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Publication Order of All the King's Men Books

Knight of Desire (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Knight of Pleasure (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Knight of Passion (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Douglas Legacy Books

Captured by a Laird (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Claimed by a Highlander (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kidnapped by a Rogue (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Return of the Highlanders Books

Publication Order of Anthologies

A Little Highland Romance(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Margaret Mallory is an American author of romance and historical fiction books. A recovering lawyer, her story feature sword wielding main characters. After quitting law, Margaret switched to full-time writing and became a USA Today, a bestselling author. Mallory became a published author in 2009, when Knight of Desire, the first book in All the King’s Men series was published. Since then she has published other series including Return of the Highlanders and Douglas Legacy series. Her books have won several honors, including RT Book Reviews, National Readers Choice Awards, RITA nomination, and Best Scotland-Set Historical Romance. Margaret lives with her husband in Pacific Northwest and spends most of her time hiking, traveling, or with her handsome Highlanders.

The Guardian is the first book in The Return of the Highlanders book series by Margaret Mallory. Ian MacDonald returns home after five years of exploring France alongside his three closest friends to confront the demons of his past. Ian is unsure of how his return will be accepted due to the sad deaths of his Chieftain and the Chieftain’s son, his father’s serious injuries, and the uncertainty of the future. Hugh, Ian’s cousin, has appointed himself clan chief, ostracized Ian’s family for refusing to pledge allegiance to him, and the MacKinnons have seized Ian’s castle. Ian must also decide how to handle the girl who followed him as a child as if these troubles weren’t enough to cope with. The girl he had to protect from every misadventure she got herself into, and the same girl who was made his wife the night before he departed. Five years ago, Ian began avoiding his house. Ian has avoided Sileas for five years. Ian did not realize that he’d been missing for five years.

As a young woman, Ian was everything Sil desired in a man. He was her white knight, while she was often the damsel in distress. Tragically, they were forced to marry the last time he rescued her. Ian was compelled to marry her, but Sileas eagerly followed him to the altar and beyond. And he abandoned her. She was inflicted with five long years of solitude, humiliation, and contempt. Sileas has cared for his family throughout the years, grown to love his brother as her own, and established a place for herself in his house. Sileas has matured into womanhood and become a stunning beauty who turns attention wherever she goes. This beauty will turn only one head, as Sileas does not desire another man. She has always craved the hero of her childhood, the carefree, fun-loving lad who saved her. But Ian resurfaced as a man.
Ian must battle for what is rightly his in the middle of a clan war: his wife and her castle. He must fight for the rights he forfeited as Sileas’s spouse. Most importantly, he must strive to prove that he deserves to be her heart’s defender. This novel was written with skill. Margaret Mallory has produced a series that every romance reader must read. THE GUARDIAN is a wonderfully hot romance with a high-impact adventure that evokes the Scotland that fans crave.

This is a book that is chock-full of emotion and color, conflict and peace, political manipulation, and the ingenuity women of that period were pushed to exercise to develop a sense of belonging and self in a world that considered women as baby-making machines, property, or at the very least enslaved people. Sileas did not intend for much of this to become her reality. The chemistry between these two characters brightens the literary sky. It renders this a vast novel in scope and in-depth in its examination of the prevalent lifestyle of the day. Sileas’s effort to find the guy she liked and remembered may be the story’s genesis. Yet the secondary characters and Ian’s “friends” bring this story to life, leaping from the pages and capturing the reader’s imagination and response.

Those who are smitten by the notion of those attractive and seductive Highlanders will find this novel to be both a delight and a source of romance for readers who enjoy historical fiction. It was a no-holds-barred type of living in Scotland, and the people there were robust and vigorous.

Claimed by Highlander is the second book in the Douglas Legacy series by Margaret Mallory. As Sybil Douglas’ family has dispersed to the four winds in exile or marriage, she is forced to lead a less desirable life. While she hoped for a miracle and prayed for deliverance, the last thing she wanted was a man who claimed he was obligated to marry her. Sybil desired no part of Rory MacKenzie, but he was the only one she could rely on at the time.

Rory needed to arrange a marriage that would aid his clan, not his heart, but with one glance at Sybil, all ideas of what he ought to do disappeared along with his decision. Despite the devil’s constant pursuit, Sybil and Rory were determined to reach his residence and finalize their everlasting contract. Sybil understood what was in store for her, but Rory was less open until he learned of the tragedy that had struck his family and that the wrong Laird would make a move for the throne.

Rory and Sybil battle for their lives, attempt to suppress their intense desire to no avail, and demonstrate they will always have one another’s backs. Rory formulates plans to govern his tribe, and with Sybil by his side, he believes he has found his soul mate. Rory wonders whether he is only a pawn in plans that may not include him, given that Sybil has been withholding crucial information that, when exposed, demonstrates she may be more deceitful than trustworthy. Yet, love tends to provide a more realistic perspective, and when the conflict becomes a reality, it is Sybil by his side who proves herself to Rory and his tribe. Margaret Mallory creates tales of joy with the ideal blend of romance, plot, and characters, carrying the reader from the first page to the last.

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