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Maria Adolfsson is a bestselling mystery author that is best known for the “Doggerland” series of novels. The author was born in Sweden in 1963 and spend much of her childhood in the Swedish archipelago.
She made her debut in 2021 with the publishing of “The Fatal Isles,” which would be the first of the “Doggerland Trilogy.” The first work told the story of Karen Eiken Hornby a detective who lives and works in Doggerland, a fictional island nation.

She would then follow it up with two more works in the series. While initially published in Swedish, the works became so popular that they would eventually be translated into 18 more languages. The works have also sold more than 200 million copies in Sweden and millions more in greater Europe and North America.

Even though Maria started out as a communications director, the success of her novels made it possible for her to leave her full-time job and become a communications director. For her works, she won the Petrona Award which is one of the highest literary fiction awards in Sweden.

She currently makes her home in Stockholm where she pens her blockbuster novels.

“Fatal Isles” by Maria Adolfsson is a work about a secret hidden past, a brutal murder set on a remote island. In the middle of the North Sea between Denmark and the United Kingdom is the rugged and beautiful island nation of Doggerland.
Karen Eiken Hornby is a detective inspector that has just come back to Heimo the main island following years of living in London. She has given her all to advance up the career ladder and is now one of the very few female detectives that call Doggerland home.

As such, when she wakes up next to Jounas Smeed her boss in a strange hotel room, she knows that she has committed a terrible mistake. However, things will get worse when the man’s wife is discovered brutally killed. For Smeed, the only person that can provide a good alibi can only be Karen.

The news of the homicide sends shockwaves through the community on the island. What makes it even worse is that there is hardly any motive for the killing and no leads. Karen finds herself in a race against time trying to find the homicidal maniac.

It is not long before she begins to suspect that the island’s history may provide some clues and lead her to the man responsible. But the deeper she dives into its history, the more clear it becomes that even tiny islands can hide some dark secrets.

It is a cracking Anglo-Nordic noir procedural set in a richly detailed community that comes with an intriguing and suspenseful story.

Maria Adolfsson’s novel “Cruel Tides” is a brilliant addition to the “Doggerland” series of novels. In this work, Karen Eiken Hornby is dealing with an impossible choice, a missing woman, and a secluded island.
The detective inspector is not the only person back home in Doggerland after years of living abroad. After living for a decade away from home, Luna has decided to come back home. She intends to secretly record what she believes will be her comeback album in much more familiar surroundings.

At the wrap party, her team is in high spirits even though Detective Inspector Karen is not that impressed with the simpering musician. Things turn interesting when no one can locate Luna the following morning.
Karen wanted things to be kept under wraps but in the tight-knit community, such a thing was always going to be hard to achieve. Moreover, the disappearance or arrival of a world-famous singer was certain to draw attention.
As such while her colleagues are involved in the frantic search for a suspect in the homicide, she goes about looking for the famous singer.

Meanwhile, the culprit has been increasing his brutal attacks on defenseless women. With the clock ticking, the probability of finding the missing woman alive continues to diminish even as Karen has to face some impossible choices.

“Wild Shores” by Maria Adolfsson is a brilliant follow-up to “Fatal Isles” the Sunday Times Book of the Month. It is all about a suspicious death, a disused quarry, and the bubbling to the surface of a dark past.
Even though Karen Eiken Hornby had come back to her homeland a few years back, she had for the most not visited the northern part of the islands where her father and his wayward family make their home.

However, things turn hairy when the body of an unknown man is found dumped in a flooded quarry. Since her best colleagues are ill, she is the only one that can head north to investigate.

But with limited resources to count on, she is unable to shake the feeling that her relatives many of whom are known for their disdain for the law could be involved.

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