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Margo Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Margo Mysteries Books

Margo Mysteries is an enthralling series comprising of total thirteen books penned by an American author Jerry B. Jenkins. Jenkins has weaved suspenseful stories of romance, mystery, and intrigue in Margo Mysteries series. The books follow the beautiful relationship of Philip and Margo who first met as young adults and gradually fell in love with each other and God. With this collection, both of them begin their careers as private detectives together.

The series is sub-divided into two volumes where the first volume consists of books 1 to 7 and second volume has books 8 to 13. All the books of this series are best-selling and thoroughly enjoyed by thousands of readers worldwide. The first seven books of these Christian-themed mystery novels are full of suspense and thrill that keep the reader captivated throughout. The first book of the series was written in 1979 with the novel Margo. First, in the series, Margo is a story with a mission. Jerry begins with the dilemma of Margo, the main protagonist and introduces the readers to the unconditional love and forgiveness of God.

When Philip Spence prevents Margo, a young woman with a suspicious past from killing herself, he becomes resolute to figure out what led this girl to such a life-threatening course of action.

First Novel: Margo:
The story of the first novel begins with Margo attempting suicide while Philip talks her out of it and promised a new, happy life ahead. When both Margo and Philip tried to uncover something from their past together, they came closer and romance between them bloomed. God blessed the couple with His grace and they move forward with more courage and strength to execute their plan.

The book has beautifully captured how God changes hearts and stands by His people. The book is totally different from other books you must have read and had a unique feel that attaches the reader to the supreme power above. The sentiments and voice raised in this book by Jenkins are fresh and the mystery is very intriguing. There are many questions in the entire story along with a different enigma that prompts readers to continue reading the book.

The spiritual element of the book has flawlessly complemented its gripping story. Jenkins has impressively portrayed the main antagonists and their tough journey to trusting God. You will be completely hooked with this tale of a girl that has a dark past. And when she digs deeper into her past, veiled secrets are exposed that leave her life changed forever. A great story about a journey of redemption and forgiveness!

Second Novel: Karlyn:
The second book of the Margo Mysteries series, Karlyn picked up the story from its first installment right from where Margo had left off. The tale has continued with the same suspense and mystery. The relationship between Margo and Philips is shown to be strengthening in this second book of the series. On their new journey, they walked together with the blessing of God.

New characters and suspense are added to the story for again making this novel best-selling. Jerry has weaved his Christian beliefs into the story seamlessly to show the readers how God’s mercy works. The story is beautiful and completely enthralling that will make sure you never keep the book down until it is completed.

Margo and Philips, now well-equipped detectives, know their strengths and how to use them perfectly for revealing the mystery. The entire story of the novel is filled with excitement and suspense and revolves around the revelation of unexpected secrets.

Novels Adapted Into Movies:
The best-selling Left Behind novel series of Jerry Jenkins, co-authored by Tim LaHaye was adapted into a film series. Cloud Ten Pictures produced three films in this series directed by Vic Sarin, Bill Corcoran, and Craig R. Baxley respectively. The first movie of the series, Left Behind: The Movie is said to be the most expensive Christian film ever made. The films featured well-known actors like Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Chelsea Noble and more.

The second movie, Left Behind II: Tribulation Force and the third movie, Left Behind: The World at War were again adapted from the second and third novel of the series. All the three films were based on mystery, romance, and Christian beliefs. The films were well-received with the audiences who love such spiritual elements in movies.

Left Behind: The Movie:
A Canadian-American religious science fiction film of 2000, Left Behind: The Movie revolves around a television journalist reporting from Israel about a new technology. This pioneering technology will allow people to grow food in inhospitable environments. The action in the movie begins when both Arab and Russia surprised Israel with an air raid and threat the nation with their military power. The action and fights continue and Israel is not able to counterattack. The entire attacking force is demolished in the fights.

The movie has captured various storylines and characters and how they are connected to the crime scene. Later on, the backdrop of the movie shifts to spirituality and prayers for forgiveness and redemption begins. Pastors and churches become the new elements of the story and how a believer was forgiven by the God. It also shows that the true believers are taken to heaven whereas the rest of them have to ensure the sufferings of war for seven years.

Out of 180 books authored by Jenkins, almost 16 novels have impressively made into the New York Times bestseller list. As an American novelist and biographer, Jenkins has penned books including romance novels, children’s adventures, non-fiction stories along with mystery novels as well. Most of his well-known works feature evangelical Christians as the main protagonists of the stories.

Jerry B. Jenkins is also included in the top ten writers on amazon whose highest numbers of novels are sold. These books also include the novels from Margo Mysteries series. There is a huge loyal fan following of Jenkins that is always eager to get their hands on the latest books published by the author.

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