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Mark of the Vampire Books In Order

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Publication Order of Mark Of The Vampire Books

As a USA Today and New York Times best-selling artist, Laura Wright is the creator of outstanding works like the much popular Cavanaugh Brothers series. Born and raised in the state of Minnesota, Laura Wright was never a reader or a writer until she cleared high school. During her early years she was more of a theater, dance and song person. Her love of romance was present during her early life but it was until her late teens that she was able to read a romance novel and this is definitely one of the reason why her creation, the Mark of The Vampire is nothing short of a bold new voice that has been embroidered with Laura Wright’s passion and love for romance.

With her aptitude of luring the reader in and holding him or her captive, Laura Wright employs this set of skills in the action packed, sinfully good, Mark of the Vampire trilogy which has been centered around a group of sexy vampires.

Eternal Hunger

As the first book in this trilogy, the Eternal Hunger is undeniably a stunning start to what will eventually become an addictive series to any reader. Eternal Hunger begins with one Dr. Sara Donahue whose main goal in life is to ensure that her brother Gray is able to fully recover from the catastrophic house fire which occurred a while back. All in all, Sara holds herself responsible for the occurrence of this fire while on the other hand Gary has never gone back to his previous self. After seeing his brother suffer, Sarah decided to study medicine so as to cure his brother.

While coming from work one early morning, Sara finds a strange man who is all curled up at her door. Since she has never seen him before, Sarah concludes that he is most likely a homeless man hence she makes an effort to nudge him away. But while in the process of nudging him out, Sara is able to hear the homeless man ask for help in her mind. Sarah becomes more confused as she notices that the man’s skin was burning after it came into contact with the sun and eventually she has a change of heart in turn dragging him into the house. But all this is just the beginning.

On entering the house, Sarah finds one of her former patient, Tom waiting for her inside the house. With a history of mental instability, Tom is indeed not paying Sara a courtesy call but instead he has been planning to cause harm to Sarah. While attacking Sara, the man who was dragged in finally wakes up due to the commotion. Unknown to Sara, the man she had dragged in was a vampire named Alexander Roman who apparently had just undergone a series of changes and is now a breeding male. What will happen next? Is the vampire going to protect Sarah by killing her attacker? If he kills the attacker, is the Order going to find him because he would have unintentionally alerted them?

Eternal Kiss

As the sequel to the first book, Eternal Kiss is unquestionably a fantastic sequel that lays its focus on Kate and Nicholas. Eternal Kiss begins as Kate is a prisoner in the Mondrar Prison, serving a sentence for a crime that she did not commit. She has served the greater part of her sentence and now she has only two months left in her sentence left. While waiting with one of her students Ladd, for the mother to come and take him up, Dare brutally slaughters Ladd’s mother in their very own eyes. While dying, Ladd’s mother confesses something to Kate and then asks her to take care of her son.

After the death of Ladd’s mother, Kate finally decides to take Ladd to his father Nicholas Roman after the death of his mother. Kate is hopping that she can be able to sneak out and come back before anyone can notice that she has left and lock her up. But on arriving, Nicholas becomes drawn to Kate even though he is thinking that there is a high probability that Kate might be a spy for Dare. While trying to escape Nicholas, Kate is attacked by Dare, hence she has to do what can to ensure that she is safe from danger.

So as to protect his younger brother, Lucian from the Order, Nicholas is more than determined to find Dare. Lucian’s life is very important to Nicholas and that is why he is willing to do all it takes so as to prevent the order from turning. After making a deal with the Order, Nicholas has prisoner 626, Kate back into his arms. Since Dare is searching for Kate, Nicholas can now use her as bait to draw him out. What is going to happen next? Is Nicholas going to finally lay his hands on Dare or is Dare going to evade him as usual?


Regardless of the trust issues between Nicholas and Kate, the book is very interesting especially with all the unexpected twists and turns. Apart from being very descriptive, the sex is very intense while the story telling will make you glued to the book at all times. With lots of danger, loads of action and plenty of passion, this series undeniably has a well thought story line which makes Mark of the Vampire a one of a kind series.

By creating an intriguing mythology, fantastic characters, fast paced actions throughout the series, Mark of the Vampire is a series that will definitely surprise you while the hot and sexy vampires will make you not to flip the pages of the book. As a great read, this series seems to have just everything that you need to make you read way past your bedtime or in some instances when you are expected to be doing something else. We can safely say that Laura knows how to entertain and anyone who begins reading any of her series will undeniably look forward to all the next books in the series.

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