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Marriage To A Billionaire Books In Order

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Publication Order of Marriage to a Billionaire Books

The Marriage Bargain (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marriage Trap (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marriage Mistake (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marriage Merger (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Book of Spells (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marriage Arrangement (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

A New York Times bestselling author, the American writer Jennifer Probst is a uniquely talented and gifted writer of modern romance fiction, writing novels that are both witty and inventive, as they take an entirely inspired and creative take upon the genre, reinventing the format at every turn. This allows her to have her own idiosyncratic voice and style, creating a tone that is completely personal to her, allowing her to effectively say what it is that she wants to say. Gaining vast amounts of popularity over the years too, this goes some way towards explaining why she’s come to have the success that she’s had in recent years. Creating intricate and intelligent characters, she manages to draw her readers in with her warm and inventive style, allowing her audience to find their personalities resonate with their own experiences. Not only does she write contemporary romance novels though, but she also manages to write children’s fiction too, writing in a style that resonates with her younger readers in a manner that doesn’t speak down to them, whilst simultaneously treating them as equals as well. Coming from the area of New York herself, she is also a part of the Romance Writers of America, thus ensuring her status as one of the most prolific writers currently working within her field to date. Writing from her own unique perspective, giving her opinions and distinctive outlook upon the world, she has also made her work accessible to a worldwide global audience, allowing readers from far and wide to find something that they can relate to in her work. Creating strong characters that carry her franchises and series along, she makes sure that they don’t fall into cliches and stereotypical archetypes, whilst ensuring that she retains a degree of originality and authenticity, allowing her characters to speak for themselves. Producing a large number of much loved franchises and series, she has effectively built a large collection of series that manages to draw her readers in. One particular series is that of her ‘Marriage to a Billionaire’ collection of novels, as they take the format of the romance novel and subverts it in a knowing and fun manner. With a loosely connected collection of novels, it really manages to play with the genre tropes, creating a vastly inventive series of novels. Using the basic premise of a couple coming together, with one being a rich billionaire, they manage to present an escapist and fun fantasy, whilst also creating something entirely new in the process. They can be picked up at any point and, although character names can be seen recurring at certain points, there isn’t any over-arcing narrative as such.

So far amounting to four novels and counting, the series ran between the years of 2012 to 2013, with each one containing a different relationship, with a new and burgeoning couple. Starting out with ‘The Marriage Bargain’ in 2012, she would later follow this up with ‘The Marriage Trap’ and ‘The Marriage Mistake’ that same year. Then, in 2013, she would bring out ‘The Book of Spells’ and ‘The Marriage Merger’, only to have a shorter story come out in 2018 as part of a compendium with other writers.

The Marriage Bargain

Brought out through the ‘Entangled Publishing (Indulgence)’ outlet, this would begin the ‘Marriage to a Billionaire’ series with a high degree of efficiency and proficiency. Initially published on the 14th of February in 2012, this would introduce the world for the first time as well, giving the readers a clear idea of what to expect in the books to come. With many of the characters returning in smaller cameo roles as well, it manages to create a fun and engaging start to a highly compelling series.

Setting up a traditional romance novel, this hits all the right beats in all the right places, effectively bringing the series itself to life in the process. The characters themselves are also extremely well drawn as well, allowing the many ideas of Jennifer Probst to shine through them, giving the story its narrative drive. Using a series of fun and exotic locations as well, it really manages to reflect the world that it’s inhabiting extremely well too.

Looking to cast a love spell, bookstore owner Alexa Maria McKenzie never intended to capture the heart of the older brother of her best friend. Nicholas Ryan is a billionaire looking to inherit his father’s corporation, as he aims to take what’s his, with the one issue being that he needs to be married. Looking to make a business arrangement with his sister’s friend, the two of them work together, only to find themselves succumbing to an even greater passion. Will they be able to resist one another? Can they overcome their desires? What will come out of the marriage bargain?

The Marriage Trap

Initially released in 2012 on the 2nd of October, this would come out not long after the first. Continuing in much the same vein as before, it would also take the series in a somewhat different direction too. It would also bring back characters from before in cameo roles, giving the series a greater sense of depth in the process.

With the sister of Michael Conte wanting to get married it would seem that he must also be married first in order to appease his traditional Italian family. This means that he must make a deal with fashion photographer Maggie Ryan, as the two of them embark to Milan in order to attend an event there. After some time, though, they both find themselves succumbing to their passions for one another, as they find that marriage really may be one of the most enticing aphrodisiacs available. Will they overcome their passions for one another? Can Michael keep himself away from Maggie’s friend Alexa? What will become of the marriage trap?

The Marriage To A Billionaire Series

Really making the most of its format, this is both a fun and engaging series, as it’s one that really enjoys itself, coming to life for the reader, allowing them to lose themselves in the rich and engaging narratives. Creating memorable characters that stay with the reader long after they’ve put the books down, this is one series that will definitely stand the test of time for some years to come. With a lot of room to continue expanding upon this series, only time will tell if Probst carries on with it or moves on to other franchises and titles.

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