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The Revenge of the Dwarves (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fate of the Dwarves (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Triumph of the Dwarves (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Markus Heitz is a German horror, fantasy and science fiction author known for his bestselling, The Dwarves series. The author was born in Homburg in 1971, and he studied German language, literature, and history. He wrote The Dwarves series and his other novels in German and later translated into English.

The Dwarves

The Dwarves the first book in The Dwarves series is an exciting story of a dwarf named Tungdil raised around human beings by a foster father magus, Lot Ionan after abandonment at birth. Tungdil has never seen another of his kind, but all is about to change. Lot Ionan sends him to go for an errand in a long distance to deliver some important message. He begins the journey where he will meet his fellow dwarves as they try to save the realm of Girdlegard from the evil and everything changes about him.

When dispatched by Lot Ionan he starts his journey with mixed feelings of excitement and tension. In Girdlegard there are men, dwarves, wizards, elves who are good then orcs alfs and evil creatures now ruled by the king of the Perished land. He finds himself trapped by the strange happenings which are interfering with the peace of the kingdom. He is nominated to vie for the position of a high king now that the throne is vacant and he appears to be a capable successor. Lot ionan passes on, and Gridlegard is taken over by Nudin a magus of the perished land which was turned to the dark side while searching for knowledge. In this story, all sides of the races are tested against one another I the war of Girdlegard.

Tungdil grows his status, and after some time he becomes the leader. His must set out on a quest to make the forged weapon that can defeat Nudin and defend his kingdom. On his journey, he meets elves, orcs and traitor dwarfs who distract the mission from succeeding. The dwarves have into five groups, and there is a succession battle between them now that their leader is elderly almost facing his death and a new leader has to be chosen. However evil and powerful forces are working the dwarven homes regardless of whether they know it and this brings confusion in all sides.

Tundgdil walks during this time of confusion even though he is not aware of his heritage since he was brought up by a wizard. He was raised knowing about scholarship, diplomacy and other qualities not recognized by most dwarfs. These qualities have given him the skills of being a charismatic young dwarf, and this leads him to various adventures.

Earlier during Tungdil’s journey, he comes across many landscapes and gets his first tastes of battle. He meets many characters and entwines in the succession war without even knowing anything about his lineage or his qualities. He is given a big task when the evil begins to destroy the land, and a new enemy threatens to sweep everything that appeared good in all the kingdoms.

We come across some of the characters who are worth being noted including the warrior twins who are close friends and loveable little characters. They protect and defend each other and their friends and relate nicely with them.

The author gives elaborate information about the dwarves society, their food, occupations, hobbies and their set of families. The story is nicely written with characters that make an impression in the mind of the reader due to their personalities. The tale narrates in two lines; the main one is Tungdil’s adventures and the Dwarven kingdom succession of the king. It grows and gets better with new characters introducing and new role fulfilled in an awesome experience.

The dwarves are a great fantasy story with unique characters that you will love when reading it. The characters become intriguing and real becomes as the story opens up slowly. The book combines fairy tales, nightmares and images of beauty and poetry with excellent and realistic political systems using a lot of humor diversifying its characters. Human and elves represented, and the mix comes out well when reading.

The Revenge of the Dwarves

The Revenge of Dwarves is the final book in Markus Heitz The Dwarves Trilogy. Things have not been easy for Tungdil abut he is not ready to rest since he wants to face the enemy of his kingdom which is the evil destroying his land of Girdlegard. Some hybrid creatures land while they are asleep and they are aiming to steal an artifact which is vital for the defense of the kingdom and whoever is in its custody can control the world.

The dwarfs are on threat and Tungdil has to use his double axe while risking everything to save his country. The book introduces us to a different Tungdil we left in the second book of the series. He faced difficult times with his wife, and he later returns while drunk, overweight and as miserable aged dwarf whose soul has already abandoned him. It is not long before they start receiving threats and the words of his friend who pulls him from the hallucination, which leaves him very different from before. The character twist is a little tight, and you will end up liking the new Tungdil.

After Tungdil recovers from drunkenness, he starts to interrogate himself and tries to plan what he wants in his life. He later admits that he is not able to settle down with one person in one place and starts some dramas which we see in the course of the story. The problems he faces leaves you feeling bad for him since from the start we have known him to a hero among all the dwarfs.

Tungdil is not the only character changing, but all the characters go through the same this time. The strained relationship among the elves, humans, and dwarfs threatens the state of peace in the land when they begin suspecting one another of deceiving and treachery. The elves are now the new enemies who should be conquered though they look like the good ones.

Markus Heitz is a popular German author of horror, science fiction, and fantasy novels. He has written several widely successful book series in her career, including the Dwarves series, Legends of the Alfar series, and Aera series, and a few standalone novels. Heitz has written all his novels in German and most of them have been translated for the English readers in many countries of the world. However, many of his original novels are still not available in English and they are expected to be translated into English in the upcoming years. Heitz has mainly gained popularity in Europe in the last two to three years because of the English translations of a few of his novels.

Author Heitz was born on October 10, 1971, in Homburg, Germany. He has studied literature, German language, and history. Currently, he resides in Zweibrucken, Germany. Heitz has won the 2003 German Fantasy Award for his first book Shadows Over Ulldart. The Dwarves series penned by him has gained the bestseller status in many parts of the Continent. Heitz is grateful for all the support he has received from the English and non-English speaking readers in various parts of the world. He intends to keep writing interesting stories for them for as long as he can. He hopes that the readers will continue to shower their love on his upcoming books just like they have liked his previous novels.

The Dwarves Saga series written by author Markus Heitz is comprised of a total of 5 books originally released between 2003 and 2015. Its debut book is entitled ‘Dwarves’ and was released in 2009 by the Yen/Orbit publication after its first release in 2003. The central characters mentioned in this book include Tungdil Bolofar, Boendal, Boindil, Rodario der Unglaubliche, etc. Heitz has set the story in a fictional world called Geborgene Land. This book tells the exciting story of Tungdil. He was abandoned after his birth and was brought up by a human foster father named Magus Lor Lonan, who is a blacksmith by profession. All his life, Tungdil Bolofar has never come across another dwarf. But, things begin to change when Tungdil is sent to a faraway place by his father to send an important message. This task takes Tungdil to places where he comes across fellow dwarves, who attempt to save the Girdlegard realm from an evil and Tungdil also joins them.

When Lot Lonan informs Tungdil about the upcoming task, he begins his journey with the feelings of tension and excitement. Girdlegard is filled with the good entities of men, wizards, dwarves, and elves, as well as the evil creatures like orcs and alfs. All of them are ruled by the Perished land’s king. After a little while into the journey, Tungdil feels that some strange happenings have trapped him and the same happenings are also interfering with the kingdom’s peace. When it is learned that the throne is vacant, Tungdil chooses to nominate himself for a high king’s position. He even appears to be having all the capabilities of a possible successor. After the passing of Lot Lonan, Nudin takes over Girdlegard. Consequently, the Girdlegard war is set into motion in which all the races participate and test their strength against one another. Later, Tungdil’s status sees growth and he succeeds in becoming the leader. But, to defeat Nudin and take back the control of his kingdom, he must go on a journey to find a powerful forged weapon.

As he proceeds further in his journey, Tungdil meets orcs, traitor dwarves, elves, and other creatures, who try to distract him from his mission. The dwarves are divided into 5 groups and members from each group stake claim to the throne after seeing that their leader is about to die soon. Powerful and evil forces are causing confusion among the dwarves and making them fight among themselves, although they are not aware of it. Tungdil continues his journey at this confusing time without any knowledge of his heritage. As he is raised by a different entity, he has knowledge about diplomacy, scholarship, and a few other qualities, which are not normally known to the dwarves. These qualities have helped him acquire a skill set with which he moves ahead in his journey. In this book, author Heitz has given an elaborate description of the society of dwarves, their occupations, food, and families. Heitz has written the story in an exciting manner that gets even better with the introduction of new characters as the story proceeds further. All the characters go on to become much more intriguing in the later parts of the plot.

The second volume of this series is known as ‘The War of the Dwarves’. It was published by the Piper publication in 2004. This book continues to feature the same set of primary characters as mentioned in the previous book and shows Tungdil Bolofar in the lead role again. He is commonly referred to as ‘Goldhand’ by the people close to him. This book opens by depicting that the Hidden Land gets filled up with the festive atmosphere. While Tungdil Bolofar and his friends celebrate their victory over the evil and treacherous Magus Nod Onn, a large army of orcs head for the Hidden Land to overthrow the rule of the dwarves. The underhand orcs seem to have become immortal with the help of a dark secret named black water and have now become deadlier than they ever were. When Tungdil Bolofar learns about the upcoming danger from the orcs, he gathers his strength and calls for the help of his trustworthy companions to battle against the powerful villains. Meanwhile, the whole of Hidden Land gets trapped in a terrible calamity that brings more trouble and adds to the misery of the dwarves.

The evil villains bring along 11 incarnations of their god and stand on the western border of Tungdil’s country, ready to kill each of the dwarves coming in their way. Tungdil does not fear the large orcs army and is ready to defend his land until his last breath. He promises to fight and hold on to his possessions until he has swung the last ax. This exciting sequel was also enjoyed by all the readers who liked the first book. They loved the book from start to end and praised its interesting characters, engaging storyline, and mind-blowing setup. Many critics and fellow authors gave rave reviews about this book in various literary magazines and appreciated the efforts of author Heitz in coming up with such a unique story.

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