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Margarita Montimore is a reputed American writer of literary fiction and upmarket fiction stories. She began her writing career in 2018 and is particularly famous for writing the single novels Asleep From Day and Oona Out of Order. The latter is also known as The Rearranged Life of Oona Lockhart. Montimore earned her BFA degree from Emerson College in Creative Writing. After this, she worked in the fields of social media marketing and publishing for more than a decade. Montimore has worked as a blogger for Quirk Books,, Google, and Marvel. It was only after the decision of becoming a full-time writer became firm in her mind that Montimore chose to quit everything else and focus on fulfilling her childhood dream. Currently, she resides in New Jersey along with her loving husband and their favorite pet dog. She was born in Soviet Ukraine and was brought up in Ukraine.

As a writer, Montimore’s interest lies mainly in writing upmarket fiction. Her stories tend to be a little left of center and touch multiple genres. The authors who she has followed throughout her life and who have influenced her writing include Aaron Sorkin, David Lynch, Margaret Atwood, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lionel Shriver, Gillian Flynn, Milan Kundera, Nora Ephron, Oscar Wilde, Charlie Kaufman, Richard Linklater, etc. During her spare time, Montimore likes to indulge in reading and interacting with her fans. She loves everything dark, surreal, and strange. Montimore considers herself an optimistic, quixotic, and a geek of pop culture.

Quite often, her works tend to incorporate all these elements in varying degrees. In 2018, she came up with her first novel and self-published it to great success. The worldwide success and immense popularity of her debut novel motivated her to write another book in the next few months. This time, she received an offer from Flatiron Books to release the second book. The UK/Commonwealth rights of the book’s release have been bought by the Gollancz publication. Author Montimore is represented by a literary agent named Philippa Sitters at the David Godwin Associates agency.

The debut book written by author Margarita Montimore is entitled ‘Asleep From Day’. It was released by the Black Wing Books publication in 2018. The primary characters mentioned in this novel by Montimore include Astrid, Oliver, Theo, and several others. Montimore has set this novel in Boston. Initially, it is shown that Astrid does not remember her life’s best day that was a day before. She was involved in a tragic car accident that erased the whole memory of how she spent her previous day. Astrid only knows that it was the best day of her entire life. On September 9th, she was in the company of Theo, a charming, handsome stranger and spent a lovely day before meeting with the accident. Ever since the accident, Astrid is haunted by several surreal dreams. She has an urgent sense that something very important has been erased from her memory.

One night, Astrid receives a call from a mysterious stranger named Oliver, who claims that he can help her in remembering what she has forgotten. Oliver knows a lot about Astrid than he should and this freaks her out a little bit. Thinking that it is more important for her to recollect the memories of the day she spent with Theo, she agrees to receive Oliver’s help. Throughout their interaction, Astrid keeps questioning Oliver’s motives and tries to overcome the strong sense of attraction towards him. Astrid looks to find Theo and put the pieces of the puzzle back together.

To achieve this, she makes up her mind to navigate the intriguing maze of Boston’s eccentric nightlife. She travels from the seedy Chinatown corners to a club where drug-fueled theme parties involving people dressed as the dead is a common thing. While doing so, she struggles with her nightmares and headaches and goes through a difficult time in differentiating between fantasy, reality, and memory. The thoughts in her mind make her suspect the existence of Theo. In the end, Astrid is left to choose between her growing feelings for the helpful Oliver and continuing the search for Theo. She fears losing more than what she could find in the pursuit of her lost memory.

Another wonderful book penned by Montimore in her career is called ‘Oona Out of Order’. It was published by Flatiron Books in February 2020. This book follows the life of a girl who likes to live in the moment fully, even if such moments appear to be out of order. Author Montimore has done the setting of this book in Brooklyn in 1982 and has depicted the lead characters in the roles of Oona Lockhart, Dale, and a few others. The book opens by depicting the 1982 New Year’s Eve. Oona Lockhart looks forward to analyzing her options about what she wants to do in her life. She will turn 19 when the clock will strike midnight. Oona wonders if she should study economics by moving to London or pursue music by staying in Brooklyn. The second option seems better for her as she will be able to live with her boyfriend.

As soon as the countdown for the New Year starts, Oona Lockhart faints and wakes 32 years into the future. She is now 51 years old. A handsome stranger greets her in a lovely house and tells her that it is her own. Shortly after, Oona comes to know that with the passage of each year, she will get transported randomly to another age through time travel. This way, her journey of being Out of Order begins. Oona Lockhart hops through decades, witnesses different pop cultures, and experiences different eras. She remains young from the inside, but keeps changing on her outside. And every time her age changes, Oona wonders what she is going to become next year. Whether it is going to a philanthropist, a world traveler, club kid, or wife of a man that she has never met. This magical, heart-wrenching, and surprising story describes an unforgettable tale about time’s burdens, family’s power, and love’s endurance. It entertained a large number of audience and achieved great reviews from most of them. This book’s success brought more success to author Montimore’s career and increased her popularity to new heights.

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