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Publication Order of Honey Huckleberry Books

The Fourth Steven (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grinning in His Mashed Potatoes (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Little Traveling Music, Please (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Bonita Faye (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Milicent Le Sueur (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon

Margaret Moseley
Author Margaret Moseley has been making her living as a writer since the age of eighteen, starting on the original Fort Worth Press in Fort Worth, Texas and continuing to work for television, ad agencies, and major corporations.

She was born in Durant, Oklahoma, and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and lived in Fort Smith, Arkansas for twenty years. During her time in Arkansas, she was a personal friend of the Clintons and she campaigned for them as an Arkansas Traveler at the time of the 1992 election.

She is married to Ron Burris, a novelist and computer guru. They live in Euless, Texas, with Miss (The Terror) Matilda and Miss Sadie, their rescued beagles.

The character Bonita Faye features quite a bit of Margaret herself in the character. The accent Bonita has came from her, and the room that she loves so much in Paris was actually a room that Margaret had while in Florence. The small details of her life came from Margaret.

It was tough for Moseley to create this character that would do something so awful, yet have the readers wanting her to still get away with it. People are sympathetic with her, despite her committing murder and not appearing too concerned.

It was originally published by Three Forks Press, printing a thousand copies in hardcover. It was also the first to be sold in the Writer’s Club bookstore and sold well there. She was interviewed by a magazine, which caught the attention of HarperCollins Publishers, which bought the paperback rights, printing thirty thousand copies.

“Bonita Faye” is actually the second book Moseley has written, the first solo novel. After being downsized from her job as a communications director (where she won numerous Addie Awards for her advertising and public relations work) she and a senior VP from her old company wrote “Whisper to the Night”. From this experience she learned that she wanted to write a novel by herself, and spent an entire summer writing a novel.

“Bonita Faye” was a finalist in the Edgar Award for Best New Novel by an American Writer, and it earned her richly deserved and wide acclaim.

Margaret’s debut novel, called “Bonita Faye”, was released in the year 1996. Her work is from the mystery genre.

“Bonita Faye” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 1996. When a small town girl Bonita Faye’s abusive husband, a fishing guide and car salesman Billy Roy gets killed, she starts an adventurous new life that takes her from Poteau, Oklahoma to Paris and back again.

All in this story of redemption and murder. And even more murder. All of which stretches over the course of three decades.

Bonita Faye is one of the most resourceful, funniest, and optimistic fictional heroines out there. This is a humorous, poignant, and captivating read from a startling fresh voice and is a literary original.

“Milicent Le Sueur” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 1998. Milicent Le Sueur is an obsessive compulsive and eccentric bag lady in a rural Southern town that witnesses the hit-and-run killing of one teenage girl, named Angie Woodburn. Or so she is claiming.

Some of the townsfolk believe that she is the one that actually killed the girl and is making up the story to cover her crime up. Battling her own psychoses and neuroses, and counting each one of her steps along the way, she tracks a killer she hopes is not going to count her as the next victim.

This is a wickedly funny and delightfully strange mystery novel that features one unlikely detective, in Milicent, who is a bag lady that you just gotta love

“The Fourth Steven” is the first novel in the “Honey Huckleberry” series and was released in the year 1998. There are four Stevens in the life of the free-spirited and 28 year old Honey Huckleberry, the one she does not know and the three she does. The one she doesn’t know is a stranger that calls her with a cryptic murder about an imminent murder.

Not too long after, as she travels the gulf coast in her job as a publishing company sales rep, one of her Stevens gets murdered in her home, an old Victorian house which she inherited from her parents. It is the house she has always lived in. This stunning event creates a considerable disorder in her orderly world.

So she sets out to solve this murder. Before she or anybody else becomes the fourth Steven’s next victim.

This is the first novel of the delightfully funny and refreshingly original mystery series. Fans found this novel to be just as engaging and humorous as it is suspenseful and dark. It is a delightful and easy novel to read, and Honey is one character that is full of zany quirks, faults, and humor.

“Grinning in His Mashed Potatoes” is the second novel in the “Honey Huckleberry” series and was released in the year 1999. The free-spirited and upbeat, but slightly OCD book rep Honey Huckleberry has got large problems when Twyman Towerie, the number two best selling author in the entire world, goes to a luncheon and drops dead, face-first into his mashed potatoes.

It is murder and the list of suspects includes his four ex-wives with plenty of motives to see their ex get X’d out for good and a ton of secrets. Honey cannot resist investigating the matter. However, if she isn’t careful, her next meal just may be her last.

Moseley is a good stylist with a finely tuned sense for atmosphere, not just for locales such as South Padre Island, but also for the aura of fear.

“A Little Traveling Music, Please” is the third novel in the “Honey Huckleberry” series and was released in the year 2000. Honey Huckleberry, a free-spirited book rep, plays detective when her four million dollar inheritance, her fiance, and accountant vanish.

In order to solve this mystery, she works with Janie (her bookseller buddy) and one PI that is just as odd as his name, Sledge Hamra. Their journey takes them to London, where danger is waiting.

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