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Publication Order of Auntie Poldi Books

Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Auntie Poldi and the Vineyards of Etna / Fruits of the Lord (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Auntie Poldi and the Handsome Antonio (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Auntie Poldi and the Lost Madonna (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Apocalypsis Books

Apocalypsis I (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Apocalypsis - Season 2 (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Apocalypsis - Season 3 (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

1,000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mario Giordano is a German author that writes novels and screenplays. Mario primarily writes mystery and crime fiction.

Mario Giordano was born in 1963 in Munich. His parents were immigrants from Italy. Before making his mark in the writing arena, Mario attended the University of Dusseldorf where he studied psychology.

Mario’s parents divorced when he was quite young. The occurrence had a drastic impact on Mario’s life because he lived with his mother who had three children and little money to keep them occupied.

Mario was pretty young when his interest in reading manifested. But the financial issues in their home meant that the author only ever had a few books lying around the house. His mother simply didn’t have the money to properly satiate his thirst for fiction.

Fortunately for the author, he discovered that a public library existed just around the corner from his home and they would let him borrow as many books as he wanted. It was the sort of miracle that a young man like Mario Giordano needed to put his future as a writer into perspective.

As a burgeoning writer, Mario had no doubts in his mind that he would find a home in the mystery and crime fiction genres. Germany is famous for its crime fiction and Mario knew that it was practically impossible to make it as a writer unless you indulged in the genre.

Even as a screenwriter, Mario understood that crime fiction sold, so there was little doubt in his mind that his Aunt Poldi novels would feature elements of crime fiction and mystery. Mario did not expect the novels to grow so popular. He definitely never thought that the series and its protagonist would eventually become the defining attribute of his career.

The series follows the exploits of a charismatic Bavarian woman who moves to Sicily with the intention of drinking until she drops dead. Her determination to bring her existence to a dishonorable end is tested when a handyman is murdered and she makes it her mission to identify his killer.

Mario Giordano has admitted to basing the Aunt Poldi books on a real person. Mario’s real-life Aunt Poldi was just as charismatic and eccentric as the author’s fictional Aunt Poldi.

The real Poldi was sixty-years-old when she moved to Sicily to drink herself silly. Unlike the Aunt Poldi of the books, the real Poldi succeeded in her endeavors, though it took her a few years to get the job done.
Even though Mario wasn’t particularly close to her, Poldi’s glamorous life and personality were such that the author was always aware of her presence. Poldi was always drinking, smoking, and laughing.

She took a hold of life with both hands and squeezed everything she could out of it before finally passing away. To write about her, Mario had to perform extensive research, a process that gave the author a new appreciation for his aunt.

Always at the center of every gathering and typically the strongest voice in any given crowd, Mario knew that Poldi would make the perfect protagonist for his books from the moment he decided to use her, and his hunches that she would strike a chord in both local and foreign readers was proven true.

While Mario Giordano is frequently praised for his portrayal of Aunt Poldie, he has also attracted commendations for the effort he injects into bringing Sicily to life, making the location as vibrant a character as his protagonist.

Poldi isn’t the only real-life person that Mario has used in his books. Plenty of other relatives have made appearances in his stories, though Mario works hard to hide some of their defining traits, that way it isn’t so easy for people to identify the real individuals that inspired his characters.

Mario Giordano typically writes by the seat of his pants, though that isn’t always intentional. Because mystery calls for it, Mario always endeavors to create a structure for his novels before sitting down to write them.

But once he actually starts to write, it doesn’t take him long before he dumps that structure and instead starts going with the flow, letting his characters lead him. For the most part, Mario only needs to know the beginning, middle and end points of his story to successfully write a novel.

Despite the success he has achieved through improvisation, Mario does not disparage the importance of preparation.

Mario wrote a novel called ‘Black Box’ in 1999 whose story was adapted into a film called ‘Das Experiment’ that Oliver Hirschbiegel directed.

+Aunt Poldi and the Sicilian Lions
Aunt Poldi is sixty-years-old. She migrates to Sicily, determined to spend the rest of her retirement and life drinking fine wine and enjoying the company of interesting visitors. Poldi thought Sicily was as quiet and tranquil an island as any to find peace.

She never thought relaxation would be so difficult to come by. Poldi starts to realize that Sicily might not be the place she expected when her handyman disappears. He turns up later on, murdered.

Poldi has a lot of questions that she doesn’t think the police will answer, so she starts her own investigation.

The first book in the Aunt Poldi series is what one might call a gentle mystery. Aunt Poldi is an eccentric Bavarian lady that loves to wear wigs and who is always perfectly poised regardless of the situation.

She spends a lot of time in the company of her nephew who visits her on numerous occasions. It is through his perspective that much of the story is narrated. Poldi and her nephew are joined on their adventures by Poldi’s sisters in law and a handsome police officer.

+Aunt Poldi and the Fruits of the Lord
Aunt Poldi is back and she’s still chasing mayhem and murder on Sicily. Poldi solved the Candela case and that raised her notoriety. More importantly, it gave her a nose for crime. So while her friends and neighbors are quick to dismiss a series of misfortunes, such as a dog being poisoned and the water supply being cut off, Poldi knows that there’s more going on than meets the eye.

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