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The Sea Detective (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Malice of Waves (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Driftwood Girls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mark Douglas-Home is a successful crime fiction writer who published his first work, The Sea Detective, in 2011. The Scottish author and journalist has since published several highly rated sequels and standalone novels.

Douglas-Home was born on 31 August 1951. He first studied at Eton College and later moved on to study a higher degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. This is also where he began his career as a journalist, serving as editor for an anti-apartheid newspaper, “Wits Student,” run by students of the university. Due to a complaint that deemed his anti-government cartoons offensive to Pretoria in Southern Africa, he was deported by the active government at that time.

Pursuing his dream of becoming a successful journalist, Douglas-Home was able to land a job as a reporter for North London Weekly Herald. This is where his career really took off, covering various topics for the North London Weekly Herald. As his career flourished, he went on to new challenges, including reporting for the Sunday Express and Edinburgh Evening News, which opened up a whole new set of doors.

Douglas-Home also covered various topics for The Independent and served as their Scotland Correspondent. He was also the news editor and assistant editor for another popular Scottish newspaper, The Scotsman. This is the newspaper that gave Douglas-Home his first positive critique for his published work, stating that “The Sea Detective” really “raised the bar” for authors in the crime fiction industry.

Keeping journalism in the family, he is married to Colette Douglas-Home, a therapist and columnist who won the Catherine Pakenham Award and has been a columnist for the Scottish Daily Mail and The Herald. They met during his tenure as editor at The Herald and have two children together, Rebecca and Rory Douglas-Home.

Douglas-Home’s family also has a rich and meaningful history, with the Earl of Home title belonging to the Douglas-Home family. The title was previously awarded to His uncle, Alec Douglas-Home, who was also a former United Kingdom Prime Minister.

Since the start of his career as an author, Douglas-Home has been awarded the Best Crime Book of the Month award by the Sunday Times in the UK. Many newspapers around the world, including the Library Journal in the United States, have made positive comments about his published novels.

Douglas-Home is known as an inspiration in the crime fiction genre. This is mostly due to the fact that he was able to introduce a new genre of detective and crime based fiction to the world – oceanography, introduced in his first novel and soon followed with sequels.

His first published book was distributed worldwide in 2011. “The Sea Detective” introduced a unique twist in the crime fiction world and also led to the book becoming a series. The series follows Cal McGill, an oceanographer who investigates using his one-of-a-kind skills.

McGill is also an environmentalist and uses his expertise for something the world hasn’t thought of before. This “sea detective” can predict where objects came from when they wash ashore, and where objects are headed when lost at sea. McGill uses his advanced knowledge of the ocean to analyze the current of the ocean, the direction and other elements of the wind, and various records of past shipping routes. These skills help him solve a variety of mysteries through the book, and throughout the entire series.

Just one of the many examples of McGill using his skills to reveal more information about objects is when two human feet wash up on two different islands. After a thorough investigation, it is found that the feet belong to the same body. This is when the unique skills of the fictional character come into use.

Throughout “The Sea Detective,” McGill uncovers corruption. The novel is filled with surprises, some violence, and even a threat that endangers the lives of many people around the world, including his own.

The book was praised by The Scotsman, The Literary Review, Sunday Times, Shotsmag, and The Times Literary Supplement. These publications had only good things to say about Douglas-Home’s first published work, which inspired him to continue with the first sequel, “The Woman Who Walked Into The Sea.”

The sequel to his first book also received positive praise from various publications such as the Library Journal, Scotsman and, once again, was awarded the Crime Book of the Month by Sunday Times. In this book, the crime investigations of McGill continue, bringing more suspense and thrilling action into the scene when a baby is abandoned on the steps of a hospital before Megan, the mother of the baby, ended her own life.

After these successful book launches and selling thousands of copies worldwide, Mark Douglas-Home continued to delve into mystery-solving, suspense-building crime fiction with the next two Cal McGill novels, “The Malice of Waves” and The Driftwood Girls,” both highly rated and well received by readers.

“The Malice of Waves,” book three, involves the disappearance of 14-year-old Max Wheeler five years previously from Priest’s Island. Cal McGill gets trapped between the family, the vengeful father and a discovery about the island that holds dangerous consequences. When the discovery is made, Cal begins to wonder if what happened to Max could happen again, and thus a brand-new investigation of this crime scene begins.

Book four, “The Driftwood Girls,” is a twisty mystery that started 23 three years previously when Christina Tolmie disappeared without a trace from northern France, leaving her two young daughters, Kate and Flora, orphaned and alone. Now Flora is also missing. Kate hopes that Cal can find her, but also uncover what happened to their mother all those years ago.

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