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Publication Order of Charley Fairfax Mystery Books

Speak Now (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Succeed in Murder (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Movie Palace Mystery Books

Murder At The Palace (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Balcony (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Silver Screen (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Balance Thing (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Malice Domestic 15: Mystery Most Theatrical(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Margaret Dumas
An American mystery writer, Margaret Dumas is an author well known for having mastered the art of the cozy mystery novel. Writing with both warmth and wit, she really understands the form, lending it her own unique take on the genre. Standing out from the rest, her stories typically feature murder mysteries, as they make the most of the genre, whilst taking it in its own direction. This has proven to be massively successful over the years, with readers from all over appreciating the work of Dumas as a novelist.

Intriguing and entertaining in equal measure, she also manages to create a number of highly engaging stories on a personal level too. She does this through her use of characters that really leap off the page, speaking directly to the reader in a direct and straightforward tone. Leaving a lasting impact, they stay with the reader long after they’ve put the book down, something which has become somewhat of a trademark of hers over the years. Her audience can testify to her stories that resonate, as she becomes more popular by the day, with her novels being read worldwide.

Mixing genres over the course of her writing career, Dumas has also brought in elements of the paranormal as well. Whatever she’s writing though, she always makes sure to inflect it with a sense-of-humor throughout, always keeping it light-hearted and accessible. Knowing and understanding the needs of her audience, she never leaves anything out, whilst also remaining true to herself. With much more to come on the horizon, she has a lot more planned, and is definitely a writer to watch in the years to come.

Early and Personal Life:
Growing up with a strong interest in literature and everything surrounding it, Margaret Dumas always held a keen passion for writing. This would develop throughout the years, becoming more prominent as time went on, as she would develop both her and her voice. Working on it over the years, she would constantly immerse herself in her love of literature, giving her work her own unique angle.

Attending university, she would also go on to receive a Master’s Degree in English Literature, which would help her further her craft. Following this she would go on to find herself working as a technical writer, that in turn led to her working as a computer software executive. Then she turned back to her primary love of writing and fiction, as she became a full-time writer, writing crime fiction and mysteries.

Writing Career:
In 2004 Margaret Dumas would write her first novel, and it was titled ‘Speak Now’, being the first ‘Charley Fairfax Mystery’ released. This would be followed by ‘How to Succeed in Murder’ in 2006, which would be the next title in the series, along with ‘The Balance Thing’, which was a stand-alone. Later, in 2019, she would begin the ‘Movie Palace Mystery’ series with ‘Murder at the Palace’, followed by two other titles, ‘Murder in the Balcony’ also in 2019, and ‘Murder on the Silver Screen’ in 2020.

Prior to working full-time as an author, Dumas would work as a technical writer, which would provide some experience working with larger audiences. Winning awards for her novels too, she’d immediately be short-listed for the 2003 CWA Debut Dagger for her very first release. Now she continues to write regularly from her home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and this will carry on for a long time yet.

The Balance Thing
Initially released through the Harper Paperbacks publishing label, this would first come out on the 1st of September in 2006. Working entirely as a stand-alone novel, it was its own thing, complete with a self-contained story on modern romance. This would show another side to the writing of Margaret Dumas, and one that was completely away from the usual mystery stories.

Very much set within the ‘chick-lit’ genre, this is a fun and witty novel on the perils of modern dating and relationships. Dumas makes a lot of sharp and incisive observations that really manage to hit close to home, as she writes with honesty and wit. Getting to the heart of her characters too, she really draws out what drives and motivates them, making for a captivating and compelling story.

Rebecca Mansfield seems to be set in the midst of it in her life, with a boyfriend that aggravates her, and a job voicing an animated vampire online. Soon she’s set to be a bridesmaid as well, and it appears that she wants someone in her own life that she can share it with. Told she’s lazy when it comes to dating by her friends, she vows to put the effort in and find that person that’s right for her. Will she be able to find them though? Can she make sense of her own life in the process? What will happen as she prepares to organize the balance thing?

Murder on the Silver Screen
First published through the Henery Press publishing imprint, this would originally come out in 2020 on the 23rd of June. It would be the 3rd book in the ‘Movie Palace Mystery’ series, with another self-contained mystery for Nora Paige to solve. With its cozy mystery and supernatural element too, it’s a fun and lively story filled with both warmth and charm.

This is engaging and witty, as Margaret Dumas really knows what she’s doing here, playing with the genre throughout. Easy to read and highly accessible, it’s quick to pick up, yet difficult to put down, as it’s definitely a constant page turner. All the characters are well drawn, with the dialogue briskly carrying it along, as Dumas is clearly enjoying herself throughout.

Nora Paige is using the Palace Movie Theatre as the location for the launch for an online game, but it soon ends in murder. Not only that, but it seems the theatre owners are being implicated, which means its future as a public venue is being put in jeopardy, and it’s up to Nora to solve the case. Along with the help of Trixie, the ghost of a 1930s usherette, the two of them work together to solve the case. Can they both discover the truth? Why does the Hollywood mogul want his revenge? Who is behind the murder on the silver screen?

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