Luttrell battled ferociously, and by the time he departed, the city was essentially at peace. Ramadi has been described as the biggest triumph in the history of United States Special Operations troops, serving as a bookend to Operation Redwing’s failure. In SERVICE, Marcus Luttrell tours this remarkable battlefield and provides fresh insight into his experience in Afghanistan, Operation Redwing, and his incredible rescue.

After returning home and quitting the military, Luttrell embarked on a mission to comprehend why a select few individuals chose to sacrifice their lives for their nation. Luttrell, now married and a parent examines the women who marry Navy SEALs. Four ladies share the hardships and benefits of being married to a military member in their own words. Luttrell also recounts the exploits of valiant soldiers who served with him across the globe, including:

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