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Margo Price is a remarkable artist and memoir author with nothing to prove and something to say. In just three exceptional solo albums she has cemented her reputation as a generational talent being both a remarkable songwriter and singer.
She has over the years become a critical darling as she has said she never shIes away from the pain which shapes her, the sounds that move her, and topics that tick her off such as the plight of the American farmer, the gender wage gap and the double standards in the music industry.

She made her musical debut with the publishing of “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” in 2016. She would then tunnel her own way into the industry, which she believes has to be from her faith and ambition in herself as an artist. In fact, she has been described as a fierce artist with a unique swagger that just cannot be manufactured.

But it would be with the publishing of “Strays” her full-length fourth LP that she would really make it big. It is a clear-eyed statement delivered in blistering and jazzy tunes as she takes on themes such as orgasms, substance abuse, abortion rights, and self-image.

In 2022, she published her memoir “Maybe We’ll Make It,” which chronicled her journey to becoming a huge star in the music industry.

Just like many of her contemporaries, Margo Price always dreamed of one day becoming an author, even if she ultimately ended up a musical artist. Her desire for writing had been inspired in part by “Just Kids” by Patti Smith.
When she first read the work, she could not help but think of how beautiful it was that the author recounted her experiences of youth right up to the point where she got married to Robert Mapplethorpe her partner.

Things got really interesting when Margo fell pregnant and felt that she had lost much of her sense of purpose. Since she was so used to touring, she severely lacked something to keep her creatively fed.

During this time, she used to drop off her son Judah at school and head to the Post and East Nashville coffee shop. It was there that she started writing from the early morning up to midday eating several meals and drinking tea.
In the meantime, her husband would be sitting across from her writing poems and songs. When he saw how much pleasure she derived from writing he told her that she needed to write a book and soon it became an obsession.
Writing the memoir was an obsession and despite it being very time-consuming she actually liked doing it.

While she loved writing about her experiences, it would take mushrooms to complete it. In 2022, while she was tripping on mushrooms she made the decision to quit drinking.

This happened to be the very first attempt but going on that psychedelic journey would result in a major epiphany. She believed she was touched by something and thought about messing up everything that happened to her until that point.
In fact, she does not know what held her back from quitting in those very early days. With her newfound perspective, Price was soon done with “Maybe We’ll Make It,” her exceptional Memoir.

The work focuses on her early struggles trying to make it in Nashville at a time when together with Jeremy Ivery her husband she was grappling with trauma, alcohol, and drugs.

She released the work and followed it up with the release of Strays the album which was full of heartfelt folk, scorching riffs and has appearances by Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers. The album would become one of her most cohesive and strongest records yet.

One of the most common questions Margo Price often gets is whether Jeremy Ivey her husband was cool with all the things she wrote about her in the memoir. She has said that her husband actually encouraged her to talk about her problems.
Since he had been around when they were doing all manner of things including writing songs, he told her that she needed to tell the full story and not just surface-level summaries so that people would get it.

Jeremy always felt that people would be more attuned to their story if they understood how scary and ugly it was before they achieved the success that they have in the difficult music industry.

The memoir was also cathartic for Margo Price, particularly during the pandemic when there was hardly anywhere one could escape to. Looking back and seeing how the tough times shaped her provided much of the drive and motivation to complete writing the memoir.
She examined and processed where she went wrong and when she finally published it, she acknowledges that she felt a sense of freedom putting it all out there.

“Maybe We’ll Make It” by Margo Price opens with the author as a nineteen-year-old that moved to Nashville to try to become a musician after dropping out of college. She played open mics, busked on the street, and even got rid of her TV just so she would have all the time to write songs.

It was in Nashville that she met fellow musician Jeremy Ivey who would become her husband and closest collaborator. However, they would spend more than a decade working on their craft but at the end of it, all they had to show for it was plenty of heartaches, no band, and no label.

It is a memoir of motherhood, loss, and search for artistic freedom even as they experience a lot of agonies common to aspiring musicians. They had to confront sexual harassment, bad gigs, rejection, long tours, barely enough money to live on, and too much drinking.

Nonetheless, she would never break and made use of her lowest moments to make classic country music that would eventually make most of the songs on her debut album. Pitchfork hailed her for her authentic voice ad how she dealt with mountain-sized issues with don’t give a damn humility.

Price shares the stories which became some of her most popular songs and small acts of camaraderie and love that enabled her to survive in an industry often known to be unkind to women. She tells a story of collaboration, music, and the struggle to make it in the music industry while maintaining her singular style and voice.

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