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Margaret Owen is an American published author.

Owens was born at the Oregon Trail’s end, where she grew up. She spent much of her time when she was a child walking around the halls of the local bookstore. When she was in the fourth grade, she got the chance to meet an author. It was not so long after that encounter that Owen decided that she also would like to be an author for her career.

Her choice of a career would shift on a regular basis from that point on, although she still wanted to be an author. She would go on to college and study Japanese, graduating with her degree. She developed a passion for espresso as well, so intense that it ended up resulting in a move to live in Seattle. There she would work a variety of jobs, every job from promoting presidential campaigns to working in the local thrift stores. She learned a lot of lessons as a result.

Now as an adult, Owen spends her time trying to manifest her vision of characters out of her head and onto the written page. She has two large cats. Her free time is spent enjoying going to travel destinations that perhaps may be seen as not the best to visit. She also uses her illustrations to raise money and much needed funds for nonprofits that specialize in social justice.

Owen is the creator and the author of The Merciful Crow series. This young adult fantasy series debuted in 2019 with the publication of the first novel in the series, titled The Merciful Crow. This debut would be followed in 2020 with the publication of the second novel in the series, which is titled The Faithless Hawk. If you are a fan of works by Kendare Blake, Tomi Adeyemi, Leigh Bardugo or just young adult fantasy in general, then this is the perfect series to pick up and start getting into!

The Merciful Crow is the first novel in the fictional series by the same name authored by Margaret Owen. The novel has been well received among critics and readers alike! This tale has everything in it from sacrifice to vengeance to the struggle for survival.

When it comes to survival, we all do the best that we can. In this book readers will meet Fie, a woman that is destined to become a chieftain. She has only one rule that she chooses to follow in life, and that is to look after the people in your life that you call your own.

Fie rules over a caste of Crow mercy killers and undertakers. They often get jobs that are not as fulfilling in riches as they would prefer them to be. They are constantly on the look out for jobs that are going to give them more coin. Then the crew gets a call to come and collect the bodies of the royal dead. It seems like a huge job, and Fie is hoping along with the rest that they’re going to get a royal payout that could keep them in coin for a while.

It seems that they may not be that lucky, however. It ends up being discovered that Jasimir, the crown prince, actually did not die. He artfully faked his own death, and now the coin that they were promised seems to have vanished. Fie is angry and ready to just get out of there and forget the whole thing ever happened. She’s ticked off at the prince, but then he offers her something in return.

Fie can’t help but perk up at what she is offered. It seems too good to turn down. If she can protect the prince from the reach of a queen that will do anything to get to him, he’ll give her something in return. When he gets his reign, he’ll do whatever it takes to shield the Crows. It’s the type of protection that could be worth its weight in riches, and Fie accepts.

Then there is always the bodyguard to the prince to be considered. Tavin is a Hawk warrior, known for his cunning. His job has always been to lay his life on the line to protect the prince, always putting his life before his own. He is even able to take on the appearance of the prince and is always right behind him. Tavin’s starting to have his doubts about the life he’s chosen, however. When he starts desiring something of his own, how will it turn out? Pick up the first book in the Merciful Crow series to find out!

The Faithless Hawk is the second book in the Merciful Crow series and the sequel to the exciting first book! If you enjoyed the first novel of this series, be sure to keep things going to find out what happens in this artfully crafted world from Owen.

Lovers turn to enemies and royal kings transform into outcasts in this thrilling second novel. Fie was just 16 years old in the first book and now has graduated to be the chieftain, newly installed leader of the Crows.

She’s been through enough by now to know that a royal is not always going to keep their word. But she knows that she made a deal with the prince, and hopes at the end of the day that Prince Jasimir will not step away from the promise that he made to protect her and the Crows.

One fateful day, the sky is filled with black smoke. This means that the King has died and this also signals that Queen Rhusana will be making her case to get the throne, letting nothing stand in her way. The queen decides to use a plague in her favor, uniting Sabor nation and turning them against the Crows. She also gets to plump up her army in the process.

As a result, Fie and her crew must leave and hide, with the country behind them falling prey to the plague. This is no easy exile, however. They’re quickly on the verge of starvation and time is running out. They could lose not only their lives but Sabor as well.

Fie is desperate for help and so reaches out to allies from the past. Her goal is to take the queen down within her territory. Can Fie figure out how to take down the queen and save her nation and people? Read this book to find out!

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