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Publication Order of Magic of Love Books

A Man of Character (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Matter of Time (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Scandalous Matter (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Put Up Your Dukes Books

The Demon Duke (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Legendary Duke (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Flashdogs : Solstice : Light(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
FlashDogs : Time(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Margaret Locke
Margaret Locke is a 2018 RITA Finalist and a USA Today Bestselling Author, and writes binge worthy romances that’ll keep you up past your bedtime. Margaret delights in making readers think, laugh, and cry, because love matters.

She started reading romance at the age of ten, but nobody’s supposed to know. She had worked her way through all of the kid’s books available to her at the local bookmobile, so she turned to the adult section, where she spied this book with a woman in a flowing green dress on the cover. The back said something about a pirate. And from there she was hooked, but wishes she could remember the name of this fateful book.

Her delight in witty repartee between heroine and hero, in the age-old dance of resistance vs. attraction, in the emotional satisfaction of a cleverly achieved Happily Ever After followed her throughout high school, college, and even grad school. However it was not until she turned forty that she made good on her teenage vow to finally write said novels, not just consume them.

When Margaret is not busy writing she adores spending time with her fabulous husband, their two fantastic kids, and three floofy felines. And chocolate. Chocolate’s very important. She can also be found in front of some screen (window or electronic); Margaret’s come to grips with the fact that she is not an outdoors person.

“A Man of Character” is the first novel in the “Magic of Love” series and was released in 2015. A magical romantic comedy where a bookstore owner has to pick between reality and fantasy after realizing that the guys she’s dating are characters that she had created years ago.

What would you do if you learned the men that you were dating were just fictional characters you had created a long time ago?

Catherine Schreiber (thirty-five years old) has shelved love permanently. Keeping her ailing bookshop afloat takes up all of her time, and she is totally fine with that. So when several men ask her out in short succession, she is unsure of what to do. Particularly since there’s something about them which seems eerily familiar.

One startling revelation is that these are fictional characters she once created and forgotten about years ago. It forces her to reevaluate her world and all the people that are in it. Because these characters are alive. Here and now. And most certainly in the flesh.

Eliza, her best friend and a romance novel junkie that craves her own Happily Ever After, is just thrilled by these possibilities. The power to create her own Mr. Perfect, who could possibly pass that up? However can a relationship truly be real if it is just fiction? Caught between reality and fantasy, Cat has to figure out which one, or whom, she wants more.

Blending unusual twists with humor, including a computer scientist in shining armor, a magical manuscript, and even a Regency ball, this novel is a whimsical yet thought provoking romantic comedy. One that tells a story not just about love, but also the lengths we will go for self discovery, friendship, and second chances.

2015 Lyra Winner for Best General Fiction and 2016 HOLT Medallion Certificate of Merit winner for Best First Book.

A Matter of Time Can a man with a past and a woman from the future forge a love for all time?

No one would blame Eliza James (a widowed doctoral student) for giving up on Happily Ever After; since at the age of twenty-nine, she has suffered more loss than most people do in a whole lifetime. However Eliza’s convinced that her own hero is out there still, just waiting for her, like in the beloved the romance novels that she devours. Every Jane Austen loveing girl deserves a Darcy, right?

But she doesn’t dream about a modern day affair, she wants the whole Regency experience. When this magical manuscript thrusts her back two centuries into the life and arms of one Deveric Mattersley, Duke of Clarmeont, however, she realizes that some fantasies aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Particularly when her duke proves himself to be less than a Prince Charming.

Convinced that he is the one who is at fault for the death of his wife, Deveric has got no interest in women, much less in marriage. Determined to atone for his sins, he decrees himself to be content to focus on running his family’s estates, and on raising his son. That ends when the mysterious Mrs. James shows up. Who is she? What does she want? And why does she make Dev’s blood run hot in such a way that no woman ever has before?

A charming time travel Regency romance that is filled with humor and wit, this reminds us that, like books, you cannot judge people by their covers, and that love often comes to us when it’s least expected.

“The Demon Duke” is the first novel in the “Put Up Your Dukes” series and was released in 2017. A duke being tormented by this painful secret meets the bookish miss that just might save him from himself. Behind every good man is a great secret. Banished to Yorkshire while he was a boy for faults that his dad failed to beat out of him, Damon Blackbourne has got zero use for English society and vowed that he would never return to his family’s estate at Thorne Hill, much less London.

But his brother and dad die in a freak carriage accident, Damon has to take up the mantle of the Malford dukedom and chaperone his sisters through the London Season, which is his worst nightmare brought to life. He never planned on Lady Grace Mattersley, however. She stirs him soul and body. At least until she stumbles upon his dark secret.

Lady Grace much prefers her reading and solitude to social just about anything. Her family might well be pressuring her to land herself a husband, however she’s got other plans, like writing a novel of her own. She’s no idea, however, how to deal with the much too alluring Duke of Malford. Is she going to betray him to the world? Or is she going to be his saving grace?

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