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Marnie Baranuik Files Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Marnie Baranuik Files Books

Marnie Baranuik Files Series

Marnie Baranuik Files is a series of fantasy books by a Canadian author of fantasy, humor, paranormal and comedy novels A.J. Aalto. The series features Marnie Baranuik, a woman with special abilities working with the FBI and helping solve homicides and other crimes.

The series features paranormal creatures such as werewolves, vampires, witches and creatures that feed on the undead. Aalto began her Marnie Baranuik Files series in 2013 when Touched the first book in the series was published. Since then more than five novels have been published.


Touched is the first book in The Marnie Baranuik Files series by A.J. Aalto. We are introduced to Marnie Baranuik, a woman who’s been nicknamed by the media as the Great White Shark. She’s dual talented, has the Blue Sense, the ability to read the emotions of others and also read impressions left behind on objects. Additionally, she has a doctorate in preternatural biology and has a great understanding of the dark arts.

Her previous and first big FBI investigation left her with a bullet on the shoulder and a chip on the other shoulder, and a serial killer on the loose. When the FBI seek her help on a local case, her happy early retirement is soon disrupted by a vampire hunting jackass and a rampaging ghoul. Marnie soon figures out the only true mystery is which one of them will kill her first. Too scared to die young, with the help of a few friends, Marnie is about to find out that there is no such thing as early retirement when you are Touched.

Touched is a book that can fall into so many different genres. It can be classified as a romance, paranormal, mystery, urban fantasy, or thriller. There is magic, supernatural beings, crazy critters, psychics, and beings that feast on the undead.

A.J. Aalto’s story is gritty, catchy, fascinating and original. Right from the first page, you can clearly tell that her characters have a past that will play a major role in their future. In so many occasions, authors get wrapped up at the start of the story and forget that their characters have a role to play. A.J. keeps everything intriguing with bits of information that feed every character to feed the reader throughout the story. There is non-stop action throughout this novel, both in the emotional and physical sense.

The characters have something at stake in their relationships, but each of these relationships is non-typical. Well, you’re wondering what the author means by non-typical? Well, the relationships here are not like Edward met Bella from Twilight or Harry met Sally or vampire met human.

Marnie is a smart heroine in a small package overflowing with attitude and brimming with psychic. She doesn’t disappoint. Her vibrant insults and snarky quips will leave you laughing and loving every second you meet her. She is the type of character with spunk, relatable faults, and endearing insecurities. She puts a smile for the world to see but deep inside she is a woman full of insecurities. Thankfully, it’s her insecurities that make her a relatable character. In real life, all women regardless of how successfully they have vulnerabilities and Marnie has her equal share. But regardless of how everything goes wrong for her, she never quits.

The love triangle Aalto creates works quite well primarily because it’s about love at all. The characters in the story are quite practical ones, and so the reader is spared of any angst and the cheesy mess we have to deal with in pnr.

The plot is fast paced, and never loses momentum, and the dialogue is also believable. Each character in the story has their own unique voice which is also refreshing. For instance, the 400-year-old vampire pretty much sounds like a person who’s been around for 400 years; the cops sound like cops and Marnie speaks like a present-day adult.

The world building is great, it’s full of ingredients (werewolves, vampires, witches, e.t.c) the world just realized the existence of these monsters and so it’s still getting used to its stuff. All these ingredients are mixed up in a bizarre but original blend.

Death Rejoices

Death Rejoices is the second book in Marnie Baranuik Files series by A.J. Aalto. In this episode, Marnie works undercover with the FBI. She is dressed like a squirrel infiltrating a perverse sexual part suspected of being a serial killer. As Malas, the master of the vampires is petted by horrible creatures, he organizes the party, but he is the leader of a radical religious group that kills the paranormal abominations.

In no time zombies appear in almost every corner and the bodies multiply. Of course, sexy agent Batten is here to wake up and sexually assault Marnie. Not to mention that a beautiful and sexy agent named Golden is not satisfied with the charm of Batten for Marnie. Marnie takes her job seriously and wants to ring Harry’s bell with a new tune. Meanwhile, Marnie is working with a new partner, DeClan, who has an incredible interest in Harry. Of course, the demon Asmodeus wants to participate in the zombie action and tries to execute Marnie. Do not do it!

If all that was not enough, Marnie’s newly converted brother Wesley is still struggling with his new vampire life. Harry asks Marnie to intervene. Not everything seems to be in Marnie Barsnuik’s world, but its fun to solve everything.

This second installment in of Marnie Baranuik’s series gives Marnie a bit more maturity. After all, she heads a department in the FBI and has her own FBI assistant. Marnie has sworn cookies, but she always wants her sweets. It still seems a bit impulsive and sometimes without the benefit of a brain filter. Marnie is still interested in Constable Mark Batten, and his inner dialogue still has fond memories. She has also started personal defense training with Sherriff Hood. Harry was married to Harry. If you enjoy reading fantasy books, you’ll surely love A.J. Aalto books Marnie Baranuik Files.

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