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Maren Stoffels
Maren Stoffels is a fiction writer best known for her Escape Room novel. The Netherlands’s born author writes in Dutch, but her English Version of the Escape Room and Fright Novels will be released in 2020. So far, Stoffels has 26 distinct works to her name, and the list is bound to grow longer as the author takes her career very seriously. Her stories come with intriguing characters her audience can identify with, and the flawless narration sets her apart in this field. If you can read Dutch, you will surely find her work fascinating, to say the least.

Escape Room
Escape Room features four friends, Alissa, Milas, Mint, and Sky. These four decide to try an escape room game and are gladly welcomed in one by Cleo. The rules are simple; the team needs to choose the games they want to plan, get inside a locked room, and find the clues to solve this puzzle inside. How hard could that be?

To get out, these friends are supposed to solve all problems in 60 minutes. The problems do not seem as hard, at least for the characters as they decode them rather quickly. It is all fun and game before things start getting creepy. It appears that someone has locked them in the escape room, so there is no way to escape. How long will the four friends stay holed up in this room? Why doesn’t the game master want to let them out?

This book is told from five points of view. Alissa, Milas, Mint, and Sky get a chance to tell their story, and we also get to hear from Character X. It will not take you long to figure out that Character X is the one torturing the others and the funny thing he is after just one of them. The reason why he has locked them is to make one character pay for several crimes. Who is being targeted by character X of the four friends? Curious to know why someone would go to such extremes, pick this book, and it will all make sense in the end.

The author has done an excellent job of developing the characters. As tension rises, you will see how each of them handles the pressure and the action they take when it is clear that there is no easy way out. Over time, it becomes clear that all the characters have deep secrets they are keen to hide from the world. Despite the many characters, the narration here is flawless, so it is easy to follow the story. There is an element of same-sex relationship which adds some depth in the story. How will the teenagers escape from the locked room? Will any lives be lost in the process?

Escape Room is a perfect choice if you love thrilling horror stories with some element of romance. The book is written for young adults, so the plot is simple and language ideal for teenagers. While this book was originally published in Dutch, the English version will be hitting the bookstores in July 2020. You enjoy the translated version, and while it is possible some meaning will be lost in the process, the story is intriguing enough to keep you interested to the end. The book is slightly less than 180 pages, and you can read in all in one sitting.

Fright Night
Fright Night features two friends, Dylan and Quinn. These two plan to visit a haunted house that is so intense that participants are expected to sign a paper first. The tickets do not come cheap, and in case things get scary, participants are supposed to say a safe word to opt-out of the adventure. The only downside is that once a participant says the safe word, the haunted house experience is over for everyone else. Another friend joins Dylan and Quinn in their night of horror, and they also decide to share some of their deepest secrets.

Dylan is currently living with Quin’s family. Dylan tells everyone that his leg was injured in a bicycle accident and that his mother is ailing from cancer. This cannot be further from the truth. The teenage boy thinks that he has enough reason to want to keep a part of his past from his friends. Away from the drama in Dylan’s life, there is a new girl in school. Sofia and Dylan make an immediate connection, and it is no secret that they want to take their relationship to the next level. For his upcoming birthday, Sofia wants to make Dylan a photo album, but this makes her note the inconsistencies in his past.
Sandy and Kelly are two friends working in the haunted house to earn an extra buck. On the night all the friends are gathered in the haunted house, connections are made, and buried secrets are revealed. These secrets will push some to the edge, while for others; the night will end in tragedy. Who comes out of the haunted house unscathed, and what happens to the others who are not as lucky?

Dylan is an intriguing character. After the first few pages, it is easy to understand his illness and how the mother behaves. According to the author, Dylan’s character is based on a true story. A real person went through the same abuse and suffering as Dylan in this story. Since this book is translated, there is a cultural difference. However, most of the issues the characters are dealing with are experienced by teenagers worldwide.

Fright Night is an intriguing story that comes with some elements of horror and deep pain. What Dylan goes through in the hands of someone who is supposed to protect him is unfortunate, and you can only hope that he will be a bit lucky in the future. The haunted house storyline is fascinating, not to mention the youthful characters and their dark secrets. This book is written with young adult readers in mind. The plot is simple and straightforward, and the story is quite short.

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