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A Saint For The Summer (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
How Greek Is Your Love? (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Things Can Only Get Feta (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Homer's Where The Heart Is (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Scorpion In The Lemon Tree (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Donkey On The Catwalk (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Wake Me Up For The Elephants (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Marjory McGinn is a Scottish-born journalist and author who was born and bred in Australia.

In college, she studied English Literature and hence has read a wide range of literature in the classics such as Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, and Jane Austen.
In recent times, McGinn has also been reading the likes of modern literary writers such as Patricia Highsmith and William Boyd.

She would then work for more than a decade in Scotland where she was a feature writer working freelance since 2000. Her journalism has appeared in prestigious publications in Australia and the United Kingdom.
She has contributed to the likes of “The Herald,” “The Daily Mail,” “The Scotsman,” “The Telegraph,” “The Sun Herald,” The Age,” and “The Australian.”

For most of her life, Marjory McGinn has been working as a journalist beginning to write in Australia where her family migrated from Scotland while she was still very young.
She worked mainly as a feature writer and in newspapers and continued to do so even when she later moved back to Scotland alongside Jim her husband.

In 2009 when there was a downturn in the newspaper industry, she traveled with her husband Jim to Greece to take a sabbatical.

Alongside, Wallace their Jack Russell terrier, they headed to Southern Greece during what had to be one of the worst periods of the Greek economic crisis. Somehow, they loved Greece so much that they ended up staying there for four years.
During their stay in Greece which they planned to be a working holiday, they used to freelance for several publications and adapted very well to life in Greece.

They spent their first year in Megali Mantineia, a small hillside village on the southern Peloponnese, which was just the remote and traditional location they were looking for.
It was from their experiences living in Scotland and in the Southern Peloponesse that she would then come to write her bestselling memoirs.

Since Marjory McGinn started out as a journalist, it was not a big stretch to move from penning features for publication and begin writing her memoir while living in Greece.
The author found much of her inspiration when she began an unusual friendship with a widow named Foteini.

The latter who was her neighbor used to share with her stories of her life struggling as a widowed pensioner in the mountain village of Taygetos.

Another inspiration was the realization that the Greek life they were living was fast changing due to the economic crisis and hence she decided to capture it before it would be gone forever.
She thus combined this with the comical and eccentric habits of her friend Foteini to pen her memoirs.

When McGinn is not writing her novels, she loves to spend a lot of time swimming to keep physically fit. She is lucky that she lives in southern England near the sea and whenever the weather is manageable, she can often be found down in the water.

Marjory McGinn’s novel “Things Can Only Get Feta” is a work that is set following a British recession, an Arctic winter, and a major downturn in the newspaper industry.

Two journos and their terrier go on an adventure in the beautiful and wild lands of the southern Peloponnese. It does seem like the perfect plan, except for the fact that Greece is one of the countries hardest hit by the economic crisis.
If the fiscal failure does not get them in rural Greece, maybe they will fall victim to touchy ex-pats, macabre local customs, health scares, zero dog tolerance, and a scorpion invasion.

Here they meet some eccentric and warm-hearted Greeks who make it clear that even if the country does not have its Euros, it still has its heroes.

Living in Mani a hillside village, the couple gets to share in the lives of the locals, their stories, and their laughter which is a big help in getting them back on the passage to their own happiness.
McGinn writes some captivating descriptions of her characters particularly those of the gruff Fonteuni with her beloved goats and donkey. It is an insightful and humorous journey through one of the few remaining regions of Greece.

Marjory McGinn’s work “A Scorpion in the Lemon Tree” is a hilarious novel that embraces everything in Greece.

Following their crazy adventures in the earlier work, Marjory, Jim and Wallace their crazy dog find themselves in southern Greece where they go on another hilarious odyssey.

This time around they find themselves on a peninsula that is not of their own choosing, in a house they did not want to live in since they live in Greece where nothing ever happens according to plan.
Their latest adventure is on the Messinian peninsula on an island named Kroni, as they go on another funny and perilous journey with scorpion threats, rental dramas, a publishing crisis, and a lot more.
It is not long before they are taken in by the charm of the unspoiled island, grapple with Greek lessons, make new friends, and reconnect with some old friends from Mani.

They also rediscovered that despite the ongoing economic crisis that has hit Greece, they are still in love with the country.

It is a rare type of story in the travel writing genre that deftly combines enlightened insights about Greece with a travel narrative, while still retaining an entertaining and light touch.

“Homer’s Where the Heart Is” by Marjory McGinn is a work that continues from where “Things Can Only Get Feta” left off.

Marjorie, Jim, and Wallace are spending the second year in the southern Greek town of Mani and having the adventure of their lives.

They live on an olive grove with their Greek landowners and are all fearful as the country is veering toward social upheaval and bankruptcy. It is not long before they start feeling the pain and chaos of the crisis.
Also woven into the story is the gripping back story of Marjory that harks back to an earlier dark time. It goes back to the 1970s when she used to work in Athens as the country was in the grip of a military dictatorship.
The work also reveals some dark parallels between the current crisis and what happened in the past, even as it highlights the personal journey of the lead at a very young age.

The author also takes you around Mani on a memorable journey including an exclusive tour of a unique home in Kardamyli, which used to be the home of the late Patrick Leigh Fermor.
The edition also comes with some fantastic images of southern Greece taken by Marjory.

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