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Marji Laine is a multi-published and award-winning author known for writing about broken people who find themselves in desperate circumstances. They usually rely on their friendships with others and faith in God to survive.

She loves to refer to herself as a former home-schooling mother of two college students that seem to have overstayed their welcome. Together with her husband of three decades, they live in their home in Texas with Rosie their rescue pup.

She published “Grime Beat” her debut novel in 2015 and has since become quite the writer. When she is not publishing or editing books at Write Integrity, she can be found writing her own romance, suspense, and mystery novels.

Marji also loves musical comedy and has been a director of several stage productions, sings in the church choir, and is a leader of a Bible study group.

She has a preference for mountains over beaches, NASCAR to football, dogs over cats, Hallmark Mysteries and Movies, and Magnolia pie.

Laine usually communicates with her reader through the newsletter on her website.

Like many authors, Marji Laine has been writing ever since she was in the second grade. At some point, she worked with her best friend writing the scenes of a movie using pencils and paper.

Nonetheless, she does not remember much about the script other than it was more of a police drama which they believed was very hot.

But she would shelve her ambitions as she grew older as life got in the way. Several years before she published her debut, she spoke to her husband and told him that she would be giving up her scrapbooking home business.

This was quite a huge step as she had been a consultant in the industry for more than a decade. Making the step toward becoming a published fiction author always seemed like a huge jump.

Still, her husband promised to give her full support, even though he was not so confident that she would get published. He believed that God had some special plans for her writing career beyond just becoming a published author.
Still, Marji would not be discouraged and went full steam ahead and it was not long before she had her first New York Times bestseller.

After achieving a lot of success over several years, Marji Laine was approached to take over the management of Write Integrity Press. She was astounded at the offer and it seemed her husband had been right about God having special plans for her career.
Nonetheless, while she still loved writing, she was delighted to be in charge of mentoring more than two dozen authors at Write Integrity Press. But she was coming into her new role as a senior editor with a lot she needed to learn.

She has since then begun a freelance option at Write Integrity Press where authors can receive support in formatting, editing, interior design, and cover design.

Apart from editing, she is also a coach and mentor of authors through one on one coaching on how to publish on Amazon and other self-publishing platforms.

Over several years, she has worked with many authors that have published their novels through Write Integrity Press and on self-publishing platforms.

Marji Laine’s novel “Grime Beat” introduces Dani Foster who strongly believes something is wrong when her best friend disappears. She had been relocated not so long ago and now works the perfect job as a crime scene cleaner.
She had been ordered to maintain a low profile but when her friend disappears, she just cannot sit on her hands.

She suspects that Jay Hunter the gorgeous crime scene specialist may have something to do with it, even if he is the only one that offers to help her.

Jay finds Dani amusing, particularly her penchant for acting and speaking without considering the consequences which often land her in trouble.

However, her latest moves have to be some of her most hilarious that could land her into a lot more dangerous situation.

Jay soon discovers that the stakes are constantly rising, putting Dani’s life on the line. He has never been one for romance but she needs him and does not seem to have anyone else that could help her.
It is a thrilling first episode of this Christian and mystery series set in Dallas.

“Grime Wave” by Marji Laine opens with the discovery of a dead body which is sure to make anyone freak out.

Even for someone such as Dani who works a gruesome job, this is no ordinary find. She joins the quest to find the man responsible for the gruesome murder.

This may be because one of her close friends is a suspect or because she was the one that found the body. Maybe she is driven by a need to be close to Jay Hunter the crime scene specialist.

Dani lies to herself that her actions are driven by the fact that she is the daughter of a detective. There is no way that Jay Hunter can escape her fun-loving spirit, her sharp eyes, her beauty, or her keen mind.

He may just need her skills if he is to get the promotion he has been seeking for years. But he hates to have her in any danger following the events of the last investigation.

This second episode heats up and it does seem the relationship between Jay and Dani is just beginning while her troubles are definitely not over.

As Marji Laine’s novel “Grime Spree” opens, Dani is dealing with shadows from her past that have been on her mind for months.

But in recent times, these shadows have been all too real as they bring a trail of destruction and death.

What had begun as a romantic evening the first in weeks soon turns into another crime scene. However, the person involved in this one is too familiar to Dani and even worse he does seem to have recognized her.

Given that Jay has recently been promoted he is working a lot more hours and this has resulted in many canceled and interrupted dates with Dani. His attempt to make things right sees her take her to one of the best restaurants in the city.
But things go wrong when the place is robbed and Dani seems to be involved somehow.

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