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The American writer Sylvia Day, or S.J. Day as she is also known as, is a modern and contemporary author science-fiction and fantasy literature, as she has managed to create a style and tone that is completely unique to her. Largely focusing on a Young Adult demographic, she has been able to create vast and expansive landscapes that are both rich and evocative in how they are put forwards. Allowing the reader to lose themselves within the action, she speaks to her younger readers in an easy to relate to tone, something which has proven to be highly successful over the years, which can be largely seen through her status as a bestselling author situated at the top of the New York Times bestseller list, along with USA Today as well. This has come about through her unique usage of characters too, as they are brought to life through her gift for dialogue, along with her down-to-earth style, something which is always prominent no matter how far-reaching the concept used. Injecting an element of romance into her work too, she has also been able to create timeless tales that emotionally invests her readers allowing them to escape, whilst finding something of themselves in her warm and engaging narratives. Her characters are compelling too, as they build a sense of rapport with the readers, allowing them to feel as if they really know them, giving them a sense of familiarity that stays with the reader long after the novel has finished. Setting up many of her franchises in far off fantastical worlds as well, she allows the reader to really lose themselves, something which has attracted many readers worldwide, regardless of their background, as she writes on a universal level. In regards to her series themselves, she has created a variety of these, both under her own name and her pseudonym of S.J. Day too. A series that she has written under the pen-name of S.J. Day that she is particularly well known for is that of her highly anticipated ‘Marked’ collection of novels. Set firmly within the realms of fantasy, this urban fantasy franchise follows the character of Evangeline Hollis, as she finds herself pursued by a variety of unsavory otherworldly elements. Cursed by god and hunted by demons, she finds herself in the center of something larger than herself, all whilst being desired by none other that Cain and Abel. Setting up a fantastical world, Day manages to bring her character to life by really testing her and pitting her against the elements of the world at large.

Running for a total of three main novels during 2009, this would see the release of ‘Eve of Darkness’, ‘Eve of Destruction’ and ‘Eve of Chaos’ during its entire run. Over time subsequent novellas would also be released, further expanding upon the initial series, allowing it to be developed to an even greater degree than before. Day would also contribute shorter stories of hers set within this world, such as her story for ‘The Mammoth Book of Romance’ of which she was a contributing author along with others, thus ensuring its ever timeless appeal as a franchise.

Eve of Darkness

Bought out originally in 2009 on the 28th of April, this would initially come out through the ‘Tor Books’ publishing label under Sylvia Day’s pen-name of S.J. Day. Setting up the Marked franchise, it would be the first one in the series, ostensibly introducing all of the characters for the first, allowing them and their stories to essentially be told. Not only that, but it would also give Evangeline Hollis her very first case and adventure to contend with, allowing her to find herself as a character along with the audience.

Setting up the series, this introduces many of the leading characters for the first time, giving them room and space to breathe within the world that’s been created by Day. The characters themselves are well drawn, especially that of Evangeline Hollis herself, as she effectively finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place from the very outset of the novel. In regards to its various use of locations too, it really manages to create an otherworldly feel to the proceedings, allowing it all to take on a life of its own.

It would seem that what Evangeline Hollis thought to be just a simple fling, would ultimately lead to a disaster of biblical proportions. Spending a night with a ‘bad boy’, she wakes to find herself imbued with none other than the Mark of Cain, as she finds herself receiving divine punishment. This then leads her to find herself thrust into a biblical world where demons and angels exist, as she’s caught between a sibling rivalry as old as time itself. Will she be able to escape from it all? Who will she turn to, if anybody? What will happen on the eve of darkness?

Eve of Destruction

Published through the ‘Tor Books’ publishing outlet once more, this would continue on directly from the last in much the same vein as before. Released on the 2nd of June in 2009, it would come out not long after the first, allowing fans to quickly move on to each subsequent volume. It would also work at developing the world and the characters themselves, allowing them to move forwards in the process.

Set to become a fully fledged Mark all of her own, Evangeline Hollis has been undergoing training to ensure she’s an unstoppable force. Needing to pass the course soon becomes a matter of life and death, as she finds a demon among her ranks hidden during a field test at a deserted military base. Looking to keep this secret system hidden as well, she must keep a group of TV ghost researchers from finding out the truth too, whilst also keeping them safe as well. Will she manage it? Can she pass the test? What will take place on the eve of destruction?

The Marked Series

Really setting itself apart, this is a genre novel that fully stands the test of time, allowing its story to come alive in the process, whilst letting its readers build a sense of rapport with the leading character of Evangeline Hollis during and throughout its entire run. Knowing and understanding the genre extremely well, Day definitely makes the most of her material, thus showing a master of her craft clearly within her element and at the peak of powers as an author. Standing the test of time for many years to come, this will hold a legacy that many will continue to appreciate for many years yet, on into the foreseeable future.

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