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Publication Order of Maria Kallio Books

My First Murder (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Enemy (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Copper Heart (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snow Woman (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Spiral (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fatal Headwind (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before I Go (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Below the Surface (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nightingale Murder (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Derailed (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where Have All the Young Girls Gone (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Maria Kallio book series is a popular series is crime fiction, mystery, thriller, and detective fiction stories. It is penned by a well-known crime novelist from Finland named Leena Lehtolainen. The series is comprised of a total of 14 books released between 1993 and 2017. Originally written in the Finnish language, the books of this series have been translated by Owen F. Witesman for the English readers. Leena Letolainen has created the chief protagonist in this series in the role of Maria Kristiina Kallio. Maria lives in Espoo city and works as a police officer. She tries to fight the crime in the city and stop the criminals from causing havoc. Maria Kallio strives to make the city a peaceful place to live for its honest citizens. Each and every novel of this series follows the career of Maria Kallio at the Espoo police department as well as her private life. The supporting characters mentioned by author Leena in the entire series include Tommi Peltonen, Antti Sarkela, Meritta, Maria Marcel, Marry, Noora Nieminen, Pertti Strom, Ilveskivi, Annukka Hackman, Sasha Smeds, Raato-Kervinen, Lulu Nightingale, Lasse Nordstrom, Jutta Sarkikoski, Saila Lind, Lida, Jaako Pulma, Johanna Al-Sharif, Kristo Pohjola, and several others.

Leena Lehtolainen is a well known Finnish author of crime novels and mystery stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Mario Kallio and Henkivartija series. Most of her books are written in her national language and are later translated for the English audience. Leena was born on March 11, 1964, in Vesanto, Finland. She released her first book at the age of 12. Until 1995, Leena lived in Helsinki and studied literature. She began writing on a full-time basis from 1993 onwards. Starting from 2007, Leena Lehtolainen began attempting to write in other genres. Some of the languages in which her books have been translated into include Dutch, Lithuanian, Estonian, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, English, Polish. Swedish, Czech, etc. Leena loves writing very much and hopes to continue writing a lot of other crime novels in the years to come.

A very well known book of the Maria Kallio series written by author Leena Lehtolainen is entitled ‘Rivo Fairytale’. It was released by the Tammi publication in 2005. The book revolves around the life of a celebrity prostitute named Lulu Nightingale and shows Maria Kallio in the role of a police detective. In the opening sequence of the novel, it is depicted that a severely wounded girl is brought to the Jorvi hospital for treatment. When Maria Kallio learns about this case, she suspects that it is linked with the paid sex world. Her suspicion becomes stronger when a popular prostitute is killed the next day in a direct TV broadcast. The victim, Lulu Nightingale, was well known for offering paid sex services to clients at her Rivo Fairytale studio. The studio also had a social cam through which broadcast was provided to customers throughout the country. After investigating Lulu Nightingale’s private life, Maria discovers that she was meeting secretly with an influential TV presenter named Ilari Lansimies and the CPP Commissioner Lasse Nordstrom. However, the investigation is hampered by the interference of an undercover operation by the central crime police.

Maria Kallio doesn’t appreciate this interference and continues to investigate on the side. She seems very much disturbed by her finding and desperately wants to unravel the mystery behind Lulu Nightingale’s murder. She wants her husband Antii to be by her side for moral support, who has gone to Vaasa on a work assignment. When Maria visits Lulu Nightingale’s studio for further investigation, she finds different cupboards filled with stocks of things that Lulu used for the sex services. There were rubber boots, wigs, masks, ropes, handcuffs, whips, clamps, etc. Everything seemed to be in order, yet something felt quite strange about the room. It seemed as if the services offered in the studio were quite brutal in nature and the girls were tortured to a greater extent in the name of sex service. The book offers a good read and describes the tension about politically sensitive and topical issues. It was liked very much by the readers for its original story and unique style of writing.

Another exciting novel of this series is known as ‘The Wrong Track’. It was also published by the Tammi publishers in 2008. The important characters of this novel include Maria Kallio, Lida, Jutta Sarkikoski, Leena, Mary, etc. Initially, it is mentioned that Maria Kallio has recurring dreams at nights in which she sees a lot of things she has experienced in her life in the past. A deer’s barrel pushes towards her chest and as soon as soon as it recedes, Maria witnesses an explosive mailbox being thrown upwards by her daughter Lida. After leaving the police force, Maria Kallio looks forward to a career in a law firm with the intention of helping the underprivileged people. However, Maria’s plans get shattered when a student partner of the firm, Leena, gets seriously injured in an accident. This forces Maria Kallio to take up a job at the Ministry of Interior Affairs and work on a research project on domestic violence.

The job requires Maria to work behind a desktop, which she doesn’t appreciate at all. With the help of Leena, Maria Kallio gets in touch with a journalist named Jutta Sarkikoski. Jutta reveals information about two disc throwers using dope to enhance their performance. Later, Jutta gets injured in a car accident while interviewing a star racer named Toni Wrong in the middle of an 800-meter race. Wrong also gets badly injured and ends up missing the next season. Maria Kallio tries to find more about the doping ring, but before she could find anything more, someone kills Jutta Sarkikoski at the hospital. Jutta’s murder confirms that there are people who don’t want the truth to come out. Several years pass to this incident and Maria is still not able to get over it. She still gets haunting nightmares, making her remember her failure in solving the last case of homicide. When Maria decides to begin a fresh investigation, she finds herself racing with a murderer. But, Maria does not back down and is fully determined to unravel the scandal in the world of sports. And this time, she is vigilant enough to not get led in the wrong direction. Only after cracking the mysterious case once and for all Maria Kallio is able to get rid of the nightmares and sleep peacefully at night.

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