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Marilyn Foxworthy

Marilyn Foxworthy is a practitioner of mindfulness, philosophy, and martial arts. She loves writing fantasy and adventure, preferring to craft stories in the “Golden Age” of fiction, a twentieth century pulp fiction.

Ms. Foxworthy is not shy about writing her stories with a healthy dose of eroticism, yet they will also appeal to the horney teenager hiding inside us. She calls her stories “Tom Swift for Adults”, that are candid and unabashedly explicit and raunchy. An outstandingly good romp in the hay punctuates her stories.

Her writing process is just as fun and interesting to her as it is for her readers. The characters lead the stories; she’s frequently surprised by what they tell her their story is. She listens to them and she is writes it down. If she likes what they say, she hopes you will too.

Ms. Foxworthy is very generous in answering readers’ questions. Here’s some she shared.

When asked how many words are written a day? She will write up to 7000 a day, usually 1000 per hour. She says her writing is limited by how fast she can type because the words are there, ready to pour out. Ms. Foxworthy defines her writing as telling stories waiting to be told rather than writing a book.

Ms. Foxworthy says her inspiration to write comes from curiosity. She starts to wonder and the answers come to her as she starts writing. At times she is just as amazed by the surprises in the story as the readers are. The story flows and tells itself.

Writing is a journey and not the end product. A friend of hers is a writer but not a published writer. She’s works her writing with an organization of outlines, sticky notes and a story board. Her work is a journey as well but she enjoys her version of the journey of writing.

Ms. Foxworthy doesn’t think she has a typical reader. She doesn’t skew her stories to any gender or age group. When she started writing her stories she didn’t expect anyone to be reading them so she approached it as if she is telling a story to Mrs. Cupcupboard from the movie, A Dark and Stormy Night (2009). She is bit crazy, a fortune teller, and Ms. Foxworthy thought she would be a good listener.

On a whim, she published a story and to her great surprise, it took off. Fans wanted more. Other readers were more critical and said the books were’t realistic and people talked funny. Her response? That’s why the stories are called FANTASY.

Ms. Foxworthy expects her readers to want to relish a vicarious sexy romp, giving them stories that are the fun “young adult” style but written with more adult situations. Some of the more philosophical situations in her stories will be appreciated more by adults with the experience and maturity to understand the depth of feelings written in them.

Lots of authors get the question: “What’s the most satisfying thing about being a writer?” “The money is nice.” Ms. Foxworthy doesn’t think it’s the most important, though. She says she’s not a writer but she just writes. Having an outlet for sharing her stories is what drives her. She’s a storyteller. Public speaking fits the same situation- an opportunity to tell stories. The writing is for herself to be told a story and being able to share it with others is the bonus.

Guardian Maidens launched her book series. The Wooden Sword is the first book in the series published by Ms. Foxworthy.

An Adventurer Monk, trained by Grandfather and Father, leave the clan village with the clothes on his back, a wooden sword carved by him, having used a piece of flint to sharpen it. And he didn’t have a name. His name would come later.

His profession is to protect the innocent from oppressors, rescuing damsels in distress, and kill monsters. His profession is being a hero. He’s off to rescue his first damsel.

His first damsel may not survive. The man about to murder her will not survive. This man is going to rescue her and try to heal and revive her. Then he will return her to her family. This maiden will not become his partner.

According to clan tradition, he is not named yet. As a Monk, as he pursues his Adventures, the damsels he rescues may become part of his retinue. They become partners as they go on their Adventures. His father had two. His grandfather had three.

In time, he would be called Ronan. If he survived he would be destined to fight rats, orcs, kobolds, and ruffians. A hazardous assortment of foes, for sure. There would also be pleasures for him to partake.

The gratifications of mating is something to look forward to. He wants a willing mate; he will never force himself on a woman. If she finds him appealing and offers herself as a lover, he will gladly accept. She may become a life-mate. First, he has this job to do; to kill the man before he kills the maiden in danger.

Ms. Foxworthy ’s stories come with a warning. The Adventures of Ronin and her other characters are loaded with killing, bandits, monsters, magic, mating, and emotional agitation. There’s a lot of casual nudity and lots of sex. It’s fairly graphic. Her characters don’t shy away from these romps and she doesn’t either. These Adventures are for mature adults.

One last question- Ms. Foxworthy was asked for a two-sentence horror story. “The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.” There’s an enticing story!

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