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Publication Order of Holly Wakefield Thriller Books

When Darkness Calls (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Angels Sleep (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Silence Kills (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Evil Wakes (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mark Griffin is a reputed American writer famous for writing mystery, thriller, crime, biography, and cultural novels. He is particularly popular for writing A Hundred or More Hidden Things : The Life & Films of Vincente Minnelli and All That Heaven Allows. The former is the biographical novel of Vincente Minnelli, while the latter is the biography of the movie star Rock Hudson. Griffin has carefully documented the various accounts of Rock Hudson’s life in the book and has provided trenchant social criticism and cinematic insight in his own words. Rock Hudson’s biography penned by author Griffin is in talks to be developed into a motion picture very soon. In addition to the biographical books, Griffin has written several standalone novels as well as a compelling series of mystery, suspense, thriller, and crime novels called the Holly Wakefield series. This series is comprised of only two books so far and both the books feature Holly Wakefield as the main protagonist.

Holly is seen in the role of a criminal psychologist, who works with London’s Metropolitan police to catch criminals. Griffin has shown Holly Wakefield as a specialist in dealing with serial killers. As of now, Griffin is working to add more titles to this thrilling series and is expected to release them in the near future. The written works of Griffin have featured in various publications, both nationally and internationally, including The Washington Post, NY Times, The Boston Globe, etc. Author Griffin likes to carry out extensive research about the topic he takes in hand and then sits down to take notes from his research work to develop the manuscript of his novels. He followed a similar process when he was involved in writing Rock Hudson’s biography.

According to him, one of the most intriguing parts of his research work on Rock Hudson’s life was conducting interviews with the co-stars, family members, former companions, and friends of Rock Hudson. Griffin is very grateful that more than 100 individuals came forward by taking some time off from their busy schedules and responded to his questions that concerned the extraordinary life & career of Rock Hudson. However, Griffin had to overlook several observations or a few entertaining anecdotes from the interviews during the final editing procedure due to the restriction of the length of the novel. Author Griffin is pleased to have been able to share his work on the legendary film actor with the audience. He intends to work on the biographies of a few other influential personalities from different strata of society and share them with his fans in the years to come.

The debut book of the Holly Wakefield series written by author Mark Griffin is entitled ‘When Darkness Calls’. It was released in 2018 by the Piatkus publication. Griffin has mentioned the central characters in this book in the roles of Lee Miller, Holly Wakefield, DI Bill Bishop, Jonathan Wright, Evelyn Wright, Dr. Andell, and several others as well. Holly Wakefield is involved with the NHS as a hard working criminal psychologist, while Bill Bishop is depicted as a detective inspector. Initially, it is depicted that Holly Wakefield is employed with the Wetherington Hospital in London, where she works to treat serial killers with a personal and professional obsession. While interacting with a particular patient named Lee Miller, Holly Wakefield shows compassion. She also involved with King’s College as a teacher. The students and other faculty members at the college see her as an enthusiastic teacher. Holly lives a solitary life.

The latest case comes her way when she receives a call in the middle of the night and is asked for her help as an expert profiler. DI Bishop requests Holly Wakefield to lend her expertise as a professional criminal psychologist in profiling a serial killer. The killer is known to have struck in one of Surrey’s small villages with the brutal murders of Dr. Jonathan Wright and Evelyn Wright. Both the victims were killed so brutally that even the police were horrified to see. None of them had ever come across such a level of brutality. Bishop and Holly set themselves on the course of the complicated and twisted investigation of their respective careers. They struggle to identify possible culprits or get their hands on the main culprit. Holly Wakefield is of the opinion that the murderer has been killing for quite some time because his knowledge and skill seem to be of the higher level. The killer appears to be intent on manipulation, control, and domination. As the investigation continues to move forward, Holly gets some new information about killings in the past as well as the present.

With the hint of a copycat murderer, Holly shifts her focus towards Dr. Andell and his Bayview Hospital, which is notorious for being the ‘Monster Mansion’. After visiting this hospital and interacting with its 35 patients, Holly remembers the secrets and trauma of her own past. As it turns out that Holly’s past is linked to the present day murders, she finds herself in deadly danger. During the time Bishop and Holly investigate the case, they come too close and develop a strange relationship. Their closeness is driven by the police inquiry’s intensity. Holly has a separate room in her house in which she keeps the items she acquires during her investigations as souvenirs. When DI Bishop sees the room and the items stacked in it, he finds it quite odd, but does not feel put off by it. The characterizations of Holly and Bishop by Griffin in this novel appear to be quite compelling and riveting. Many critics have liked the characters and have appreciated Griffin for telling such a unique story of mystery, suspense, and thrill. It is labeled as a must read for the fans of crime fiction and thrilling stories. Griffin has finished writing a follow-up Holly Wakefield novel and has named it ‘When Angels Sleep’. He is expected to release this novel at the end of this year. Author Griffin is hopeful that the second volume will also do well and receive the love and support of all his fans from across the globe. He is looking forward to writing many more thriller novels in the coming years.

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