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The Golden Key (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Swimmers (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Nature of Magic (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Apex Book of World SF 4(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tales from the Shadow Booth, Vol. 4(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
African Myths & Tales: Epic Tales(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Marian Womack is a successful bilingual writer of fantasy and science fiction stories hailing from Spain. She has written many standalone novels in Spanish and has recently shifted her focus towards writing English-language stories. Womack is particularly famous for writing the book called Lost Objects, published in 2018. Her Latest novel, THe Golden Key, is also lined by publication. Womack is the co-founder of the Calque Press and has graduated from the Clarion Workshop for Writers. Womack’s fiction has been selected as an installation about ecology and activism in Somerset House. It has been nominated for the British Fantasy and BSFA Awards and has been translated into foreign languages such as Italian. Besides writing novels, author Womack teaches creative writing at the University of Oxford. She is also associated with Cambridge University Libraries in the role of teaching & engagement.

Womack has carried out doctoral research based on climate change through fiction and the intersection of independent publishing, activism, and eco-storytelling. Womack’s forthcoming 2020 novel is a story about a supernatural detective. It is set in 1901 in Norfolk. Womack has described parallel worlds and fairies getting mixed with environmental catastrophe. Another upcoming book penned by Womack is called The Swimmers. It is a novella that takes place in the near-future in Andalusia. In her spare time, Womack loves to make collages and enthusiastic & novice pamphlets. Alexander Cochran is her literary agent and represents her at the C&W Agency. Author Womack took birth in Andalusia and studied in the United Kingdom. She attended the Clarion Workshop on a Susan Petrie scholarship and studied Film Studies and English Literature at the University of Glasgow. Womack earned her graduate degrees from Cambridge and Oxford universities. She is associated with the libraries of Cambridge University and has a professional background in academic libraries. Womack has previously worked for the Bodleian Library, the Glasgow University Library, and a few other affiliates.

Along with these activities, Womack was involved in working in multiple areas of the book trade for around 10 years in Spain. She was involved as a desk editor, translator, occasional bookseller, and fiction publisher. Currently, Womack is employed at the Oxford University, where she takes Creative Writing classes on science fiction near-future fiction, and fantasy. In the Spanish language, Womack has written and published a story-cycle called Memoria de la nieve in 2011. After this, she collaborated with Sofia Rhei to write the young adult novel called Calle Andersen in 2014. Author Womack’s writing has appeared in over 20 magazines and anthologies, including Acronis, Presencia Humana, SuperSonic, etc. She has even translated the works of authors like Mary Shelley, Karin Tidbeck, Daphne du Maurier, Charles Dickens, Lord Dunsany, and Lisa Tuttle into Spanish.

Womack entered into English language publishing by developing hybrid and speculative fiction and poetry for Barcelona Tales, Spanish Women of Wonder, Silent Garden Collective, Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Apex Mag, LossLit, etc. Her English translations have appeared in World SF Apex Book. Womack’s Calque Press is a micro-publishing company that is dedicated to poetry nature writing, and translation. Currently, Womack resides in Cambridge. She is married to poet James Womack and lives with him, their son, and a couple of Spanish cats.

A successful standalone book penned by author Womack is entitled ‘Lost Objects’. It was released by the Luna Press publication in 2018. Shortlisted in 2018 for the BSFA Awards, the stories mentioned in this book explore the landscape and place in decay’s different stages. The stories have positioned place & landscape as death & renewal’s fighting grounds. Starting from dystopian Andalusia, the stories move on to Scotland and then to the countryside of Norfolk. Womack has brought together ghostly lovers, monstrous insects, species on the verge of extinction, interstellar explorers, and unexpected birds in this book to describe the coherent narrative based on loss and absence. This collection of stories is illuminating and intriguing at the same time. It is full of exciting ideas about the world and its dwellers. Several critics have found the stories as disturbing and luminous.

The gorgeously penned tales relate to the shifting boundaries between dream and waking life, future and past, and the unsettled present. Many readers were left with goosebumps and a hunger for more such stories. They liked this book, particularly for its mesmerizing imagery, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic vision, and exquisite prose. Womack’s work forced the readers to lose themselves completely in her depressing and dark world’s vision. There are nuanced explorations of bioengineering’s impact on ecosystems and unsettling description of the spontaneous popping up of black holes. In another section of the book, there is a poignant depiction of expectation and disappointment in the form of a nearly-extinct bird. The world is seen as deprived of its birds and animals. Womack has written the stories gorgeously and has given a chilling account of the uncanny and strange ways in which humans have abused the world and causes depletion of its resources.

Animals are shown as taking the form of mythological beings, familiar landscapes have been changed and warped by shifting biomes and encroaching waters. Beautiful things have turned monstrous. Womack’s description is expected to stay with the readers for a long time. A noted critic named Liz Hand has said that Womack is well aware of the fact that the earth is full of trouble. She has tried to tell through this book that the end and the events that will happen after are going to be very weird. Liz also says that Womack’s stories have strange and unique originality. Likewise, Gry Budden has said that Womack’s work in this book is a mixture of Angela Carter’s lyricism, China Mieville’s imagination, and Robert Macfarlane’s earthiness. Such reviews and several more from other popular critics helped the book to become immensely successful.

This success helped Womack establish herself as a profound writer of stories in English. She received a great boost from the success of this book and was motivated to write more books for the English audience. Author Womack is pretty much satisfied with the amount of success she has received in her career so far and hopes to achieve more in the years to come. She is dedicated to keep writing interesting books in the future and entertain her fans for as long as she can.

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