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Publication Order of Amish Seasons Books

Marianne Ellis is a pen name used by two authors. She is technically an American author, even though she is really comprised of the writing team of Jo Ann Ferguson and Cameron Dokey. Marianne Ellis is the author of the critically acclaimed Amish Season series. Published in 2013, this series is comprised of two books: Summer Promise and Autumn Grace, both published in 2013.

Summer Promise is the debut book in this series and for Ellis as an author. The main character in Summer Promise is Miriam. She is a member of a tightly knit Amish community. All of her family members are very close. So when Jakob Lapp passes, everyone is quite understandably devastated and affected by the loss. Lapp was a member of this Amish community and an accomplished person, having built the Stonyfield Farm Stand.

Jakob is also Miriam’s father, and she was his most beloved daughter. So on the day of his funeral, Miriam has to deal with all of her feelings of grief over the passing of her father. But that’s not the only thing that she has to deal with– her sister is expected to come back for the funeral of their father too, which is bringing up a lot of conflicted feelings in Miriam. Her sister’s return is just another layer of emotions on top of what is a lot of sadness and upsetness dealing with the death of her father.

Sarah has not been a part of the Amish community for quite some time. She left that all behind to live as an English person, which is what the Amish refer to non-Amish people living in the “mainstream” world. The English or ‘Englisch’ as they are known are not considered to follow the Amish way, and once you leave the community to go live as part of that lifestyle you are not usually allowed to return.

Not only is Miriam thinking about her sister Sarah, but her arrival is making her think about the status of her marriage. She is afraid that her husband Daniel is not happy. Miriam thinks that it is because she has not been able to give him a child, but also that he might really be in love with Sarah instead. So the idea that she is coming and they will both see her when her marriage is in such trouble that it will add weight to something that is already threatening to give through.

Miriam is truly in a strange and troubling place. She has lost her father, and now she fears that she is about to lose her husband too. Worse, she fears that she has lost him a long time ago to Sarah and there is nothing that she can do. With the past rising to light, Miriam must decide if she is going to let the past win or if she is going to be able to win back the heart of Daniel, the only man in her life that she has ever truly loved.

When a disaster threatens to take down the stand that her father built, everyone in the community rallies together to help protect it. Miriam begins to see that maybe the past can be left behind, and even if you don’t know how things are going to turn out, you will be fine as long as you have hope. Check out this book to follow all of Miriam’s journey and see how her story turns out.

The second book in the Amish Seasons series is called Autumn Grace. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons there is. It’s wonderful to watch the hot haze of summer fold into the crisp coolness of autumn. The leaves change, and the squash and the vegetables begin to mature. And with the changing of the seasons, a change of heart is beginning to happen for Ruth Schrock.

Ruth is a member of the Amish community and she is also the oldest daughter. She has six other sisters and all of them were brought up to believe in the faith and serve the community. Ruth has also believed that her father never truly approved of her affinity to be independent. Ruth has always worked to try and satisfy her family as well as serve the others in the community, but being a deacon’s daughter comes with a lot of pressure. It’s been tough to be expected to always go along the straight and narrow.

Ruth has always found it tough to go along with what is expected of her. She is asked to teach at a community that is nearby, and she is overjoyed. She jumps at the chance to do this, thinking that God has bestowed upon her a chance at making a difference and having an even more meaningful life. As the summer moves into the autumn, Ruth never expects where her path will take her.

A change of heart comes with the changing of the seasons, and along with it a journey that involves love and discovery and new things. Ruth never thinks that she will meet someone new or that any love will come into her life. But she finds out just how little she knows about the future when the very handsome Levi Yoder shows up.

Shy and quiet, Levi seems like the perfect guy. Ruth is smitten when she sees him and never could have guessed in a million years that taking a teaching job would lead her anyone near someone like Levi. He is not only a gentleman but has a heart of gold, working to rescue injured animals that he ten cares for. He lives alone and devotes most of his time and energy to the animals. Surely he could not have feelings for her as well?

Ruth thinks it’s impossible that the mysterious Levi could ever fall for her. To be sure, her love of life and passion overwhelms and confuses him– but it draws him in too. She teaches at the school that is just across from his farm, so he sees her often. His desire for her grows, but so does his confusion. Are they too opposite to ever stand any chance of being together? Or can love truly overcome all obstacles? You’ll have to pick up this book to find out for yourself!

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