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Margaret Rogerson is an American author of young adult and fantasy novels. She writes fantasy novels for the YA readers. Rogerson have drawn inspiration from the common version of the fairy tales because she adores reading stories in which the unsettling and the beautiful are sometimes identical. She is a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. When she is not writing, you will find her watching documentaries, drawing, gaming, making pudding and exploring outdoors in search of mushrooms and toads.

An Enchantment of Ravens

An Enchantment of Ravens is a story about a young girl from a city called Whimsy- a town that lives in a constant state of summer. She is a talented painter who specializes on portraits of high figures from the fairy courts, and she gets granted with different enchantment as a result. But she has to make the wording of her arts precise because the young fairies in this novel are somewhat mischievous creatures that prosper in trickery.

Isobel is famously known by the fae for her brilliant painting. In the world that she exists, even though everyone is immortal and magical, they are unable ever to create and perform other tasks such as writing, painting, drawing, and cooking as well. But Isobel is among the talented amongst the fair folk, she has man regular fair folk clients, and the world entirely changes when she receives a message that she will soon be making a painting of the prince of the autumn court named Rook. Isobel accepts the offer, but she makes a fatal mistake when of painting exactly what her eyes sees which is the mortal sorrow in his soul.

This simple and overlooked mistake ends up making the prince of the autumn court look weak and ever fair folk begins to look down upon him. The Prince then heads back to the Whimsy town to collect Isobel herself, and the two embark on an adventure to make the wrong painting right. That until both Rook and Isobel finally develop stronger feelings for one another, and they end up breaking the law that the Adler King had set in place. An act which stated that the human and a fair folk could never fall in love and the event that it happened the crime would be punishable by death.

On the other hand, Isobel is trying to paint the emotion while also trying to control her feelings- for the feelings, she feels towards Rook. Then there is the Wild Hunt that is hunted continuously by fae beasts, then there is the Green Well that will transform any creature into a fair folk just by one sip but for a very high price in the eyes an artist.

Right before our eyes, we get to see a story of love and sacrifice painted. The story holds an authentic fae mythology and folklore, the fair folk can never lie, they are overly confident, have adverse reactions to iron, and they eat interesting food.

The main character, Isobel is a selfless and willing whatever she can to protect her family and cannot anything or anyone interfere with her passion for art. Additionally, she is beautiful, smart, caring and focused in her life.

On the other hand, there is Rook. He is cocky, arrogant and despite these traits, he is easy to love and possess the power to shapeshift. Furthermore, the supporting characters in this novel are fantastic. They include March, Aster, May, Emma, and Gadfly.

Margaret story is an exciting read. The imagery in the story is expertly crafted, the prose is beautiful, and the characters are fantastic. This 300-page standalone Young Adult fantasy novel is immersive, fast-paced, and an easy read.

Rook and Isobel’s story is great on its own; it features a likable heroine- one who craves for adventure, and something different from the endless summer and her routine that she is used to. The hero is full of politics, intrigue, and to his folks, love was considered a weakness. The couple passed different stages from anger to shy friendship, mistrust until their feelings drowned them and their interactions were both heated and delightful. An Enchantment of Ravens is a brilliant read for anyone who loves reading good high fantasy foe romance novels.

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