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Mark Walden is an English author of fiction. He describes himself as the world’s laziest man and says that he has yet to hold down anything that resembles a proper job. However, he has spent ten years working as a video game designer and producer in spite of this self-proclaimed fact.

Walden received his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Newcastle University. He also received his Master’s degree in Twentieth Century Literature, Film, and Television. It was while studying at Newcastle that he met the woman that was to be his future wife, Sarah. Walden left the game industry to help raise his daughter Megan and be a full-time dad to her around the clock, describing his wife and daughter as two of the most beautiful women on Earth.

Walden is the author of several fiction novels. His debut book came out in 2006 and was titled H.I.V.E., the first book in the series of the same name. It won the Confident Readers category in October of 2007 as part of Richard and Judy’s Children’s Book Club in the nine years of age and up category.

The first book was well-received and was soon followed with the 2007 sequel, The Overlord Protocol. There are eight books in the series, with the last being Deadlock, released in 2012. The series focuses on main character Otto Malpense, who at thirteen years of age runs the orphanage where he lives and has a plan to be the world’s greatest next supervillain.

Mark Walden is also the author of the Earthfall series. This series started out with Earthfall and was followed up by Retribution and Redemption.

H.I.V.E. is the first novel in the series of the same name by English author Mark Walden. The main character in this series is called Otto Malpense. He is a young man of thirteen years old. He lives in an orphanage. Even though he’s pretty young, Otto has enough sense and drive to pretty much run the orphanage. He has even come up with a devious plan that he believes will be enough to trick the country’s most powerful men.

All things considered, Otto is in a good position to make moves to become the next big supervillain. That is exactly how he is selected to join the Higher Institute of Villainous Education. H.I.V.E. is an educational institution hidden away on an island, and all of the students that make up the incoming class have been selected by hand because of their elite abilities.

The students have all been kidnapped to be brought to the school, which is hidden on the island inside a volcano that appears to be active. This is where the school has been for years, working with children that are all advanced in some way. This could mean that they are very athletic, that they are very intelligent, or that they are very technically advanced.

The school is very interesting and is designed exactly as you would expect. There are huge rooms made of marble, steel doors designed to provide protection, and hangars with floodlights. All of the students are quickly enrolled in classes like Stealth and Evasion 101 and Villainy Studies. Otto is interested in the unique studies but quickly realizes that this program lasts for six years and is not optional. You can stay, but you cannot leave.

Even though Otto can’t leave, things aren’t so bad. He’s managed to make some friends at the new school. His new pals are also a pretty diverse group. One is a gorgeous thief who is known the world over for stealing diamonds. Another is very athletic and known for his expertise in the martial arts. Another one of his friends is a genius when it comes to computers. Besides being exceptional, Otto and his friends have something else in common– they want to leave H.I.V.E.

The only problem is that no one has actually ever been able to break out of the school. As far as Otto knows, no one has ever been allowed to leave or even attempted it with any success. Otto is hatching a plan to break out of H.I.V.E.– but can they do it? Pick up this exciting book from Mark Walden to find out for sure!

The Overlord Protocol is the second book in the H.I.V.E. series. Otto Malpense is back, and he has a few friends on his side. When they were all picked to go to this exclusive school, all of the incoming students were intrigued by the place. They thought it would be an adventure and that their very first year there would be exciting. It turns out that they could not have been more wrong. But what do you expect from a school that kidnaps the members of its incoming classes?

When Otto is allowed to go off campus with his friend Wing, it’s for a good reason. They believe that they are attending a funeral for Wing’s father. But the two are not aware that the funeral is a trap. It’s part of a plan that Cypher has come up with. Who is Cypher? Only the most lethal and ruthless supervillain that the students know of.

Cypher desperately wants to get his hands on the Overlord Protocol. This is a special device that could help the villain take over the world. Soon Otto discovers that to protect his friends, he must hunt down Cypher and make him pay for what he has done. But he’ll need some help from his friends and even a former enemy. Shelby, Raven, Laura, and even Dr. Nero join forces with the former orphan to help him find a way to defeat Cypher.

With the aid of his allies, Otto is closer than ever to taking down one of the most infamous villains in the world. With a new enemy in his sights and his mission clear, Otto must defeat Cypher to save the world once and for all. Can he do it? You’ll have to check out The Overlord Protocol by Mark Walden to find out for yourself! Pick up this exciting fantasy novel today!

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