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Publication Order of Mark Sava Books

The Colonel's Mistake (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Leveling (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spy for Hire (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death of a Spy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Growing up in New Jersey, the American author Dan Mayland would hold a lifelong fascination for the spy and espionage genre, as he would come to immerse himself deeply within it throughout the entire course of his writing career to follow, creating some of the best known spy novels of recent times. Giving a thoroughly modern take on the genre, his contemporary perspective on the format would take it forwards into new and uncharted territories, something which he would develop throughout his life, especially during his time spent traveling across the world, taking in a whole range of different experiences and ideas. It is this worldly analysis of the genre and his understanding of it that has really made it work, allowing it to effectively come alive off of the page, giving it a real sense of vitality and vibrancy, one which has attracted score of readers worldwide, This has also been established through his sense of confidence and wit, something which he has keenly developed over the years, and something which his many legions of fans have come to appreciate him for as well. Creating effective thrillers that keep the reader glued to their seats, he does his best to ensure that his novels stand out in otherwise already abundant genre, building something that is entirely his own. Setting himself apart with his sense of character as well, he has created strong leading protagonist, that are both engaging and compelling to follow, yet simultaneously down-to-earth and grounded in how they relate to the reader. With readers finding elements that resonate with them, regardless of where they come from, this is something that Mayland has excelled at, as readers continually come back for more time and time again. This can be seen through his many series and franchises too, as he has built them up over time, allowing them to effectively take on a life of their own almost. A series that he has become particularly well known for is that of his much loved ‘Mark Sava’ series of novels, as they follow the eponymous lead protagonist of the title throughout his adventures. A station chief working for the CIA, this is a set of spy thriller novels that take place all across the world, as he seeks to always do the right thing and ensure the safety of citizens worldwide. Taking in a variety of different locations, it really utilizes Mayland’s time spent traveling, as it brings in a whole range of exotic locations, allowing the reader to immerse themselves in them, something which will continue for quite some time to come.

With four books in the series so far and counting, the first one would be released in 2012, whilst the last one would come out in 2014, with them coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time. The first one would be ‘The Colonel’s Mistake’, soon to be followed up by ‘The Leveling’ the following year, with ‘Spy For Hire’ and ‘Death of a Spy’ both being released in 2014. All of these would add up to creating one of his most fully comprehensive series to date, allowing the character of Mark Sava to come alive for many years to follow.

The Colonel’s Mistake

Published through the ‘Thomas and Mercer’, this would bring the whole world of Mark Sava to life for the very first time. Originally published in 2012 in the month of August, it would take the reader on a journey for the very first time, giving them a clear idea of what was to come. It would also work at establishing the ambiance and tone of the series too.

Setting up the franchise, this incorporates a variety of traditional elements to the thriller and spy genre, really having fun with them in the process. Introducing the character of Mark Sava for the first time too, it really provides an idea of who he actually is and what he’s capable of here. Painting a vivid picture of an international set of landscapes too, it really brings its narrative alive through its use of descriptions too.

Living a somewhat quiet life as the professor of a western university situated in the city of Baku, Mark Sava has been stationed in Azerbaijan as the CIA station chief there. Soon, though, this peace is suddenly broken following the assassination of a high-level ranking American during an oil conference, all of which leads to the arrest of Daria Buckingham, the CIA operations officer. This then leads Mark Sava on a journey to clear the Iranian American Buckingham’s name, as Sava knew her well and knows she’s incapable of such an action. Who really did it though? Will the true culprit be found? What was the colonel’s mistake?

The Leveling

Providing another adventure, this would continue on from the previous title, with it being the second in the ‘Mark Sava’ series of novels. Coming out in 2013 on the 7th of May, it would also come out through the ‘Thomas and Mercer’ publishing outlet to much acclaim. Developing the series, it would take it forward in a bold and exciting direction.

Settling back into his life as a CIA station chief working as a university professor in Baku, the peace of Mark Sava is broken once more, as this time an attempt is made on his life. Following the assassination attempt in the library, he gets word, and photos, of the news that his friend John Decker has been kidnapped. Teaming up with his ex-girlfriend Daria Buckingham once more, the two of them work together to locate Decker and find out what’s really going on. Will they be able to save him though? Can they keep themselves as well? Just who is undertaking the leveling?

The Mark Sava Series

A fast, fun and vibrant collection of novels, these best exemplify what Dan Mayland has to offer as a modern author of the genre, providing something for not only fans of the style, but the author as well. With a strong leading protagonist he is not without faults either, as Mayland makes sure to give him some vulnerabilities, thus allowing him to become more human in the process. This is expected to continue for some time yet, as the series grows from strength-to-strength, as it garners more and more readers every day.

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