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Mark Roberts is an English author of fiction. He was born in Liverpool, England and grew up there as well. Beyond primary school, he went to study at St. Francis Xavier’s College. Roberts worked as a teacher for two decades. In the past decade, he has worked in the field of school teaching. Roberts doesn’t write just novels involving crime fiction, but he also is a playwright and has won awards for at least one of his plays.

His first published book is The Sixth Soul. This crime fiction novel is part of the D.C.I. Rosen series and was released in 2013. It is his very first novel released and is intended to be ready by adults for such things as its graphic nature and the topics and themes contained within. He followed it up with the 2014 novel What She Saw.

These two books weren’t the only fictional novels that Mark Roberts has written. He also penned the Eve Clay series. The series begins with Blood Mist and is followed up by the thrilling Dead Silent. The series continues with 2017’s Day of the Dead and the fourth book, Killing Time, released in 2018. It concerns the adventures and cases of DCI Eve Clay and could be considered a companion series to the Rosen series. It is set in Liverpool.

One popular crime fiction series written by Roberts is the D.C.I. Rosen series. While there are only two novels in it currently, there may be more in the future. The Sixth Soul is titled after the story that takes place within it, which of course includes things in numbers of six. There are six women. There are six abductions being planned. There is a plan for a total of six souls. Six seems to be something that a killer is fixated on.

The tabloids, of course, are obsessed with this new killer. They’re using every chance that they have to splash the news across their papers and sell them like hotcakes. Tragedy sells, and so does fear and sensationalism. All of these things come together and the tabloids were calling the murderer ‘Herod’. Their inspiration is drawing the connection between this killer and the ancient ruler that demanded babies be executed in his name.

This killer is obsessed with pregnant women and babies as well– except those babies are never going to be born. This killer not only is targeting women that are expecting, but he mutilates them in the process. All of the mothers of England are at risk and when the word gets out, people are terrified. After the serial killer leaves their bodies on the London streets for the people of the city to stumble upon and react in horror. It’s up to the inspector to track down the man (at least he thinks that he is a man) and bring him to justice.

This mean is someone that Rosen calls the Devil. Who else could murder and mutilate women who are in the prime of their lives and murdering their unborn children in the process? Rosen thinks that any person who follows an occult, ancient text to the exact letter must be evil. Not to mention that the text is referred to as the mirror opposite, the answer from hell to the Holy Bible. Anyone who’s subscribing to that and killing women on the streets has got to be either off or evil, and Rosen thinks it’s evil.

There have been multiple victims of this cold-hearted, sadistic killer. When a new victim is kidnapped out of the blue, David has only a short time available to him before they can save the woman from what is sure to be a horrible fate. Everyone knows the patterns of the killer, but not everyone knows how to actually stop the man that Rosen calls the Devil.

As time goes on, he grows closer to finding the killer– but when he goes into the den of the devil, what is it that he will find? There may be things out there that are worse than death, even by the standards of this very sick man. The sixth victim may suffer the worst of them all. Crime drama at its finest– but a story that will have you turning the pages to find out what happened with all the lights on in your house.

Can this detective rescue the woman and apprehend the killer, or will the bad guy roam free doing the devil’s work? Read the book that critics are calling a ‘humdinger of a thriller’ and ‘an absolute triumph’. Check out The Sixth Soul to catch all the thrilling actions for yourself!

The second book in this series written by Mark Roberts is titled What She Saw. When children are disappearing in the middle of the night, what is going on with a London estate? Things get only steadily trickier when a boy crawls out from a car on fire and is left to fight for his life after at only nine years of age. At last, DCI Rosen and his team are assigned to the case.

What is still more curious is that a sinister eye has been carved into the wreckage site. Markings and signs are made out that are placed on the wall and seem to be clues as to what is going on. As a matter of fact, Clues are popping up everywhere, but what do they mean? DCI David Rosen is working with his team as quickly as possible to crack the code. They have to get it done before the time window runs out, or those kids might just never come back.

With every second counting, Rosen and his team work feverishly to crack the code while tracking down leads and doing everything they can to try and decipher the code. What they do in the next few hours could mean the difference between life and death for a number of children that have gone missing in the night in London. Is it coincidence? Did someone take them? It’s a race against the clock to find out and get a lead on the location of any or all of these kids.

This sequel in the Rosen series is being called a “gripping story” with a fast-moving plot that makes it tough to put down. Navigate the twists and turns of this world by picking up this suspenseful novel and reading it to the very end.

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