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About Marisa Crane

Marisa Crane, a highly talented science-fiction author known for their exceptional storytelling skills and captivating narratives, has become hugely popular in recent years. With a keen ability to craft unforgettable characters and protagonists, they weave intricate and compelling tales that keep readers thoroughly entertained. Their stories delve into immersive worlds and explore thought-provoking concepts, making them a prominent figure in the genre.

One of Crane’s greatest strengths lies in their ability to create characters that feel authentic and relatable. Their protagonists come to life on the page, with their hopes, fears, and dreams resonating deeply with readers. Through their meticulous attention to detail, Crane ensures that each character possesses a distinctive voice and personality, making them memorable long after the final page has been turned.

Beyond their exceptional character development, Crane has an innate talent for crafting engaging narratives. Drawing readers in from the first sentence, their storytelling prowess immerses them in richly imagined worlds filled with excitement and wonder. Whether it’s exploring distant planets, challenging societal norms, or delving into the depths of human nature, Crane’s narratives are thought-provoking and offer a fresh perspective on the science-fiction genre.

With a gift for storytelling, Crane creates stories that stay with readers long after they’ve finished reading. Their ability to infuse their narratives with depth and emotion allows readers to form emotional connections with their characters and become fully invested in their journeys. Crane’s unique blend of imagination and skillful writing makes them an author to watch in the science-fiction realm.

Crane expertly combines compelling characters with engaging narratives, offering a fresh and unique reading experience. Their characters come alive on the page, drawing readers in and forging instant connections. With unexpected twists and thought-provoking themes, Crane keeps readers captivated from start to finish. Their talent for storytelling and their ability to create intriguing worlds make them a standout author in the science-fiction genre.

Over time all of this has ensured they have become one of the foremost novelists currently working within their field today. With both readers and critics from all around the world singing their many praises, they continue to resonate with audiences far and wide. Much of this is due to the universal nature of their work, which speaks to a wide readership while also remaining true to themselves.

In summary, Marisa Crane’s talent as a science-fiction author lies in their ability to craft unforgettable characters, weave engaging narratives, and create stories that leave a lasting impact. With their exceptional storytelling skills, Crane has carved a niche for themselves in the genre and continues to captivate readers with their imaginative worlds and thought-provoking concepts.

Early and Personal Life

Marisa Crane, the acclaimed science-fiction author, has a rich and vibrant journey that has shaped them into the talented writer they are today. From an early age, Marisa developed a deep love for reading, with books becoming a refuge and a gateway to adventure. Immersed in fantastical worlds and captivating narratives, they discovered their passion for storytelling and began to nurture their own creative voice.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of authors and literary styles, Marisa’s reading journey was instrumental in developing their own writing abilities. Every book they devoured helped refine their understanding of plot, character development, and the art of crafting a compelling narrative. As they grew older, Marisa’s appreciation for the science-fiction genre deepened, and they found themselves drawn to the possibilities and limitless imagination inherent in its realms.

As a writer, Marisa Crane has sought opportunities to further hone their skills and connect with fellow literary enthusiasts. They have attended prestigious workshops such as the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, and the Tin House Workshop, where they have been able to immerse themselves in the craft of writing, learn from experienced authors, and exchange ideas with peers. Their dedication and talent have been recognized through awards and fellowships, including the Sewanee Writing Conference fellowship and the American Short Fiction Merit Fellowship.

Currently residing in San Diego with their wife and child, Marisa continues to evolve as an author, constantly exploring new ideas, and pushing the boundaries of their storytelling. Their life experiences and relationships provide a fertile ground for inspiration, infusing their work with depth and authenticity. Through their passion and dedication, Marisa Crane has found their voice as a science-fiction writer, and their creative journey is an inspiration to aspiring authors everywhere.

Writing Career

Marisa Crane’s writing career has been marked by numerous accomplishments. They have had their stories and essays published in various prestigious literary journals, including Prairie Schooner, Passages North, The Offing, Joyland, No Tokens, TriQuarterly, The Florida Review, Lit Hub, Catapult, F(r)iction, and other notable publications.

In 2023, Crane achieved a major milestone with the publication of their first novel titled ‘I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself.’ This debut novel quickly garnered attention and received significant praise, earning recognition as a January Indie Next Pick and being selected as a New York Times Editors’ Choice.

As they continue to write, Marisa Crane’s promising career shows tremendous potential and indicates even more exciting projects to come. Their work has already attracted a wide readership, and their literary achievements highlight their talent and dedication to the craft. Crane’s writing has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on both readers and critics alike.

I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself

On January 17, 2023, Marisa Crane’s debut science-fiction novel, ‘I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself,’ was published by Catapult. As their first foray into the world of novels, this publication signifies a significant milestone in Crane’s writing career.

In a parallel United States, the Department of Balance enforces a unique brand of justice by assigning additional shadows to wrongdoers. This corrupt system creates a marginalized group known as Shadesters, who face discrimination and the loss of basic rights. Kris, a Shadester and a new mother, grapples with grief, loneliness, and self-destructive behavior.

However, as her child grows, Kris discovers the strength to navigate an unforgiving world and raises a resilient child who defies the oppressive circumstances they face.

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