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The City of Zirdai (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Study of Magic (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Maria V. Snyder is one of the most popular 21st century female fantasy writers and has a couple of books to her name. She is most renowned for the number of awards she has gathered within a very short time. Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States, she went to the state’s university and studied meteorology. She also achieved M.F.A writing popular fiction during her time in Seton Hill University. Maria is a mother of two children (boy and a girl) and lives in her birthplace. She first published her own writing back in 2005 with a debut book series called the Study Series. Since then, she has authored various popular fiction books and her publications have attracted awards year after another.

Books and characters

Maria’s first book was published in 2005 titled Study Serieswhich was soon followed by two other books (Magic Study and Fire Study). From the first book (Study Series), she made another trilogy focused on a character called Opal Cowan. The books are Storm Glass, Spy Glass and Sea Glass all found in the Glass Series. The first book introduces readers to a character called Yelena. She is a young woman who is faced with one opportunity to choose death or slow poison. After committing the murder of a man who tortured her, the 20 year old Yelena is taken to the chief commander Ambrose to decide her fate. The commander’s chief of staff (Valek) holds her awaiting execution which eventually does not take place. She is given the choice of death or become the commander’s food tester and chooses the later option. The rest of this introductory book is all about Yelena’s life and experiences in keeping up with the choice she made. It is surrounded by various dramas, mysteries and eventually the killing a dangerous magician Moghan Kangom. The commander’s chief of staff Valek also admits to loving Yelena evoking various emotions and feelings described vividly in the story.

The second book in Study series by Marie V Snyder is all about “confronting the past, controlling the future.” Yelena is taken by a master magician and finally reunites with her family (mother, father and brother) in the Southern lands of Sitia. Her untrusting brother is determined to prove that she is an Ixian spy to make her guilty although this he never succeeds in. Meanwhile, Yelena is taken to a private place where she is taught to learn to control and use her unique magical powers. When an Ixian delegation arrives in Sitia, she is reunited with Valek her lover and they begin making plans on how Yelena can obtain private information from certain members. In the last book of Study series which is the third, events therein are about silencing Sitians who have some form of knowledge about blood magic. Yelena is identified as a true soul finder, a rare magic that will eventually help her entrap Warpers and Roze Featherstone. However, there are various events separating these two parts as she deals with the threat of loosing her lover Valek in fierce flames set by the Warpers. Eventually, Yelena uses the special powers from Opal Cowan to trap their enemies in a glass casing that Valek hides.

Book characters and stories

Maria V Snyder is an adorable writer who incorporated various writing techniques to enrich the stories and make them easier to identify with. The debut book Study series was published in 2005 and a number of characters featured in this book also appear in follow up series. Opal Cowan is a notable protagonist character who has a lot of knowledge in unique magical powers. She appears in both Study series and Glass series which is another intriguing trilogy. Opal is a wise magician who also helps to solve various crises healing those infected and bewitched. She also faces various threats from kidnappers and her role is broader in the Glass series which is entirely based on her character. Maria Snyder is quite elaborate in her descriptions and the sensational stories contain vivid themes that engage the reader. As a fantasy fiction specialist, she comes up with different plots that develop her characters helping readers to witness the shift in reasoning as they grow.

Awards and recognitions

A large part of Maria V Snyder’s popularity stems from the many awards that she has won since her first book back in 2005. She has also been nominated for many awards and enjoys exceptional reputation in America and the globe in overall. Her very first book won the Compton Crook Awards for best first novel in 2006. This came after making the Book Sense pick and Locust Magazine Recommending Reading List for Poison Study in 2005. In 2006, Poison Study won Reader’s Choice Award and made it to the finals of ALEX Award. also named Magic Study Editor’s Pick Award in 2006 with the book making Book Sense pick the same year. 2007 saw Magic Study reach RITA Award finals before Maria became New York bestseller in 2008 with her book Fire Study. Snyder is recognized in multiple platforms and rarely do her books go unnoticed without awards, nominations or recognition.

TV series and films

While Maria V Snyder has authored some interesting fantasy books including short stories, series and stand alone novels, none of her works have been made into a TV film series or short video. However, this can be expected to change soon as more media houses continue to sample creative novels that can be transcribed into interesting movies. There are various fan-made video trailers demonstrating part of the episodes in various books and while these are very short clips, it is quite promising. One great thing is that fantasy novels are easier to make movies from and Maria is among the top authors in that category.


Maria V Snyder is a flourishing American author with several awards and many books to her credit. Her creative ability is remarkable and most of her creations have positive remarks among readers and critics. She has been publishing books since 2005 and has recognitions each year gathering accolades in her blossoming career. Her major is fantasy and she writes series as well as novels and short stories. She is also a New York bestseller which is a feat that is quite difficult to achieve.

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