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Publication Order of Michael Carpo Books

Flesh And Stone (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Street Where She Lived (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Of Summer (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Mark Miano
An American writer and author, Mark Miano is well known for his work in the publishing industry, as well as publishing numerous stories. Highly prolific, his work tends to speak for itself, making an impact quite unlike any other, creating strong and lasting characters. Knowing exactly what it is that he wants to say, he really understands the form too, enabling the reader to get swept up in the action. Working as an editor as well, he also knows what large audiences are looking for, which can be seen with his ever increasing readership.

Setting himself apart from other authors in his field, he creates stories that really resonate, many of them speaking on contemporary issues. Using the thriller genre as his lens, he casts a light on a number of wider themes and ideas present in the world at large. Dealing with subjects such as serial-killers, he’s never afraid of confront darker topics head on either, looking at them directly. Conscientious in his stories too, he always manages to deal with the more difficult subject matter with tact and sensitivity.

Establishing lasting characters that would also leave their mark, he’d become well known for introducing the protagonist of Michael Carpo. An ever intrepid reporter always on the case, this series would come to intrigue and enthral readers in equal measure. Resonating with his audience, he’d reach readers from around the world, whilst also gaining positive reviews as well. With a lot more to say, he’ll carry on writing into the foreseeable future, as there’s no sign he’s stopping any time soon.

Early and Personal Life:
Coming from Washington in the United States, Mark Miano has always been a driven individual throughout much of his life. Working in various different capacities as well as writing, his work isn’t just focused on the novel, as he undertakes a number of professional roles. His passion for literature and education though, have been at the forefront of much of his career, informing both him and his work.

Dedicating much of his life to working in the digital media, he would come to understand the mass-market and how audience trends operate. This would help in time to fashion his own work, as he’d immerse himself heavily in the literary scene around him, whilst also remaining true to himself and his voice. With a lot more to come yet, he continues to write from his home in Washington, all whilst looking for the next big idea.

Writing Career:
Bringing out his first book in 1997, Mark Miano would make his literary debut with the novel ‘Flesh and Stone’. This would also set up the ‘Michael Carpo’ series of novels, with ‘The Street Where She Lived’ following it up in 1998. The third title would come out in 1999, with ‘Dead of Summer’, and it would finish off the series up to that point.

Working in production, along with being an editor too, Miano would have a wide pool of knowledge to draw from. This would allow him to create highly involving and entertaining stories, including a large number of digital stories too. From all this he has gone on to become a highly prolific personality and individual, often vocalizing himself both online and off, and this will carry on from some time to come.

The Street Where She Lived
Initially published through the ‘Kensington’ publishing imprint, this would first come out on the 1st of March in 1998. Marking the second title in the ongoing ‘Michael Carpo’ series of novels, it would follow on from the previous title ‘Flesh and Stone’. Working as a self-contained mystery, it went to pave the way for the next novel as well, with the central character of newsman Michael Carpo remaining central to the series.

Taking the mystery formula and really running with it, this manages to turn it on its head, making the most of an interesting and compelling premise. The character of Michael Carpo is extremely well realized, coming to life once again for readers, building upon arcs that came before. With its use of location too, it’s also successful in establishing a moody and atmospheric ambiance to the city of New York.

There’s a serial-killer on the loose in New York City’s East Village, and it’s up to Michael Carpo, the ever ready TV newsman, to get to the bottom of the case. Nicknamed The Sandman, the killer is obsessed with the eyes of single women, as he gains their trust then removes them. This puzzles Carpo, as it appears that women are opening their door to this stranger, which is especially strange in a city like New York. Will Michael Carpo be able to discover the truth behind this mystery? Can he find the killer before they strike again? What really happened on the street where she lived?

Dead of Summer
This would provide the third and final title in the ‘Michael Carpo’ series, with it providing the last mystery for the TV newsman to solve. First released on the 1st of April in 1999, it would also come out through the ‘Kensington’ publishing house once again. Containing another self-contained mystery thriller too, it would follow in much the same vein as the previous books, whilst having plenty of twists and turns of its own. Keeping the reader guessing every step of the way, it’s a great example of the genre, playing with the many conventions and tropes throughout.
Looking for a getaway, Michael Carpo wants to vacation somewhere quiet, away from the bustle of August in New York, and he gets his chance when his friend, Jack Crawford, provides him with his Lake Lillinonah home, based in Bridgewater, Connecticut. That’s when he arrives, and everything changes as Carpo finds Crawford in a pool of his own blood, having apparently slashed his own wrists. Not believing suicide to be the case though, Carpo comes to learn that six other residents of Bridgewater have also met the same gruesome end. Will he be able to find out what really happened? What connects all of the victims? Who lies next in the dead of Summer?

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