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Publication Order of Marked Men Books

Jay Crownover has created the series, Marked Men. She is very fond of tattoos and also loves music, but has no knack for singing or playing any instrument, she decided to go for writing stories with interesting twists and plots. The series Marked Men is a sizzling new adult fictional series. The series named Marked Men is a bestseller which is full of passionate and sexy stories with love, heartbreaks, the conspiracies of fate, and the unfolding of second chances.


Shaw Landon is in love with Archer from the very moment she first sees him. Shaw is a pre MED student and also the girlfriend of Rule’s dead twin brother. Rule is her antithesis and everything about him like his tattoos and piercings all over the body and his wild demeanor is something that should not have attracted Shaw who is very conservative. But Shaw’s heart refuses to listen to any logic.

Rule is a rebel while Shaw is a perfect lady and a conformist to conventions of society. Rule lays down his own societal norms. Rule does not care about Shaw’s goodness although she is the only person who is able to see through his camouflaged exterior.

Rule is aware that some people think he is hiding behind his tattoos and piercings, trying to get away from his dead twin. But Shaw sees through it all and is not afraid of what is underneath. Everything changes in the blink of an eye and they find themselves trying to figure out how a girl like her and a guy like Rule could remain in love without destroying each other.

A skimpy skirt and an overdoing of birthday cocktails, leads to spilled secrets and an intimate night together the consequences of which none of them can ignore. They actually fall in love and have to work out things without destroying their love. Shaw is willing to go through hell to hold on to him.


With a tight fitting pair of leather pants and his sharp edged personality makes Jet Keller the rock and roll dream of every girl. Ayden Cross has ceased to roam the wild joints with bad guys. She does not submit to the dark and tormented eyes of Jet Keller. She is afraid of the burning sparks that may ignite spontaneous into a burning flame from a single touch. Jet also finds himself to be helpless and cannot resist the Southern Beauty with long legs and cowboy boots which defies all his expectations. However, the closer he finds himself to Ayden the lesser he is able to comprehend her. Both of them are tempted to experience firsthand the consequences of coming together of two people with diametrically opposing ideas regarding the values in relationships. They want to feel for themselves whether the burning fire will create a lasting love or will it turn their dreams into ashes?

Ayden has her own set of priorities. She wants to get her degree and get a job so that she never has to look back. Jet is just a local musician who is more secure than Ayden. He loves his music which is his life. But he does not just perform, he writes and produces and does pretty well for himself. He would rather go broke than take up a job where he has to work nine-to-five. The two of them finally decide to ‘hook up’ after a lot of sexual tension develops. When they finally unite they find they have some special chemistry. They just do not know what to do with it.

Jet is a sexy, pleasurable, full of angst and with lots of great action between the sheets, is an exciting sequel in the series Marked Man. You are hooked from the beginning and enjoy reading about troubled characters. Nothing is sexier and hotter than going about reading a story of the tattered look and tattooed and pierced body of the rock star Jet which can so easily make you drop your panties.


Sometimes the wrong decision can be the right one… Rome is a funny and fearless story about Cora, who has learnt how to avoid bad boys with tattoos. The story has a background of the external show of joy from a broken heart. Cora comes across Rome who is a stubborn, rigid and authoritarian character and a little broken. He is a man who is trying to find out what to do with his life. He has a constant fight to keep the dark images of war and his personal tragedy from overwhelming him. He likes to suffer alone but Cora makes an appearance and enters his life, bringing a flash of color into his gray sea of tragedy. Perfect may not be perfectly imperfect always.


Nash is the fourth book in Marked Men saga. Saint Ford toiled very hard to become a nurse is her dream. There is no room to love in her busy life. She does not need a guy to make any waves in her peaceful and sober life. Dark and brooding Nash Donovan does not remember the pain he caused her in her high school days. He is on the verge of upsetting Saints world by his reappearance in her life.

Saint is not aware about the change that has come about Nash due to his recent knowledge about his family secret. He is not interested in making love to nurses at the moment in his shattered frame of mind. But he cannot ignore the sparks which flows when he comes across Saint and he is blind to the desperation of Saint to avoid him. For him the drop-dead sexy Saint is much too attractive to forget. She is the only thing in a troubled time which he can think of.


After the girl he passionately loves informs Rowdy that he simply does not measure up to her standard Rowdy St. James polishes the dust from his Texas boots and starts to have a reckless time. He refuses to be serious in relationships with the female sex. He is a case of once bitten, twice shy. His new co-worker arrives shaking up his entire being from his allergy to females.

Salem Cruz is desperate to forget her dull life full of unhappiness. She comes across Rowdy the long lost blue-eyed boy who lived next door and who used to love her little sister. She decides to teach him that he needs to live his life in full and not have miserable desperate flings.

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