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Publication Order of Horrorscopes Books

Maria Palmer is a house pseudonym that is used by various others such as Theresa Breslin, Lisa Turtle, Dave Morris, Antony Masters and Terrance Dicks. Maria Palmer is widely known for the Horoscope book series, which was penned down by 12 different authors. All the books in the Horoscope book series were published in the year 2005.


Sagittarius also was known as Blood Storm is the first installment in the 12 book series, Horoscopes. As the first book in the series, Sagittarius was penned down Theresa Breslin, using the pen name Maria Palmer. In this book, Maria Palmer introduces the readers to Andi. The book begins as Andi is trapped in a blazing shopping mall. As the shopping mall is burning to ashes, Andi is faced with another predicament. Someone who is more than determined to kill him is stalking him. The killer has a crossbow arrow in his possession, and he is going to use it on Andy. From the look of things, Andy’s name is going to be added to the list of missing teenagers. With that said, Sagittarius is a brilliantly written mystery novel. It is an exceedingly disturbing tale of mistrust and trust, fear, and fire.

Apart from Sagittarius, Theresa Breslin has penned more than 30 books. A majority of her books have been dramatized for radio and filmed for television. Breslin’s price winning books have been translated into numerous languages. Before Treslin became an author, she served as a librarian. A majority of her works have been nominated for various awards. Breslin’s narratives range from modern to historical tales, from fantasy to school stories and a science fiction with a sprinkle of humor where it is appropriate. In the year 2000, Theresa Breslin was awarded a Scottish Library Association lifelong Honorary Membership for her services to librarianship and children’s literature.


Aries is the fifth book in Maria Palma’s Horoscope’s book series. As the second book in the teenage horror series, Aries introduces the readers to Jack Carter. Jack who is a professional architect, resides with his family and second wife. Carter’s wife and son live just close by. For several years, the family has been living in peace. However, after sometime exceedingly strange things begin to happen. The family begins to ask themselves whether these strange things have something to do with them. With that said, Aries is a brilliantly written book by Terrence Dicks under the pen name of Maria Palmer. Terrence Dicks is a former television scriptwriter, English Author, producer and script editor. Dicks had a long association with the program, Doctor Who, where he served as a writer and a script editor between the years 1968 to the year 1974. Between the year 1970 and the year 1980, Terrence Dicks penned down numerous children’s books.


Taurus is the sixth book in the Horoscopes book series by Maria Palmer. Dave Morris was the author of this book. In Taurus, the author, Dave Morris introduces the readers to Tim Harper. From time to time, Tim Harper discovers that he can be able to read the thoughts of other people. One fine evening, Tim Harper decides to put his skills to good use. He decides to look into the thoughts of a killer only to realize that his girlfriend was the intended victim. With that said, Dave Morris has managed to deliver a highly entertaining addition to the Horoscope book series. Dave Morris is a renowned author, who is famously known for the Fabled Land book series. He is also known for the Blood Sword as well as Golden Dragon book series. Before he became an author, Morris worked as a game designer for Microsoft and Eidos.


Cancer is the eighth book in the Horoscopes book series. Cancer was also published under the name black death. In this book, we meet with a family that is traveling to Maris Caulfield. Maris is a village that was completely wiped out during the plague during the 14th Century. However, once the family arrived at Maris, the trip turned into a nightmare for one Janie Hyde, who was forced to put her life in danger. Renowned author, J H Brenan under the pen name of Maria Palmer, penned Cancer down. An author of more than 100 fiction books for teens, adults, and children, J H Brennan also serves as a lecturer. Brennan’s works have been translated into more than 50 languages. Apart from penning down teens, adults and children books, Brennan has also penned down books on the New Age and The Occult as well. One of his most recent works, Faerie Wars, has recently achieved the status of New York Times bestseller and is now part of a five book series.


As the seventh book in the Horoscopes book series, Gemini introduces the readers to Nina. Ever since they were young, Nina has always carried hate in her heart towards her twin sister, Gemma. Nina hates her sister Gemma for being born first. To make matters worse, Nina discovers that they boy she look up to, Daniel has begun going out with her twin sister, Gemma. Also known as Slice Apart, Gemini was penned down by Ian Strachan, famously known for the novel Iliad. Iliad is one of the greatest epics and is described as one of the greatest war accounts of all time.


In Leo, the readers are introduced to the main character, Alice. Apart from being a book warm, Alice is a normal teenager. However, despite growing up, Alice still has her imaginary friend, Rebecca from her childhood days with her. After sometime Alice discovers that her mother had a daughter, whose name was Rebecca. Alice begins to wonder why her mother never talks about her sister, and why she constantly throws roses from a bridge. Alice is more than determined to find out her mother never talks about her sister. With that said, Leo is a well-written suspense thriller, which will grab the reader’s attention from the first page. The author, Paul Cornell has done an excellent job of fully developing his characters, especially Alice and her imaginary friend, Rebecca. Paul Cornell is a British writer, who is widely known for his contribution to the Doctor Who, a critically acclaimed television drama series.

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