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MarcyKate Connolly is an American author of fiction. When she isn’t writing or spending time with her husband and her dogs, she’s busy working as an administrator of a non-profit. She is not ashamed to admit that she is addicted to that beautiful beverage known as coffee and is also a very voracious reader. She occasionally commutes (okay, she is a recurring commuter).

She is represented in her writing at New Leaf Literary by Suzie Townsend. MarcyKate Connolly is the author of the Monstrous series. The first book in the series is titled the same and was released in 2015. The second book in the series is Ravenous and it was released in 2016. Shadow Weaver is her second official series and the first book in that series is going to be released in 2018.

Monstrous is the first book in this series and it features the fictional fantasy city of Bryre. It is caught up in a bit of a situation as the entire city has been the victim of a horrible curse. It was an evil wizard that put the curse on them, and now the entire city suffers under the power of its magic. The curse causes the young girls in the city to become sick and then they just disappear into nowhere and are never heard from again.

As a result, the inhabitants of the city have lived in fear ever since. No one can be outside after dark and the curfew is strictly enforced. No one can break the ban. Kymera likes to sneak into the city and without being seen by the humans. The night is the best time to do this and the only time she chooses to come into the city which is too dangerous to enter during the day.

It was her father who told her that she would not be understood by them. They would see her spiky tail and her neck bolts and her wings and think that she was a monster. They would likely try to kill her. They would have no idea that Kymera had been created in order to achieve her goal of rescuing the city girls from where they were stranded and returning them to the city of Bryre. So all in all, she’s really one of the good guys and doesn’t want to hurt anyone– but they would not know that right off of the bat.

She always tries to be safe when she sneaks into the city. Kymera always takes care to be sure that no humans ever see her. But despite her best efforts, a young boy sees her. His name is Ren and he is thrilled to have made a friend, even if he’s never talked to her before. The boy always sets out a red rose for her every night.

It is as they slowly become more familiar that Kymera eventually discovers that her little pal does know something about the missing girls. In fact, he knows a lot about the wizard, the girls, and the magic curse that has its arms tightly gripped around the city and its scared citizens as well. What he ends up knowing is about to change Kymera’s life forever and could help her get a lot further ahead in her search for answers.

If you love the fairytales told by the Brothers Grimm or the tall tale feelings of stories like Frankenstein, you will most likely enjoy this fresh new novel from MarcyKate Connolly. She crafts a unique story that even though it was released in the present day has all the markings of a classic novel. It’s certainly a favorite among readers and critics alike.

Ravenous is the second book in the Monstrous series. This is a companion book that follows in the footsteps of the first novel. It also includes a bonus story that is titled Precious– a prequel that takes place before both of these books. If you love an imaginative novel that is full of fantasy, colorful stories, characters, and fun, you’ll love the rich world described in this story.

Ravenous is a little bit inspired by the classic fairytale story of Hansel and Gretel. This is a riveting and original story that will keep you turning page after page as you fly through the chapters and finally get to the end. The main character is a heroine in her own right. She is going to let nothing get in the way of her saving the person that she loves most in the world.

Whether you read the first book in the series or not, anyone will love this second book penned by MarcyKate Connelly! Just as quirky and fun as the first book, Ravenous has all the signs that it will quickly become an instant classic. Everyone is a bit concerned when a witch makes her into the city of Bryre. The witch actually moves around in a big tall hut that is made out of wood and it walks around on gigantic chicken feet.

It turns out that the witch is hungry too– for children. There are some witches that just have an appetite and they like to eat smaller children that are tender. The witch gets her hands on Hans. He’s Greta’s younger brother, and the little girl is not going to let the witch keep Hans, so they make a deal between the two of them.

The deal is that Greta will get something that the witch wants. In exchange for getting that, the witch will grant Hans his freedom. But in order to fetch the prize, Great has to go all the way to the city of Belladoma, where she was held captive once. She makes a new friend in a half horse and half boy named Dalen who has magic powers. With her new friend’s help, she starts out on a journey that is going to be full of foes, obstacles, and include facing her weaknesses.

With all the drama of a Shakespearean play and all the magic of a Brothers Grimm fairytale, you’ve got to check out this amazing novel by fantasy author extraordinaire MarcyKate Connolly.

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