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Mark Parragh is an author of fiction. He is a native of Virginia and continues to reside there along with his family, which consists of his wife and their daughter.

Mark grew up in Virginia. As a kid in the rural area, he found that he had a lot of time to fill on his hands. He often had a lot of time on his own and so to escape the boredom and have some fun, he enjoyed reading stories. His favorite type of stories and adventure to have would be spy stories and always enjoyed watching reruns of Mission Impossible or James Bond movies that would air on television.

Mark always enjoyed reading paperback books by the likes of writers such as Eric Ambler and Alistair MacLean, among others. He was probably a bit too young to be reading these types of novels, as he well admits, but his impressionable self read them and there’s no turning back unless there’s some type of time machine like in the science fiction novels.

Mark Parragh is the creator and author of the John Crane series of fictional novels. These spy thrillers are full of twists and turns and just as fun as the stories that he would read while he was growing up! The series kicked off in 2016 with the release of the debut novel in the series which is titled Rope On Fire. The sequel came out shortly after and is titled Wrecker.

Rope On Fire is the first novel in the John Crane series. Readers get to meet the main character of John Crane for the first time in this exciting thriller story that will keep you guessing until the very end! If you love staying on your toes or James Bond type spy adventures and action, then you may be just the candidate to read this book.

Crane is a secret agent, and his job means that he’s been carefully trained. As a result, he is highly skilled and his training has been impeccable. But what is an agent to do when their agency suddenly disappears? It’s like losing your home base and John has no idea why it’s even happened.

John is happy to dress up, but has no place to really go and do his work. This is a bit of a pickle. Has a secret agent ever had their agency just totally disappear out of the blue before? Meanwhile, he’s got no choice but to figure out what to do. He decides that it only makes sense to team up with someone who’s got his back.

Enter Josh Sulenski, who has always loved the world of Bond. He just happens to have a small fortune at his disposal that exceeds the general production and income of several countries, so that’s helpful. The prodigy is more than excited to have his own chance to live some real life spy fantasy, and together they have paired up to go take care of business– and maybe even save the whole world in the process.

With the agency previous to this, Hurricane Group, Crane was out on his second mission when suddenly the government of the United States decides that it wants to shut them down. It was then that he found himself meandering in Key West when Josh came up to him.

Josh made his billions on the Internet and he asks Crane if he would like a gig finding out why one of his charity projects is getting messed up. The project is in the heart of Puerto Rico’s lush rainforest and it continually gets attacked. Taking the gig, Crane has a mission once more from an unlikely source that has billions in his pockets.

The job isn’t easy. Crane is coming up against corrupt authority figures, drug smugglers, gangsters and more. The worst part is that he doesn’t have any federal protection– this mission he’s on his own with no political pull to get him out. He doesn’t even have backup.

So who he is up against? Little does he know it, but out there is a gangster that might end up being his greatest rival yet. Braislav Skala came to rule an empire of criminal activity through sheer ambition. That paired with his willingness to be ruthless meant that he went from poverty in Communist Czechslovakia to the head of a huge operation– and many others were not so lucky.

Triumphant at the top, Skala is all to ready to give up the pressure of the criminal life and enjoy the fruits of his labor. He is prepared to go back to his country estate and call it a day. That is his plan until he finds out that there’s a new game in town that’s interesting enough to pique his curiosity. Wanting to sit down and be a part of his table, he may inadvertently cause his path to cross with that of the secret agent.

Skala is used to winning nearly every game that he plays and has not lost yet. Has he finally come up against the wrong agent? Crane has a history of refusing to follow the rules. What will happen when these two forces meet up? You’ll have to read this awesome debut in the series to find out!

Wrecker is the second novel in the John Crane series by Mark Parragh. This sequel brings the super cool secret agent back for another round, and things are about to heat up. Crane’s in California this time to do a friend a favor in Baja.

He is hoping that he can just do the favor and get out of there without any trouble popping up, but that would be wishing for a little too much. He inevitably gets on the bad side of an heir to a trust fund as well as a drug cartel. Things could not be going much worse, and a former mentor of his billionaire boss may be spelling trouble as well.

With enemies on every side, can Josh and John know who to trust and prevail in the end against their many foes? Read Wrecker in order to find out!

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