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Publication Order of Tribulation Pilgrim's Progress Books

The Great New Deal (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twilight of the Church Age (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Tribulation Pilgrim's Progress Books

Twilight of the Church Age(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Great New Deal(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

“When art is based on Bible prophecy, life will imitate art.” (Mark Tredecim, 2022)

Tredecim’s novels connect our times to the End Times prophesized in the Bible. Fictional events and characters dramatically show what the Bible says must come soon. Everyday Americans try to live normal lives and care for those around them, but they are faced with growing dangers and uncertainties. Wars, pandemics, shortages and a faltering economy are bad enough, but they are compounded by a loss of trust in politicians, business leaders, news media and key institutions. People are menaced by criminals, government operatives and power-hungry narcissists.

These coming times will be intense, dark and dangerous, but Tredecim’s novels stay clear of explicit “adult content,” graphic violence, profanity and obscenity. The period presented in the novels might be years in the future, but it also could begin today. More and more, real-life events appear to be harbingers of these future events. Which side will you choose in this great spiritual war?
The novels fall loosely within the genre of Christian science fiction and dystopian science fiction. The books use parody to harpoon political and social issues, following the exemplars of C. S. Lewis, George Orwell, and the Babylon Bee.
The Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress series starts a few months prior to the rapture of Christians and continues into the Tribulation. Though each book can stand alone, the story continues from book to book. The story proceeds in this sequence (not the order in which they were published):

Book One: Twilight of the Church Age (published in 2022)

Book Two: The Great New Deal (published in 2021)

Twilight of the Church Age: Things are racing toward the moment of the Rapture, though most people are oblivious. A group works to create a resource to help the people left behind after the Rapture. Other people just live day to day. Some must fight off criminals, outsmart censors or thwart human traffickers. Politicians scheme for power and riches. The Bible’s End Times events are closer than any of them think. In the Great Surprise, millions are taken to heaven. Is there hope for the people who are left behind?

The Great New Deal: The story continues into the interlude between the Rapture and the Tribulation. Many people look for the truth about the Great Surprise. Others cover up the truth and pursue their mantra, “never let a disaster go to waste.” Crime, disasters and infrastructure failures put the characters in great peril. Characters and events in the novel provide a none-too-subtle salute to the great book and 1939 movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” This book incorporates a 38-page appendix of Bible study materials, titled “Excerpts from Lifeline for the Lost Sheep,” covering the End Times prophecies of the Bible and God’s plan to rescue His sheep.

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