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Publication Order of Lucy Hatch Books

The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last of the Honky-Tonk Angels (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heartbreak Town (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return of the Stardust Cowgirl (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Marsha Moyer is an American published author of fiction.

The author was born in Austin, Texas. She grew up in the central Texas area, around Bryan/College Station. She attended Bryan High School locally. Once she graduated, she decided to attend the University of Texas at Austin. For the next two and a half decades, she was employed in a variety of different jobs. This includes working in swine management as secretary to not one but two animal scientists. She worked for Texas A&M’s computing center as their newsletter editor. She also worked as assistant to Karl Folkers, a noted chemist that achieved great work in coenzyme Q-10 research.

Marsha has always been interested in fiction and has written it ever since she was a child. She continued to write as she grew older. In 1990, she received the honor of getting a three month residency for female writers in northeast Texas from the Syvenna Foundation. It was this experience that would help allow for writing an original manuscript. This would eventually result in the first two novels of her Lucy Hatch series of fictional novels.

Part of her original manuscript would go on to win first place in a manuscript competition put on by Austin Writers’ League in July of 2000. Things would only go on to improve in May of 2001 when the publisher William Morrow bought her books at auction. As a result, The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch and its follow up installment, The Last of the Honky-Tonk Angels, made it to press for readers everywhere to enjoy. Later sales would come to Sony Magazines Japan and Random House Australia.

She lives in Austin, Texas, where she works and lives full time. She resides there along with Smudge, her cat. When she is not busy working or writing, she has hobbies that she pursues in her spare time. These include taking naps, creating beaded jewelry, shopping for vintage postcards to add to her collection, and watching NASCAR and supporting Tony Stewart on television.

Marsha Moyer is the creator and author of the Lucy Hatch series of fictional novels. The series first started in 2002 with the publication of the debut book, The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch. This was followed by the sequel The Last of the Honky-Tonk Angels, also known by the title Dancing to the Moon. The third novel released was Heartbreak Town and the fourth novel in the series is Return of the Stardust Cowgirl.

The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch is the debut novel in the Lucy Hatch series by Marsha Moyer. If you’re looking for something new to enjoy, check out the first book in this series and see what you think!

In this debut, readers get to meet the main character of Lucy Hatch. She is a young woman and is married to Mitchell. Her husband is silent and stoic. Lucy thought that they would live their lives out together on their farm in East Texas, and she never expected or wanted anything more than that.

However, at just 33 years of age, her entire life has been turned upside down. Mitchell went out in the morning into a field and never returned. Just like that, she is a widow. Everything that she knew or expected about life has changed. Now that it’s all been turned upside down, Lucy has come back to the small town of Mooney where everything began.

Now she’s living in an old house that is basically nowhere. She’s got plans to live in the rundown house and live her widowhood in solitude and peace, just like her Aunt Dove had. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea. However, life and the locals may have other ideas. Lucy’s also attracted the interest of Ash Farrell, the handyman in town.

Everyone in Mooney thinks that Ash is just not a match for a new widow, since he’s known for being popular with the ladies. He even plays guitar. But when it comes to life and love, Lucy wants to seize the moment and live her life. Now might just be her chance to create a life worth living. She’s on a quest of self discovery and starting a new chapter in her life. Will she thrive or merely survive? Read this novel to find out!

The Last of the Honky-Tonk Angels is the second novel in the Lucy Hatch series by Marsha Moyer. In a small town with plenty of interesting people, Lucy’s chosen to start a new chapter.

Lucy now lives with Ash Farrell in Mooney. One morning in June, a red car pulls up to their home and drops off a teen girl on the couple’s doorstep and then drives away. Fortunately, they know her. Or at least Ash does. He hasn’t seen Denise, his daughter, in almost eight years. Her appearance from seemingly nowhere is shocking and surprising.

Lucy is also surprised. The two take her in, but it’s guaranteed to make their lives and relationship more complicated. Especially since Lucy’s carrying Ash’s child. Denise is also struggling. She’s been dropped off by her mother to a parent she isn’t familiar with and a strange woman. She’s feeling everything from uncertain to angry and rebellious.

Now Denise, or Denny, has to try and adapt in this small town. But when she plays the guitar, she finds out that she shares her father’s passion for music. She hopes that she can fit in and build better relationships with her dad and Lucy. Maybe they’ll even become a family.

However, Mooney is a small place where actions can make big waves. When an incident happens, the community is divided. Lucy and Ash will have to contend with the fallout from this incident as well. Can the community get over what has happened? Will they be stronger than ever? Can Ash and Lucy keep Denise safe and help her feel at home, or will she end up rebelling and going back to live with her mother?

Find out by picking a copy up of this uplifting story for yourself and discover what happens in the end!

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