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Marianne Curley is a renowned Australian writer of fantasy, young adult, paranormal, children’s books, and time travel genres. She is particularly famous for writing the Old Magic books, Guardians of Time series and the Avena trilogy series. Her books have earned her great reputation all over the world and have helped her to establish herself as a noteworthy author of fantasy stories. Curley formerly resided in Coffs Harbor, New South Wales, Australia, currently resides in the Gold Coast Hinterland mountains. She is married and has three children. In 2004, Curley was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and successfully battled the disease after her sister donated her stem-cell and helped in her successful bone marrow transplant.

Author Curley was born on May 20, 1959, in Windsor, New South Wales. Her family used to live on a property near the Hawkesbury River. When she was five years old, her family home was washed away in flooded, forcing her parents to relocate to a farm called Plumpton located on the edge of Sydney. As there were hardly any neighbors around, Curley used to keep herself immersed in books and soon found her love for fantasy & young adult stories. After growing up, Curley took up the job of an adult education teacher and legal stenographer. She even undertook different courses in writing and experimented with different techniques and styles. Soon after, Curley found writing young adult stories the most satisfying and challenging. Author Curley started her career in the field of writing while raising her family in the idyllic environment of Coffs Harbor. She lived there with her family for around 20 years. Her current residence in Gold Coast Hinterland is surrounded by stunning views and rainforests. It provides her a perfect place to sit down and work on her novels without any disturbance.

Curley’s kids are all grown and have left home for college. They always inspire her to write exciting stories and also serve as her first readers and give their invaluable tips and suggestions. The first four books of Curley’s career, Old Magic, The Dark, The Key, and The Named, were released under the banner of Bloomsbury Publishing in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, and the UK. They have also been translated into over a dozen foreign languages. Also, all four of them have won multiple awards and have sold more than half a million copies all over the world. Simon & Schuster released Old Magic’s USA edition, which also achieved great success. Following her successful battle against cancer earlier in life, Curley has lived cancer-free for 10 years now. She has regained her confidence and begun to write with her full strength.

The Avena series is the latest series developed by her. It is also known as the Hidden series and is available in the United States in the paperback edition. Recently, Curley has finished writing the fourth novel of her widely popular Guardians of Time book series. Currently, she is working on the development of a standalone young adult/paranormal fantasy novel based on time travel. She is expected to unravel the title of the novel and its release date soon. Curley is quite content with the amount of success she has achieved in her writing career so far. She is grateful for all the support and love received from her fans across the globe and is hopeful of getting the same kind of support with all her upcoming books. Curley is also grateful to all the critics who have reviewed her books genuinely and have spoken highly of her characters, storylines, writing styles, and plot settings.

A very successful book series penned by author Marianne Curley is known as the Avena series. It is comprised of a total of 3 books released between 2013 and 2015. Some of the primary characters depicted by Curley in the books of this series include Ebony, Nathaneal, Jordan, Prince Luca, Prince Michael, Mr. Xavier, etc. Curley has set the series in a fictional world called Avena. The series opens by showing that Ebony’s home is located in a distant valley and she is confined to it by her over-protective parents. She is even home-schooled and is given a limited choice in making friends. It turns out that Ebony’s parents have been trying to hide her secret. She possesses some extraordinary abilities and as she grows up, she becomes stronger, more beautiful, and her skin begins to glow. Finally, it is revealed that she is an angel. After the revelation, the series proceeds further by depicting the various ups and downs in Ebony’s due to her extraordinary powers. An exciting novel of the series is entitled ‘Broken’. It was published by Bloomsbury Publishing in 2014. The book opens by mentioning that Ebony and Nathaneal fall in love with each other after her revelation of being an angel and his victory over Prince Luca in a tight battle.

Ebony’s growing closeness with Nathaneal makes Jordan angry as he thinks that he has lost the lady of his dreams. Shortly after, Prince Michael arrives on Earth to arrest Nathaneal, who is charged with breaking the laws of Avena by revealing his powers outside of it in his attempt to prevent Luca from harming Ebony. As a result, Nathaneal returns to Avena to face a trial and is without the support of Ebony. Jordan thinks of using this opportunity to raise doubts in the mind of Ebony about Nathaneal. And as Ebony is desperate to find out the reality of her adoptive parents, Jordan persuades her to believe that Mr. Xavier can help her discover the reality of her real and adoptive parents. As soon as Ebony sets herself on this path, she finds herself in the middle of one more epic battle inside Avena’s realm.

Another interesting volume of the series is called ‘Fearless’. It was also released by Bloomsbury publication in 2015. Initially, it is shown that Ebony lived on Earth for 16 years without knowing the reality that she was an angel. She was also unaware that Nathaneal was looking for her everywhere as he is her soulmate. As Ebony prepares herself to claim her what is rightfully hers with Nathaneal, she gets captured and put in a hell-like prison. She knows that Nathaneal is still searching for her and will come to save her. This hope keeps her determination high in dealing with the evil that imprisoned her. Ebony has come to believe that as long as she has the love of Nanthaneal, she doesn’t have to fear about anything.

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