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The Killer's Art (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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with Ruben Eliassen

For those who have a great passion of reading fictitious novels you must have come across books written by Mari Jungstedt. The Swedish journalist and famous crime fiction writer was born on 31 October in the 1992 in the city of Stockholm from where she grew up. After completing her education, she worked as a reporter on the Swedish nation public television as well as radio. Mari also acted as an occasional presenter on TV4 daily show. In addition to that, she worked as a fashion model in New York City, a job that she left after a few years to concentrate on her writing career, a dream that she had harbored for many years since her childhood days. According to her, the decision to dedicate her time to writing was like opening a box of stories that no one had thought about before.

a) Marriage life

Mari lives in the city of Stockholm with her lovely husband who comes from Visby, Gotland. The two have been blessed two children.

b) Maris Writing career

After releasing her Unseen novel in the year 2003, Mari earned great recognition not just in the Sweden but also in the entire world for her great contribution. Experts from different nationalities have translated Maris books into more than fifteen recognized languages in order to give readers in various countries an opportunity of enjoying the well-plotted fictitious stories. In her books, Mari talks about violence crimes, relationship problems and the frail human condition on the island of Gotland among many other issues that you will find once you read the books in your own. If you have never read any book by Mari jungstedt, then it high time you sought for one. With Over 3 million copies of this author’s books have sold all over, the world since she began her writing career some time back, there is no doubt that you will enjoy reading her novels. Most of her books feature dramatic stories full of suspense among other styles of literature writing. All of her books are set on the beautiful scenic island of
Gotland with different but amazing storylines. In addition, Superintend Anders and a journalist known by the name Johan Berg are the beloved characters featured in all her works. Six of her novels have been used in coming up with movies in the Swedish entertainment industry and many people have loved them.

c) Television shows featuring her books
Many producers have come up with movies and television programs basing on Maris novels. Apart from Sweden, various Germany television shows feature her writings with over five millions Germans interested in the fictitious episodes.

d) Some of the best novels written by Mari Jungstedt

i. Unseen (Anders Knutas)

In the middle of a busy tourist season, a woman is murdered in the Island of Gotland. Her husband becomes the first suspect for the murder case. This comes after the couples had a fight following a slight disagreement. The death that appears to have been caused by the victims’ spouse keeps the police on their toes in search of the unknown killer. Will they find him or her at the end? Anders Knutas, an inspector in the novel, hopes the case will be straightforward. However, things seem not go as thought. The local authorities are equally optimistic about the same matter because of their role in protecting tourism in the region. Along the way, another woman dies in the same island under mysterious circumstances. This makes Anders and others in the inspection process to conclude that there is a serial killer within the place. Despite many efforts, the killer remains unknown hence continue with the mission.

ii. Unspoken (Anders Knutas)
The novel plot begins with Fanny, aged fourteen years, disappearing in Gotland during the winter season. The strange thing about the missing girls is that she had no friends within the island. For instance, most of the time she spend with the horse that she was taking care of. From that, we can tell that she seems to have been an isolated as well as an unhappy teenager who had no one to share with personal life experiences. The girl in picture belongs to an indentified Jamaican musician father and a poor Swedish mother. The disappearance coincides with the brutal murder of another character by the name Henry Dahlstrom. The killing of Henry was attributed to his winning of a lump sum of money at the racetrack. The pressure from the media makes Anders Knutas to spend sleepless nights trying to find out the killers of Henry. Finally, Fanny is found dead on a lonely heath. At the scene of crime, the inspection team led by Anders Knutas finds grained photographs indicating Fanny having been with someone whose identity they could not tell. A Journalist by the name Johan Berg from Intrepid TV comes over to cover the deaths of the two characters. While reporting the murders, he tries to resolve the relationship problems they had with Emma with whom they had investigated other murders in the past season. After a long search, evidence about the killings points at one of Fanny’s coworkers from the United States of America. The worker however was no longer around as he had left for a short vacation some time back. As the inspection team that includes Anders Knutas patiently waits for his return, the inspector takes a break. The suspense at this point leaves us wondering whether the killer was found or went scot-free.

e) Where can you find some of her books?

There are various bookshops selling Maris books at pocket friendly prices. More so, you can shop for this books online then seat back and wait for their delivery. One of leading sellers where you can buy the books is the Amazon website.

In summary, Mari jungstedt is among the best writers who have ever lived. Her stories are full of suspense and fictitious characters that you will definitely find interesting once you read more and more of her works. Some of the books written by this author include unseen, unspoken, dark angel and the inner circle: A mystery among others. The 52 years old mother of four is still writing more stories that you will find interesting definitely. The next time you go buying books for your shelves consider her novels.

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    I have read up to “The Fourth Victim” by Mari Jungstedt in English – are the subsequent books available in English and if so where would I buy them?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Unfortunately the above list is currently the only novels by Mari translated to English.


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