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The Murder Wall (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Settled Blood (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Deceit (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monument to Murder / Fatal Games (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killing for Keeps (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gallows Drop (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Without a Trace (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Last Request (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Longest Goodbye (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Silent Room (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death Messenger (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mari Hannah, who was born in Westminster upon London, is a British woman of letters. However, Hannah spent her formative years in North East wherein the place, ranging from its city to countryside to coastal region, and the regional writers inspired her to become a writer. Hannah is a notable figure within the North East writing circles. She is currently domiciled in Northumberland. For her undergraduate studies, Hannah went to the Middlesbrough-based Teesside University wherein the Home Office sponsored her.

Mari Hannah, who is a lesbian and an expert on lesbian matters, has a series of books and standalone novels to her credit; she has also coauthored literary work with writers such as Italian scribbler Kristi Belcamino, English penman Stephen Booth, and Scottish author Aline Templeton among others. Apparently, Hannah’s writing career was preordained by fate. Hannah, who served as a probation officer, was injured in the line of duty following an assault incident. Consequently, a reconstructive surgery on her wrist prevented her from using pens, prompting her to purchase and start using a personal computer instead. This enabled her to craft schemas for her literary work much more easily.

Incidentally, Mari Hannah harbored writing ambitions for a long time. In the run-up to debuting, Hannah had been writing for a long, though she wrote for herself. The surgery she underwent was a blessing in disguise; it gave her the courage to showcase her writing to other people. Writing aside, Mari Hannah has had or still juggles various occupations. For example, she has been a TV show and feature film screenwriter, is a playwright, and has helped develop Northumbria Police’s CID training process.

Section on Books
Mari Hannah attempted writing various genres while looking for her niche. Ultimately, she settled for narrative prose. Hannah debuted in mid-2010. There are nine editions of Mari Hannah’s debut novel. The first edition was originally published in June 2010, titled The Murder Wall. This is the first book in the DCI Kate Daniels series, and the book series is shelved under the mystery, crime, literary fiction (particularly European literature), suspense, contemporary, and GLBT genres.

Kate Daniels is the featured central character in The Murder Wall book authored by Mari Hannah. Meet protagonist Kate Daniels. Daniels, who is a North East England-based detective chief inspector, is determined, career-driven, brilliant, strong-willed, intrepid, and a lesbian. As a lesbian detective, Kate Daniels is at the receiving end of sexism at her workplace. She might be presently single but is still bewitched by her former partner.

In Mari Hannah’s debut novel, titled The Murder Wall, the inflection point is a double murder scenario almost a year previously. The then victims, a girl alongside a man of God, had grisly deaths. The only shred of evidence was a prayer card. Unfortunately for Kate Daniels, she was unable to crack the murder case, something that makes her chagrined. Now a quick succession of murders replicating the old case has shaken Newcastle to the core. Daniels is on her mettle and resolves to unravel the murder mysteries in a bid to tone down her remorse.

Mari Hannah Awards
Mari Hannah has won and been nominated for different notable literary awards. For instance, around mid-2010, Mari Hannah clinched the Northern Writers’ Award. She was awarded courtesy of her 2012 novel titled Settled Blood, which, chronologically, is the second in the DCI Kate Daniels series. In late 2013, Hannah bagged the Polari First Book Prize, thanks to her novel titled The Murder Wall.

In 2014, author Mari Hannah was shortlisted for the CWA Dagger in the Library, by virtue of her bibliography. In early 2017, Hannah was nominated for the Journal Cuture Awards courtesy of her 2016 novel titled Gallows Drop; incidentally, this is the sixth book in the DCI Kate Daniels series. She was a finalist, in the Writer of the Year category. Mari Hannah was again nominated for the CWA Dagger in the Library. She was long-listed for the Dagger courtesy of her 2015 thriller entitled The Silent Room. What’s more, Hannah’s 2015 book The Silent Room was nominated for the International Dublin Literary Award in 2017.

Mari Hannah Books into TV Movies
There is not only a media tie-in, but also a film adaptation of Mari Hannah’s acclaimed series. Before she published her debut novel, Mari Hannah used to write scripts on behalf of the BBC Drama Development Scheme. When she was commissioned to a television pilot for the BBC, she decided to expound on it. This ultimately became The Murder Wall.

There is an ongoing project aimed at adapting Mari Hannah’s series, DCI Kate Daniels, for the silver screen. Sprout Pictures purchased the film rights of Hannah’s series and it will be a TV movie.

Best Mari Hannah Books
The following are the best books authored by Mari Hannah. The first one is The Murder Wall, described previously. The second one is titled Settled Blood. Hereby, Kate Daniels is sleuthing a case whereby a child, who seemingly tumbled down from a high place, is presumed murdered.

The third one is called The Silent Room. This is a standalone novel. It features protagonist Matthew Ryan, a detective sergeant. Ryan is fingered for allegedly influencing the escape of his unscrupulous superior and high profile Special Branch official while being taken to the prison. The official inquiry fails, prompting Ryan to conduct an independent investigation in a bid to distance himself from the allegations and unravel the escape.

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Readers who liked the books authored by Mari Hannah also liked the following related series of books. The first is called DI Marjory Fleming series, authored by Aline Templeton. It features protagonist Marjory Fleming, a Scotland-based detective inspector. The second is titled DI Geraldine Steel, penned by Leigh Russell. The protagonist, Geraldine Steel is a detective inspector who is faced with a plethora of problems, both personal and professional, ranging from suspicious deaths to a serial murderer on the prowl.

The third one is called Dr. Kate Pearson series, authored by Louise Phillips. The featured protagonist is a criminal psychologist named Dr. Kate Pearson. She teams up with the police to unravel a serial murderer targeting schoolgirls, old murder and abduction cases, and a gory sexual power-related man’s death.

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