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What I Like About You (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
As If On Cue (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finally Fitz (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Marisa Kanter is a published author of fiction.

She grew up close to Boston, Massachusetts, with plenty of books always surrounding her. She loved books a lot and went to New York City because of them. She attended New York University and graduated with her B.S. in the field of media, culture, and communication, along with a minor in creative writing.

Kanter has also worked for a few large publishers in the field of publicity. She also worked for MTV covering books for young adults. She has worked in sales as well for the publishing industry for distribution.

When she isn’t busy writing, she is probably out in public trying to find the best possible iced chai that New York City has to offer or else reading while she is on the train.

Her first novel to come out is What I Like About You, a novel for young adults from Simon & Schuster. This relatable and heart warming book is sure to be a hit with all readers that come across it. It’s gotten approval from people such as best selling author Rachael Lippincott, who called the story ‘as sweet’ as cupcakes and praised its ‘authentic characters’.

What I Like About You is the first published book to come out from author Marisa Kanter. It is intended for young adults, but anyone can read this sweet romance and enjoy it!

When it comes to love triangles, they can be pretty confusing. But if there are only two people that are involved in the said love triangle, can it even be a triangle? Apparently if you are online it’s possible, but things get much more complicated and quickly when it comes to the real world. What happens as well when people who are friends only on the Internet start finding out that they have crushes on each other in real life?

When it comes to Halle Levitt, there are lots of things that she can find to like about her friend. Her best friend isn’t in the real world, though, he’s located online whenever they talk. Nash is really cool though, and she really thinks that he’s great. Some of the endless things that she likes about him is that he is a really cool graphic novelist that has lots of talent. He also likes books a lot, nearly as much as Halle does herself.

The other cool thing about their relationship is that she doesn’t have to ever contend with having to see him in real life. That level of awkwardness never has to be breached and they are just fine the way that they are chatting online. Halle feels like she can talk to Nash about anything in the world. The only thing that she doesn’t feel like she can talk to him is about who she is as a person. Her real identity is something slightly different than what he thinks.

When she goes online, she pretends to be someone different than Halle. The only thing about this is that isn’t really her name. Her true online name is Kels, and it’s someone that is totally not her. She likes to be Kels because at the end of the day, it’s a lot more fun than being just Halle. Kels is also cool. She is the creator of a book blog on young adult books called One True Pastry.

The blog is pretty simple as it lines up custom cupcakes right next to the book covers and their reviews. It’s a fun site and Halle just feels better when she’s being Kels. That’s because Kels online has so much that she just doesn’t. She has tons of friends, a platform that is growing, lots of confidence to be ‘herself’, and then of course her relationship with Nash.

The last thing in the world that Halle wants is to give that up. She has no plans to do that, but things are about to change when her life changes with a move. Halle has decided that she is going to move to the small town that her grandfather lives in for her senior and final year of high school. The last thing that she would ever expect is to come up close and personal with Nash. However, that is somehow exactly what happens.

She gets to this small town and all of a sudden it appears that Nash is real. He’s a real human person and is not at all located behind a computer screen. It gets weirder for her because Halle finds that somehow no matter where she goes, he ends up being there. She goes to the bakery and Nash is there. He’s in all of her classes at school. Nash is even to be found at synagogue.

No matter what she does, it seems like this guy is everywhere. Halle knows this is a small town, but if it’s truly this small, how is she supposed to keep her identity a secret? Halle is wondering just how she’s going to navigate this thing, since Nash doesn’t have a clue that the Halle he has met in this small town is actually the mysterious and cool online girl Kels.

Halle still thinks that Nash is really cool, and they’re still best friends. But she’s torn between two different thoughts. She could tell him her true identity, but that comes with a whole new can of worms. She will risk making him mad and disappointed, knowing now for sure that Kels is not real in the true sense of the word as she has an alternate name and life.

It would also probably take away from the magic that comes with their friendship online, something that she really treasures. However, she also likes him in real life. Failing to tell him would mean that they are only friends online and nothing more. The thing that she doesn’t know is that Nash has fallen for Kels, and Halle’s falling for Nash. Can the two get together, or is he only in love with the idea of who she is? Read this book to find out!

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