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Marnie Riches is a critically acclaimed and award winning author of mystery fiction that is best known as the author of the “Georgina McKenzie” series of novels. She first embarked on her writing career publishing historical adventures targeted at children before she gravitated towards crime thrillers for an older audience.

Riches wrote “The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die,” her bestselling debut in 2015 and has never looked back since. The Dead Good Reader award winning work introduces Dr. Georgina McKenzie, a criminologist with the Dutch Police who deals with issues of transnational trafficking.

Marnie has said that much of her writing is inspired by her life growing up in a rundown Manchester suburb during the 80s. Since she also writes many gritty stories about the criminal underworld in Manchester, she has been called the “Martina Cole of the North.”

In addition to mystery novels, she also writes historical sagas under the alias Margaret Campbell.

In addition to her writing, Marnie Riches is a Royal Literary Fund Fellow and works at the Doctoral School at Salford University, where she mentors post graduate students on academic writing. She also tutors the Writing a Novel Course at Faber Academy.

Marnie has also appeared regularly on BBC Radio Manchester’s “Phil Trow drive-time show.” She was featured on Sarah Beeney and “Written in Blood,” the CBS Reality series. Richie also writes occasional features for the press.

Before she started writing professionally, she used to work as a fundraiser for more than two decades and worked for several educational/arts organizations and children’s charities including The Department of Education and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

When she is not working as a champion of the written word, she can usually be found gardening and enjoying music with her family in the North West.

Marnie Riches has said that she enjoys writing crime fiction as she finds looking into the dark heart of society exhilarating.
Despite the veneer of respectability in our society, there has been a significant rise in global black markets and transnational trafficking which has changed the face of criminality in mainland Europe and the United Kingdom.

She is interested in documenting why people often fall victim to trafickers and also why murderers and other criminals do what they do. As such, her writing tends to reflect her interest in what differentiates criminals from everyday citizens. She also looks at the human condition, greed, global poverty and corruptibility.

As a student of Dutch and German at university, she has always been interested in how cultures and countries connect with each other. Marnie is a huge reader of traveling far afield whenever she can, and often reads news from all over the world.

She has asserted that news of brutality and poverty due to natural disasters, corruption and political instability have been an inspiration for some of her works. It is for this reason that she tries to capture what she reads in the cultural complexity and richness of her works.

In “The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die” by Georgina McKenzie, we are introduced to the lead as a twenty year old woman. Georgina is an intelligent strong aspiring criminologist with a great analytical mind.

She had been relaxing after a long day when fellow student and also lover Adrianus Karelse informs her that a suicide bomber had detonated a bomb at the faculty library. Upon arriving at the scene, Georgina finds Paul van den Bergen, the police inspector of the Dutch Police looking into things.
He tries his best but only hits upon dead ends and ultimately asks for the help of Georgina McKenzie, an aspiring criminologist and British exchange student. First things first: who was the man responsible and why did he target the faculty library.

Bergen’s strategy is to get George, who also blogs on the student forum “The Moment,” to write an article to flush out the killer. But they soon realize that the bombing is only part of a much more menacing and larger plot that will cause terror over the whole city.

George believes there is a killer walking the red light district posing as a student. Things get interesting when she becomes his target.

Marnie Riches’ novel “The Girl Who Broke the Rules” is an excellent new thriller that still follows the life and times of Georgina McKenzie. At the opening of the novel, the bodies of two prostitutes from the red light district ae found mutilated on the streets.

Chief Inspector Bergen knows he needs to do something before the entire city goes into panic mode. Meanwhile, Georgina McKenzie is researching pronography use among the most violent sex offenders in the United Kingdom. However, once she gets the call from the detective inspector, she is too happy to oblige him.
The death toll is rising rapidly and the two have to navigate a complex maze of transnational human trafficking and Soho strip club muck. With the case becoming more complex, George is forced to seek the advice of Dr Silas Holm, a brilliant serial killer who is incarcerated at the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital.
It is a brilliant pulse pounding thriller that grabs its reader right from the first page to the last.

Marnie Riches’ novel “The Girl Who Walked in the Shadows” opens to a Europe dealing with an extreme cold blast from the arctic even as a killer causes much havoc. Jack Frost is a killer that leaves no traces and is known for killing with razor sharp icicles.

Georgina McKenzie is no longer a student but a fully qualified criminologist who is asked to profile the brutal and cunning murderer. Could she be looking for a frenzied killer rather than a hit man.

The hunt for the killer turns into a heart-rending and dangerous journey that takes Georgina through some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Europe where Roma gypsies and refugees earn their living on the fringes of society.

Walking into the violent and dark world of what happens to be a very twisted transnational ring could be fatal.

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