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Mark Abernethy
Mark Abernathy is an author, speechwriter, journalist, and ghostwriter. He was born in New Zealand, and has lived in Australia for the majority of his adult life.

While he was attending Victoria University of Wellington, he was first published in the university campus newsletter during the eighties. He wrote an initial book in the year 1991 on the Gold Coast, which never got published.

Mark attended university twice, both trying to become a lawyer, as his dad was also a lawyer. But he dropped out because he realized that being a lawyer was not something that interested him too much.

So he applied for a journalism course and then he went to work for a newspaper to get a bit of work experience. These were called induction courses. Next, he went on to ghostwrite business books for others before transitioning to write books for himself.

When Mark wrote the first four chapters of what became “Golden Serpent”, the publisher liked what she saw and urged him on in order to finish the novel. It took him eight weeks to write the novel.

The Alan McQueen books focuses on the Aussie super spy that was born out of Mark’s love of spy novels written by authors like Alistair MacLean and Ian Fleming. When he realized that a lot of fiction involving spies projects to be either British or American, he chose to create a brand new character that was Australian.

For his thriller novels, Mark does a ton of research by reading a bunch and interviewing some relevant people, including Australian special forces men (like the RRRR commandos or the SAS), or government employees.

He is a former editor at Australian Penthouse magazine, and has also written for the Australian Financial Review. Mark also wrote for Sydney Morning Herald, The Bulletin, and Australian Financial Review.

Mark’s debut novel, called “Golden Serpent”, was released in the year 2007, which is the first of his “Alan McQueen” series. His work is from the thriller genre. He writes a second thriller series called the “Gerry Galen” series that stars a younger hero living in the United States, which is published under the pen name of Mark Aitken.

“Golden Serpent” is the first novel in the “Alan McQueen” series and was released in the year 2007. Alan McQueen is tracking the world’s most dangerous terrorist, a man that he believed he had killed many years ago.

Alan McQueen, a tough Aussie spy, used to be the star of the global intelligence community, and renowned for shooting and killing Abu Sabaya, who was the world’s most dangerous terrorist. However, during a routine assignment in Indonesia, McQueen, or Mac, learns that Sabaya is not actually dead. Instead, Abu has teamed with a rogue CIA veteran and is armed with a cache of some stolen VX nerve agent that he is threatening to deploy in a lethal and dramatic manner.

Mac, who battles to stay a step ahead of CIA double agents, Sabaya’s assassins, and deep corruption within Australian intelligence, has to locate the stolen VX before it becomes too late. His mission is going to take him on a chase through Southeast Asia and test every bit of his ingenuity and courage.

“Second Strike” is the second novel in the “Alan McQueen” series and was released in the year 2008. In the wee hours of October 13, 2002, Alan McQueen gets jolted awake by a phone call and told to head to Bali immediately, where over two hundred people have been killed during a series of bomb blasts. Mac gets assigned to monitor the forensics teams working the bomb site, and discovers that, contrary to the official line, one of the bombs used was actually a military-grade mini-nuke.

While tensions rise between the governments, Mac joins up with an elite group of soldiers and spies that are hunting the terrorists implicated the bombings. It is a pursuit that takes them through the wilds of Northern Sumatra, however it ends with them helplessly watching these terrorists escaping by plane.

Five years later, Mac has returned to Indonesia to do some soft espionage. However when bullets begin flying and old terrorist enemies show back up, Mac is pulled into a lethal game that clearly was not finished in the year 2002. He keeps track of the terrorists until he is no longer able to ignore the evidence that they have another and more powerful mini-nuke. And their next target is going to be Australia.

“Double Back” is the third novel in the “Alan McQueen” series and was released in the year 2010. Alan gets pulled out of a deep cover assignment in order to locate an agent who is missing. It sounds just like a straightforward operation however, while digging deeper, the guy they call “Mac” finds a faction of Indonesia’s army that is plotting against East Timorese.

From the paranoia in Dili to guerilla-infested jungles to the machinations of Canberra, Mac finds he has landed in a world of torture and murder where he has to forge some alliances with his rivals in order to stay alive.

“Counter Attack” is the fourth novel in the “Alan McQueen” series and was released in the year 2010. Alan McQueen has been lured out of retirement and is now on a mission to thwart the ambitions of a single man to overthrow the Chinese government and reduce Asia to nothing more than radioactive ashes.

Any dreams Alan might have had of a cozy office job are wrecked when he is sent off to Singapore to oversee a covert mission. Things go terribly wrong, he not only must defend his own reputation in Australia, but must also has to stay out of a Vietnamese jail.

From the leafy suburbs in Singapore to the mean streets in Saigon, and the political infighting of Canberra to the old killing fields in Northern Cambodia, Mac must use every bit of his cunning and several strange alliances to sift through a conspiracy. One that might toss the world into a thermonuclear showdown. Nothing is like it appears, and death is but a mistake away, he finds himself both being hunted and a hunter while pursuing a truth that might save millions of lives.

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